Prep for the election by watching Bridge’s October Lunch Break discussion

As Michigan residents prepare to vote, Bridge Michigan posed your election questions to those who have the answers — our state’s clerks. 

We recorded a Zoom conversation on Thursday afternoon about the ins and outs of the November election, where we were joined by Lisa Brown, Oakland County Clerk & Register of Deeds and Fred Miller, Macomb County Clerk & Register of Deeds.

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Capitol reporter Riley Beggin moderated this engaging discussion and dozens of Bridge readers tuned in. Our guest speakers answered reader-submitted questions and helped to clarify any confusion that Michigan residents have about safety at the polls, absentee voting, in-person voting, and more.

Watch the video here:

Bridge Michigan’s Lunch Break monthly series focuses on a timely topic facing our state. November’s Lunch Break topic and date will be announced in Bridge soon.

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middle of the mit
Sun, 10/11/2020 - 10:16pm

I have an idea for the next topic.

Insurance reform!

Results vary, but Michigan and Detroit consistently rate high. Michigan has some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country, which could skew the results slightly, due to uninsured drivers, but “it’s still legitimate to say Michigan has some of the better drivers,” Johnson said.

Do you see what I see? NO! It's NOT that MI drivers are ranked best.........although........this persons commentary should have been revoked just for making the suggestion......but do see it?

I will show it to you. <<<Michigan has some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country, which could skew the results slightly, due to uninsured drivers,>>>

I thought we had the highest rates because of our unlimited protections and the $145 it cost us per year to have those..........yet here we are......AFTER Publican reform........and the press is going to blame our higher rates on "uninsured drivers now"?

You can't be this naive, can you? Or are you just going with the flow? You do know you end washed out and down the stream..............with the rest of us.........don't ya?


You might not get another chance to do so.