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* Power failures are increasingly common in the United States, a consequence of our culture's inability to actually address an infrastructure problem. We do want the lights to come on, don't we?:

* Here's a conundrum: As energy efficiency grows, demand for energy grows, thereby negating the gains of the efficiency:

* A tale of two Detroits: Growth in Midtown; fear elsewhere. Bridge wrote on Midtown last fall and studied the question of whether the neighborhood was a harbinger for a more general city recovery, or an outlier:

* Here's one of those little conundrums the political system struggles to address: Nationally, we are hiring more firefighters, even while the number of fires have plunged. So, is the message that large fire forces will drive the number lower or at least keep it low, or that success could continue without so many firefighters? Bridge wrote extensively on the firefighter staffing issue in Michigan this spring:

* Words you don't want to see associated together in state eager to enlarge the ranks of the college educated: "student loans" "debt" and "scary." More on Michigan's student debt load situation here, here and here:


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Tue, 07/24/2012 - 12:37pm
The people of Japan had a real wake-up call with the issues at Fukushima. As tempting as nuclear energy is for relatively cheap electric power, its potential dangers are often ignored. Our power grid needs a massive overhaul and should include burial of electric transmission lines instead of reliance on overhead lines subject to the vagaries of weather and falling deer. Germany is ahead of the game by making home-harvested solar power a really important part of their energy production going forward. Google Earth shows us the huge potential of flat roofs in schools, public building and factories that could capture solar energy for homes and businesses. Unfortunately, our US Senate and House are embroiled in obstructionism to make the current president look bad. So, we really can't depend on Congress to provide leadership on energy issues. It will be up to individual citizens and school systems to step up to the challenge of making solar energy a bigger part of our nation's future.