Take a trip through the Michigan Tax Time Machine (SLIDESHOW)

time machine

Michigan used to have plenty of jobs, high wages – and high taxes. Not so today. Travel briefly through time to see how what Michigan collects in taxes has shrunk over a generation – and why we now struggle to fund the basics.

Here are some milestones as Michigan chugs toward a financial crossroads:


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Bob Shhort
Tue, 05/09/2017 - 9:07am

I've been trying for a few years to find when the gas tax was taken from being a separate fund to being put into the general fund. Early sixties?
Michigan was all ways ranked first or second in the nation for having the best roads..
Since being in the general fund they have continued to decline,

Robert J. Kleine
Tue, 05/09/2017 - 10:05am

The gas tax is restricted to the transportation fund and has never been in the general fund. See Article IX, Sec. 9 of the constitution. You may be thinking about the sales tax on motor fuel, which does go into the general fund and has from the very beginning.

Elliot Smith
Tue, 05/09/2017 - 11:35am

It is pretty clear that Michigan is headed down the road to becoming the Mississippi of the North...another decade of tax cuts and we will be there.