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"Fools act on imagination without knowledge, pedants act on knowledge without imagination" -- Alfred North Whitehead, English mathematician.

* A great deal of energy has been expended in Michigan, and elsewhere, on voting rules, particularly on the question of voter identification. Such laws are meant, of course, to prevent impersonation at the polling place and prevent voter fraud. But a new study says such voter fraud popped up only 10 times over a decade nationwide. Meanwhile, 80 percent of Michigan voters didn't bother to vote in this month's primary:

* The Pure Michigan campaign is a hit on social media:

* Model D reports that Detroit is far from being a "food desert":'food+desert'&utm_content=%7bEmail_Address%7d&utm_campaign=Turning+vacant+to+vibrant

* The Ann Arbor School District is replacing 11-year-old biology textbooks. This story says the ordinary cycle on textbooks is replacement after five or seven years. This book buying will cost the district nearly $120,000. Running a school district is a complicated task:

* The future of a $12 billion federal tax credit for wind power remains in doubt. Consumers Energy is betting big on wind power. Voters are likely to confront a proposed constitutional amendment in November that asks them to move the state's rule on renewable power from the current statutory 10 percent to a constitutionally required 25 percent:

Facts matter. Trust matters. Journalism matters.

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