Michigan lawmakers spread millions in pork. Did your town get a cut?

In the dead of night Friday, Michigan lawmakers approved a $1.3 billion supplemental spending bill that includes more than 70 pet projects in lawmakers' districts. 

Feb. 1, 2019: Gov. Whitmer rips Republican pork deals, but won’t block them
Update: Michigan Gov. Snyder swapped pork projects for votes in lame duck

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Michigan legislators went deep into the morning before approving a wide-ranging, $1.3 billion spending plan. Accompanying that plan was $115 million directed to projects large and small across the state -- pet projects of the legislators who overwhelmingly approved the bill.

Below is a list of all the projects and where they're located in Michigan. Did your community get a piece of bacon? Check out the list.

No. Recipient Amount
1 Gogebic Community College $2.0 million
2 Rochester Hills Park $200,000
3 Michigan Research Institute (Pittsfield Township, Washtenaw County) $750,000
4 Chaldean Community Foundation $500,000
5 Macomb Co. Retention Basin $3.0 million
6 War Memorial Hospital (Chippewa County, Sault Ste. Marie) $1.3 million
7 Leelanau County Discovery Pier $2.0 million
8 Oscoda Water Line PFAs $580,000
9 Michilimackinac Historical Cultural Center $1.0 million
10 McLaren Petoskey $1.0 million
11 Primary Care Clinic $200,000
12 MiHIN (East Lansing) $1.5 million
13 TART Trails (Leelanau County) $162,000
14 St. Clair CC: STEM Children's Museum $400,000
15 Home Confinement Inc. (Oakland County) $500,000
16 SW Michigan First Talent Strategy (covering Kalamazoo and nearby counties) $466,000
17 MEDC Large Special Event's Fund $1.5 million
18 Stottlemeyer Park (Westland, Wayne County) $150,000
19 Detroit PAL $50,000
20 Owosso Armory $327,500
21 John Ball Zoo, Grand Rapids $1.0 million
22 Holy Cross $1.2 million
23 EMU IT Hacker Program $1.0 million
24 Mid-Michigan College $2.5 million
25 Monroe Public Health $100,000
26 Catholic charities addiction treatment $100,000
27 PGA Detroit Economic Growth Association $2.0 million
28 Traverse City School District Audit $700,000
29 Willow Run $2.5 million
30 Salem Township (Washtenaw County) $10.0 million
31 Families Against Narcotics $75,000
32 Jobs for MI Grads $1.0 million
33 Dairy Plant - Kroger $2.0 million
34 Henry Ford Kingswood IT $500,000
35 St. Jude Iraq $200,000
36 Flint Development Center: virtual library $50,000
37 City of Lansing Road Improvements $3.3 million
38 Bridge Rehab Bagley Street $2.7 million
39 Road Detour Manistee $300,000
40 St. Clair Co. Rd Commission $200,000
41 American Center For Mobility Tech Park $10.0 million
42 Muskegon Industrial Park $4.0 million
43 Inkster Park Band Shell $150,000
44 Grand Traverse Civic Center Amphitheater $147,000
45 Muskegon Lake cleanup $5.0 million
46 Impression 5 Science Center $100,000
47 Dearborn Heights Fire Department $300,000
48 Buffalo Soldiers Stable and Fence upgrade - Detroit $150,000
49 GR Public Schools T2C Studio $300,000
50 Grand Rapids Children's Museum STEAM lab $1.5 million
51 Kids' Food Basket $350,000
52 Grand Rapids JA Free Enterprise Center $250,000
53 Lowell Showboat $1.3 million
54 Gerald R. Ford Airport Improvements $5.0 million
55 West Michigan Amphitheater $5.0 million
56 Protect and Grow program $500,000
57 South Haven American Legion $85,000
58 Van Buren County School Safety Grant $500,000
59 Midland/Gladwin county dam project $5.0 million
60 Spring Lake/Grand Haven wastewater $2.5 million
61 Grand Haven pavilion $1.5 million
62 Sloan Museum $500,000
63 Paving of White Pine Trail $3.0 million
64 McDevitt Ave from US-127 to Francis Street in Jackson $3.7 million
65 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Pilot (Hope Network) $3.75 million
66 Flint Schools HVAC Repairs $208,000
67 Food Forward FARM incubator $2.0 million
68 Sherman Blvd Investment attraction/safe neighbor $3.0 million
69 Restore the Rapids (Grand Rapids) $2.0 million
70 Beaver Island Ferry $1.0 million
71 Mackinac Island road improvement $500,000
72 Escanaba River environmental project $936,000
73 Sheldon House renovations $214,000
74 Traverse City DDA Civic Square $2.0 million

