Campaign 2014: Truth Squad's 10 worst ads, No. 9

How we make the call

Truth Squad assigns five ratings to the political statements we review, in descending levels of accuracy:

No factual inaccuracies in the statement and no important information is missing
Mostly accurate
While the statement is largely accurate, it omits or exaggerates facts, or needs some clarification
Half accurate
Truths are interspersed with mistruths, or the speaker left out significant facts that render his/her remarks misleading in important respects
Mostly inaccurate
The major point or points made are untrue or misleading, even while some aspects of the claim may be accurate
The statement is false, or based on false underlying facts

The website "South Michigan Update" is a creation of the National Republican Congressional Committee, set up to look like a news site – and virtually identical to the "Central Valley Update" in California, to name but one – and devoted to one story. That would be attacking Pam Byrnes, the Democratic challenger for Michigan's 7th Congressional District. With very subtle prose, too: "Pam Byrnes is attempting to move from left to center in her campaign for Congress, claiming to be an independent voice, but a look at her record in the state legislature paints a liberal picture." You don't say. For bringing a cloaked messenger to the attack: Flagrant foul.



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