See how your local schools do on college remediation

In more than 100 school districts across the state, more than half the graduates enrolling in public colleges take remedial courses -- in essence repeating lessons that should have been learned in high school.

Using the searchable database below of 515 public school districts with complete data, check out how your school district fares in remediation, as well as three other measures of college readiness:

1. The percentage of students considered “college ready” by the ACT. (Statewide average is 17 percent.)
2. The percentage considered “proficient” by the Michigan Merit Exam subject categories.* (Statewide average is 39 percent.)
3. High school graduation rate. (Statewide average is 74.3 percent.)
4. The percentage of graduates enrolled in Michigan public colleges taking remedial (high school-level) courses on campus. (Statewide average is 35.6 percent.)
17.1 percent of test takers were proficient in all categories statewide; district-level percentages for proficiency in all categories is not available.

School districtTotal students2011 grad percentageACT college ready 2011Graduates in college remedial courses 08-09MME percentage proficient 2011
Adams Township School District43388.572624.053
Addison Community Schools93383.561035.636
Adrian City School District321862.17851.124
Airport Community School District272579.67923.126
Akron-Fairgrove Schools30080930.823
Alanson Public Schools328642512.542
Alba Public Schools17488.89842.925
Albion Public Schools92756.32456.117
Alcona Community Schools83083.081330.339
Algonac Community School District191587.951349.634
Allegan Public Schools278064.131115.232
Allen Park Public Schools382482.471339.838
Allendale Public School District226593.632230.446
Alma Public Schools226578.971549.439
Almont Community Schools166591.281630.836
Alpena Public Schools418870.261824.442
Anchor Bay School District626482.581627.740
Ann Arbor Public Schools1649683.574117.262
Arenac Eastern School District27546.67442.928
Armada Area Schools197591.231530.334
Arvon Township School District6
Ashley Community Schools36080.95850.025
Athens Area Schools62191.071434.633
Atherton Community Schools90788.24637.817
Atlanta Community Schools30670.27058.318
Au Gres-Sims School District40176.472433.341
AuTrain-Onota Public Schools42
Avondale School District369184.052037.038
Bad Axe Public Schools119472.121819.644
Baldwin Community Schools56852.94042.919
Bangor Public Schools123157.76637.523
Bangor Township S/D #825
Bangor Township Schools250787.851140.340
Baraga Area Schools52483.78822.727
Bark River-Harris School District68494.29207.150
Bath Community Schools98885.711746.842
Battle Creek Public Schools541251.83472.818
Bay City School District858673.361437.139
Beal City Public Schools69285.23736.138
Bear Lake School District361100940.923
Beaver Island Community School6310000.022
Beaverton Rural Schools140381.561076.425
Bedford Public Schools503983.82019.743
Beecher Community School District153454.82273.75
Belding Area School District216183.54830.133
Bellaire Public Schools47991.3554.534
Bellevue Community Schools63177.19848.425
Bendle Public Schools211349.7627.619
Bentley Community Schools85988.31727.329
Benton Harbor Area Schools319968.12071.14
Benzie County Central Schools174076.4317100.043
Berkley School District465077.351836.839
Berlin Township S/D #339
Berrien Springs Public Schools203965.261356.528
Bessemer Area School District45880.851931.837
Big Bay De Noc School District24593.5509.131
Big Jackson School District38
Big Rapids Public Schools191972.192320.444
Birch Run Area School District186582.311046.331
Blissfield Community Schools125584.381624.639
Bloomfield Hills School District565494.445921.076
Bloomingdale Public School District140572.29824.133
Bois Blanc Pines School District2
Boyne City Public Schools127869.161816.443
Boyne Falls Public School District21283.332183.361
Brandon School District332487.852333.042
Brandywine Community Schools141079.841379.532
Breckenridge Community Schools84295.161839.340
Breitung Township Schools168993.292112.550
Bridgeport-Spaulding Community School District142673.94452.818
Bridgman Public Schools99197.181669.246
Brighton Area Schools632685.413124.959
Brimley Area Schools50376.67247.745
Britton Deerfield Schools53288.46347.419
Bronson Community School District1231921029.828
Brown City Community Schools97991.11737.733
Buchanan Community Schools159584.621885.942
Buckley Community School District40682.35561.531
Buena Vista School District88866.67075.07
Bullock Creek School District198287.91539.742
Burr Oak Community School District29794.1270.015
Burt Township School District4471.4325.0
Byron Area Schools118983.961233.338
Byron Center Public Schools335489.962122.848
Cadillac Area Public Schools317073.482437.543
Caledonia Community Schools414386.32729.754
Camden-Frontier Schools57176.19838.927
Capac Community School District147888.391250.636
Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools456384.661135.627
