Meet Michigan's divided: John Hulett

John Hulett

John Hulett (Photo by Brian Widdis)

Vital stats

Name: John Hulett
Age: 72
Place: Sunfield, 25 miles west of Lansing
Job: Retired salesman and motivational speaker
Income: Fixed income
Vote: Trump
Hope or fear for 2017: Better government accountability

SUNFIELD — John Hulett’s father was a Kentucky coal miner and preacher who sent his son away to a Christian boarding school at age 14. In November 1960, that school herded students together for an all-night prayer session, asking God to intervene against a Catholic running for president. “People were scared if Jack Kennedy won, the pope would be running the country,” recalls Hulett, now 72. “They thought the world was coming to the end. But look at the president he turned out to be!”

Today, Hulett lives in a tidy farm house in rural Eaton County, on property owned by his wife’s family for over 100 years. On the coffee table is a Bible and a copy of a children’s book about an opossum co-written by his wife, Miriam. “They think Trump is going to be a Nazi and Hillary is going to sell us out to the world,” said Hulett, leaning forward in his recliner. “At the end of the day, whoever is president, the world is going to go on.”

A former car parts salesman who later ran anti-drug programs for teens in the Grand Rapids area, Hulett preaches acceptance of other’s views. Still, he is quick to praise Trump and call Clinton “the most corrupt individual in the world.” His strident opinions led his brother, “a retired teacher, a liberal,” to unfriend him on Facebook.

“The decisions (wife) Miriam and I make are all bathed in prayer,” said Hulett, an evangelical conservative Christian. “We read the Bible. We read devotionals. So we feel we are doing the right thing.”

God may lead others to vote differently, Hulett admits. “God didn’t make us all from the same cookie cutter. Faith is an experiential thing. You operate out of your context, and that looks different for different people.”

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Fri, 04/07/2017 - 8:36am

Your columns, opinions, subjects and individuals are interesting. I am 85 retired for 25 years wife, 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Read Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. ( Have subscription to both). On line Drudge then the links to UK Telegraph & Guardian for news & especially opinions & world news. Live Lehigh Valley PA local papers are just that. The views of Post and WSJ are almost scary in their opinions and news coverage. I was raised in Democrat entrenched do family.
After military service, college worked NYC and then international mining​. Changed party to Republican as the Democrats on education, labor, taxes, leaders and large interest groups made question their goals
The. Media and schools of higher learning bought in and never looked back. I voted for the Jerk Trump as rejection Clinton another candidate (President Obama) with no real work experience. Today I have become
Deaf to McCain, Schumer and the like. From voter ID to the
bathroom MSM has been blatherlng to the world. My fear is our government will limit the majority by requiring the majority of the minority approval. Freedom of the press is not a profit center franchise to be exploited by the wealthy
owner goals.