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Fri, 12/21/2018 - 11:40am

NO Money for Michigan roads?No roads No tourist coming!
yeah .but would have given earlier Michigan voters a better change WHO to Vote for.maybe even save republican.since Money TOOKS and B S walk.
Still Michigan is number 2 in Corrupt State see www.wsj.com

Kevin Grand
Fri, 12/21/2018 - 12:05pm

That's a pretty impressive list.

Now, how much of that are legitimate expenditures of state money (or in other words is it authorized by the Michigan Constitution)?

Kathi Geukes
Fri, 12/21/2018 - 12:20pm

So "Paving the White Pine Trail" gets 3 million while repairing the HVAC systems in Flint schools gets 208,000.00??????? Seriously?? Who owns the company that will pave the trail?? Relatives of someone in the Capitol?? What a bunch or absolute horseshit!!!!! And Rethugs wonder why they are being replaced????

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 9:25am

To be fair, paving a 92-Mile long trail would most likely cost more than repairing an HVAC system for a school system. That being said, the price tag for the actual paving of the trail does seem to be higher than I would (in my very unprofessional opinion) assume.

Fri, 12/21/2018 - 1:28pm

Not mentioned in this article is that this money is being taken from the public schools: https://www.bridgemi.com/public-sector/michigan-lawmakers-dole-out-1b-we...

Republicans are going out of their way to ensure that as many public schools as possible receive an "F" grade in their new simplistic rating system. This is of course just another way to drive students to their failing for-profit charter schools.

Never let it be said that Republicans allow the welfare of Michigan's kids stand in the way of making a couple extra bucks for their friends.

David Waymire
Sat, 12/22/2018 - 8:38am

Could have dumped the pork and increased the Earned Income Tax Credit, one of the best poverty fighting tools developed and one gutted by Snyder in his first tax cut to businesses.

Thu, 12/27/2018 - 1:04am

The EITC at the federal level is a well-intentioned absolute failure. While this program helps a small percentage of taxpayers who genuinely desire to use this credit to help their families keep more of their earned income, the vast majority of taxpayers that I see (as a licensed tax preparer) have figured out how to leverage the maximum EITC by working just enough to hit the "sweet spot" on the tax table, as well as how to game the system to claim kids in the most beneficial way (guys claims his, girlfriend claims hers, etc.). Clients who have little to no tax withheld from their checks can walk out expecting "refunds" frequently in excess of $5,000, occasionally reaching five figures. I use the word "refund" advisedly, because in my mind a refund involves the return of money one has already paid. At least since the Michigan EITC was reduced, few of my tax dollars are now flowing into the pockets of those milking the system.

Thu, 04/25/2019 - 11:21am

Under what state law or statute are you "licensed" to prepare taxes? I know tax attorneys have licenses, as do CPAs... I don't believe the state licenses Enrolled Agents... and I know that the state does not license paid preparers. If you are a tax attorney or CPA or EA, then you are better of saying "as a CPA/Tax Attorney/EA" since there is no licensing requirement for tax preparers in Michigan. I guess you could also say "credentialed" or "certified" if you are by some other voluntary association.

That said, as a "certified" tax preparer, I have had the exact opposite experience with my clients. The vast majority of them do not game the system and use the EITC and other tax credits to pay off bills, including Michigan property tax bills.

Frank Drebin
Fri, 12/28/2018 - 6:32pm

Thank goodness these politicians gave the money away. Too often they just forget about it and it ends up collecting interest.