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Kasich gets a foul for remarks on Detroit, Cleveland schools

March 7, 2016 | Bridge Staff

Ohio Gov. John Kasich erred in saying Detroit’s mayor controls the school system. He also erred in recounting reforms touted in Cleveland schools.

Cruz earns foul for blaming Detroit’s decline solely on Democrats

March 7, 2016 | Bridge Staff

Detroit’s transition from manufacturing powerhouse to the nation’s largest municipal bankruptcy can be blamed on myriad factors, from seismic changes in the auto industry to white flight.

Rubio gets warning for saying Dems ‘politicized’ Flint water crisis

March 7, 2016 | Bridge Staff

In the recent Republican debate held in Detroit Sen. Marco Rubio accuses Democrats of turning the Flint water crisis into an “outrageous” partisan attack. He ought to hear what fellow Republicans are saying.

The latest on what key Snyder aides knew about Flint and when

March 1, 2016 | Bridge Staff

The release of additional Snyder administration emails reveals yet more aides to the governor who were alert to potential dangers in Flint’s water long before emergency measures were taken.

No foul in by-the-numbers Clinton ad

February 25, 2016 | Bridge Staff

This television ad sticks to Hillary Clinton’s role in key initiatives central to her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, including women’s rights, healthcare and international relations. The ad successfully avoids more controversial topics.

Sanders ad earns a foul for exaggerations on work hours and the ultra-rich

February 25, 2016 | Bridge Staff

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has struck a chord with his criticisms of income inequality and an economy that has not been kind to the middle class. But his Michigan ad gilds the lily on gains by the top 1 percent of wage earners

Interactive database: Compare your school’s M-STEP scores to peer schools

February 11, 2016 | Bridge Staff

If your school is like most, the switch from MEAP to M-STEP last year meant lower test scores and lots of confusion. Bridge’s new database helps you put that score in perspective.

Interactive database: See how YOUR high school stacks up

February 9, 2016 | Bridge Staff

See the Academic State Champs score – and key test scores and demographics – for your local high school. Use our tool to see how your high school stacks up against other schools in your area and across the state.

The 44 State Champs

February 9, 2016 | Bridge Staff

Here are the high schools across Michigan that best exceeded expectations in 2015

Where blame leads so far in Flint water crisis

February 4, 2016 | Bridge Staff

With Snyder taking the heat for the Flint crisis, an exhaustive review of available records shines harsh light on the state and federal agencies responsible for safe drinking water

Disaster Day by Day: A detailed Flint crisis timeline

February 4, 2016 | Bridge Staff

This timeline seeks to present as complete a picture of the Flint water disaster as can reasonably be provided at this time from information currently in the public sphere

THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY: Rating comments of public officials and experts on the Flint water crisis

February 4, 2016 | Bridge Staff

This Michigan Truth Squad gallery of quotes provides a quick public guide to nearly three dozen key statements attributed to public officials, government regulators, and other drinking water and public health experts throughout the Flint drinking water saga.

Bridge takes state 'Newspaper of the Year' honor

January 30, 2016 | Bridge Staff

Bridge won more than a dozen awards at the Michigan Press Association annual contest, including recognition for producing the best written story in any newspaper in the state.

Ranking Michigan colleges by social mobility

January 26, 2016 | Bridge Staff

Bridge Magazine has ranked every public and private college and university in the state on how high their low-income students soar after leaving school.

Who approved switch to Flint River? State's answers draw fouls

January 21, 2016 | Bridge Staff

Gov. Snyder, his supporters and appointees contend that Flint’s elected officials made the fateful decision to draw the city’s drinking water from the Flint River. Truth Squad shows you what the documents reveal.