Carney-Nadeau Public Schools26785140.040
Caro Community Schools191371.251319.736
Carrollton School District199560.12355.022
Carson City-Crystal Area Schools101976.92631.129
Carsonville-Port Sanilac School District59862.241840.038
Caseville Public Schools267802811.139
Cass City Public Schools114883.641934.149
Cassopolis Public Schools118140.57674.622
Cedar Springs Public Schools328776.871538.239
Center Line Public Schools263984.691243.531
Central Lake Public Schools38189.471331.335
Central Montcalm Public Schools185684.621233.836
Centreville Public Schools91475.9135.138
Charlevoix Public Schools109483.52216.946
Charlotte Public Schools291569.821233.931
Chassell Township School District27895.832451
Cheboygan Area Schools197182.891240.428
Chelsea School District254190.753416.861
Chesaning Union Schools167773.941333.335
Chippewa Hills School District225669.39947.034
Chippewa Valley Schools1607385.041932.742
Church School District24
City of Harper Woods Schools126684.5441.516
Clare Public Schools158269.41851.033
Clarenceville School District180674.631136.338
Clarkston Community School District809386.722833.352
Clawson Public Schools176787.161348.731
Climax-Scotts Community Schools57861.54155.340
Clinton Community Schools111688.242732.348
Clintondale Community Schools360116.29463.815
Clio Area School District366160.96936.028
Coldwater Community Schools302871.241349.031
Coleman Community School District79993.021047.236
Colfax Township S/D #1F23
Coloma Community Schools182375.32953.930
Colon Community School District64284.78611.538
Columbia School District158874.531837.147
Comstock Park Public Schools241273.932034.839
Comstock Public Schools224549.13239.935
Concord Community Schools81491.55841.925
Constantine Public School District149175.74827.535
Coopersville Area Public School District248391.632028.746
Corunna Public School District238086.781330.736
Covert Public Schools57974.42064.010
Crawford AuSable Schools178373.812039.241
Crestwood School District334384.861348.433
Croswell-Lexington Community Schools222294.571946.643
Dansville Schools90182.191350.044
Davison Community Schools550188.042428.253
Dearborn City School District1826576.041250.932
Dearborn Heights School District #7298971.971039.132
Decatur Public Schools93082.191371.832
Deckerville Community School District63388.141238.531
Delton-Kellogg School District159263.541430.835
DeTour Area Schools15387.51654.540
Detroit City School District7526359.74164.111
DeWitt Public Schools302896.712835.954
Dexter Community School District362589.643219.561
Dollar Bay-Tamarack City Area Schools33863.27190.046
Dowagiac Union School District234957.59880.033
Dryden Community Schools690961324.446
Dundee Community Schools165182.191825.040
Durand Area Schools168473.81539.727
East China School District482987.881941.248
East Detroit Public Schools423567.17352.317
East Grand Rapids Public Schools297495.634316.163
East Jackson Community Schools128980.41541.817
East Jordan Public Schools106780.52837.328
East Lansing School District3435833530.158
Easton Township S/D #637
Eaton Rapids Public Schools273571.81540.641
Eau Claire Public Schools72993.55392.616
Ecorse Public School District99254.62085.02
Edwardsburg Public Schools274391.851973.942
Elk Rapids Schools143590.272640.349
Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker Schools90993.981539.534
Ellsworth Community School21693.331233.344
Elm River Township School District12
Engadine Consolidated Schools28389.47841.734
Escanaba Area Public Schools260082.431818.641
Essexville-Hampton Public Schools185688.162030.447
Evart Public Schools101369.611164.728
Ewen-Trout Creek Consolidated School District23873.681422.251
Excelsior Township S/D #156
Fairview Area School District33572.971022.239
Farmington Public School District1143787.92728.148
Farwell Area Schools146279.13460.924
Fennville Public Schools147763.58640.525
Fenton Area Public Schools347284.352529.750
Ferndale Public Schools395245.06754.823
Fitzgerald Public Schools290272.49442.119
Flat Rock Community Schools200983.211425.032
Flint City School District1055751.44256.911
Flushing Community Schools438185.371626.044
Forest Area Community Schools68894.031045.230
Forest Hills Public Schools1005894.053918.065
Forest Park School District479801916.142
Fowler Public Schools53797.871753.145
Fowlerville Community Schools299677.371737.043
Frankenmuth School District124096.274717.072
Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools53984.441736.439
Fraser Public Schools514087.811136.932
Free Soil Community Schools
Freeland Community School District182594.742529.645
Fremont Public School District226671.78911.733
Fruitport Community Schools303473.75133.538
Fulton Schools95361.07548.029
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools119386.91117.637
Galien Township School District1602.56083.317
Garden City School District489362.51153.332
Gaylord Community Schools314287.11528.343
Genesee School District80160.94230.426
Gibraltar School District363884.11742.137
