A heartfelt thanks

When I was growing up, my mother made darn sure that by this time of year I had written and mailed my thank you notes for Christmas presents.  I'm quite a lot older now, but somehow the lesson got hard-wired in.

So this note is to thank the many, many people who responded to our year-end appeal and contributed to the Center for Michigan and Bridge Magazine.

We're very grateful that more than 3,000 Bridge readers sent in their tax- deductible contributions - a 50% increase over the 2016 campaign.  And we deeply appreciate the five foundations that matched reader contributions that totaled a bit more than $100,000.

The work we do at Bridge isn't cheap ... and it isn't trivial.

It requires able, independent-minded reporters who are willing to probe well beyond the usual guff.  And trustworthy, fact-based journalism is the only antidote for the diseases of fake news and a politics that depends more on tribal anger than finding common ground.

As former New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynahan once observed, "Everybody's entitled to their own opinions.  But everybody's not entitled to their own facts."

Our entire staff at Bridge is devoted to that proposition.

So when readers like you respond in the generous way you have, we're delighted to remember the old, good lessons: Say "Thank You" ... early and often.

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