MSU game day drinking

Police interaction at MSU at night

With the Spartans playing at 8 p.m. on Sept. 12, game-day festivities stretched into the night. A young man is stopped by police, allegedly for having an open container of alcohol. (Bridge photo by Brian Widdis)

Mounted police at MSU

Mounted police keep order outside an East Lansing nightspot on Sept. 12. (Bridge photo by Brian Widdis)

MSU students drinking under a tree

Students gather to pregame for the Oregon game in East Lansing. (Bridge photo by Brian Widdis)

A couch burning in the street

The crowd has scattered, but the night’s sacrificial couch burns on in East Lansing. (Bridge photo by Simon Schuster)

Discarded beer, cups, and popcorn containers in the grass

At an outdoor party, sooner or later lots of things end up on the grass. (Bridge photo by Simon Schuster)

MSU police in the intersection of a gathering of MSU students

The whoop of sirens sends the crowd scattering at a late-night street bonfire by MSU students. (Bridge photo by Simon Schuster)

MSU frat party

Students crowd onto the lawn of a fraternity house in East Lansing. The fencing keeps guests on private property and off the sidewalk, where police are more likely to intervene. (Bridge photo by Maria Braganini)

A drink being poured down an ice luge

A student pours a drink down a fraternity’s “ice luge” to another waiting, open-mouthed, at the other end. (Bridge photo by Simon Schuster)

An MSU student pouring beer from a keg

The red Solo cup is the symbol of game day. (Bridge photo by Simon Schuster)

Dennis Martell

Dennis Martell, who heads MSU’s efforts to control alcohol consumption, watches to ensure that intoxicated fans entering the stadium receive aid from authorities. (Bridge photo by Ron French)

MSU police talking with partygoers

Police circulate through the crowds, talking to students and enforcing order. (Bridge photo by Simon Schuster)

MSU frat party in a yard

Students often wander between house parties on game day, with alcohol changing from porch to porch. Switching drinks and switching party locales increases risks. (Bridge photo by Simon Schuster)

MSU tailgate

Alcohol is a big part of tailgating traditions, complicating alcohol enforcement among students. (Bridge photo by Maria Braganini)

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