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Bridge Michigan
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Bridge corrections policy

Bridge Michigan is committed to accuracy and promptly corrects errors of fact or confusing or misleading statements. We are ethically bound to correct errors — including but not limited to misstatements, factual errors, misleading statements and inaccurate quotations — as soon as they are verified.

Reporters are required to alert their editor to any complaint or error that becomes known to them and investigate. If a correction is necessary, it must be posted by an editor as soon as possible at the bottom of the story, in italics, and contain the following information:

  • A clear statement admitting the mistake and setting the record straight. Ideally, this statement does not repeat the original error, but is allowable if the correction cannot be conveyed concisely and clearly without doing so.
  • The date of the correction.
  • Be labeled an “editor’s note” and acknowledge the story was corrected.

To request a correction, please email Joel Kurth.