Gladstone Area Schools157786.841918.243
Gladwin Community Schools186478.26861.829
Glen Lake Community Schools80289.711935.442
Glenn Public School District38
Gobles Public School District92288.06157.735
Godfrey-Lee Public Schools174167.42867.419
Godwin Heights Public Schools215947.37853.324
Goodrich Area Schools213492.061924.845
Grand Blanc Community Schools871587.863118.357
Grand Haven Area Public Schools591883.662812.256
Grand Ledge Public Schools500679.042242.145
Grand Rapids Public Schools1756047.61956.122
Grandville Public Schools572490.552923.051
Grant Public School District215980.46723.529
Grant Township S/D #210
Grass Lake Community Schools126592.931243.433
Greenville Public Schools370388.521626.641
Grosse Ile Township Schools182595.533625.465
Grosse Pointe Public Schools815393.993815.563
Gull Lake Community Schools283893.24239.055
Gwinn Area Community Schools123575.79126.545
Hagar Township S/D #664
Hale Area Schools59758.061457.128
Hamilton Community Schools260989.952924.556
Hamtramck Public Schools293955.74345.115
Hancock Public Schools82191.38169.561
Hanover-Horton Schools128392.391938.340
Harbor Beach Community Schools54794.121816.735
Harbor Springs School District98088.13216.757
Harper Creek Community Schools260186.151242.335
Harrison Community Schools154770.64461.420
Hart Public School District118682.7655.028
Hartford Public School District169850.61637.830
Hartland Consolidated Schools559987.952628.749
Haslett Public Schools268691.893434.460
Hastings Area School District289582.331738.744
Hazel Park City School District480416.71450.816
Hemlock Public School District123583.092132.144
Hesperia Community Schools1105611012.029
Highland Park City Schools127834.75076.89
Hillman Community Schools52685.371112.536
Hillsdale Community Schools165563.031231.430
Holland City School District397968.551731.437
Holly Area School District361178.182334.152
Holt Public Schools584967.791545.546
Holton Public Schools93071.43100.028
Homer Community Schools1041751156.335
Hopkins Public Schools159893.332025.048
Houghton Lake Community Schools166563.81258.437
Houghton-Portage Township Schools126196.7513.069
Howell Public Schools824681.941835.543
Hudson Area Schools93178.57948.128
Hudsonville Public School District586094.442722.053
Huron School District244485.921733.645
Huron Valley Schools1004785.261832.846
Ida Public School District158894.03267.749
Imlay City Community Schools228685.51426.235
Inland Lakes Schools89884.381336.133
Ionia Public Schools303976.431240.734
Ionia Township S/D #217
Iron Mountain Public Schools123973.422011.644
Ironwood Area Schools91377.03827.728
Ishpeming Public School District86490.32184.746
Ithaca Public Schools135494.392447.247
Jackson Public Schools596067.74955.124
Jefferson Schools (Monroe)216478.49923.629
Jenison Public Schools453191.762933.155
Johannesburg-Lewiston Area Schools792751234.538
Jonesville Community Schools148373.331140.030
Kalamazoo Public School District1226864.191222.430
Kaleva Norman Dickson School District62967.351142.929
Kalkaska Public Schools155166.671254.738
Kearsley Community Schools316278.231424.534
Kelloggsville Public Schools232748.63538.727
Kenowa Hills Public Schools324890.711432.939
Kent City Community Schools130584.211131.034
Kentwood Public Schools857670.361438.137
Kingsley Area Schools149489.571650.045
Kingston Community School District61191.891647.433
Laingsburg Community School District122494.922343.447
Lake City Area School District111777.782137.937
Lake Fenton Community Schools185587.691334.534
Lake Linden-Hubbell School District50894.871017.442
Lake Orion Community Schools772992.183334.256
Lake Shore Public Schools (Macomb)346269.77933.532
Lakeshore School District (Berrien)293191.083040.754
Lakeview Community Schools (Montcalm)143985.48627.929
Lakeview Public Schools (Macomb)353588.211037.134
Lakeview Sch. District (Calhoun)393593.631445.536
LakeVille Community Schools168282.32331.322
Lakewood Public Schools209391.412331.048
Lamphere Public Schools270384.291044.931
L'Anse Area Schools74874.681825.035
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools1209166.461432.835
Lansing Public School District1301350.71468.018
Lapeer Community Schools610281.821426.641
Lawrence Public School District70970.371933.339
Lawton Community School District104183.131814.543
Leland Public School District47288.573044.059
Les Cheneaux Community Schools29488.573850.055
Leslie Public Schools137565.051848.036
Lincoln Consolidated School District457870.461037.625
Lincoln Park Public Schools443176.07359.022
Linden Community Schools297189.31922.451
Litchfield Community Schools34592.861675.032
Livonia Public Schools1532486.972231.748
Lowell Area Schools382689.362721.252
Ludington Area School District214674.782221.147
Mackinac Island Public Schools807550.0
Mackinaw City Public Schools187901312.561
Madison Public Schools (Oakland)139263.44350.015
Madison School District (Lenawee)149883.531445.137
Mancelona Public Schools101180450.032
Manchester Community Schools121987.962517.545
Manistee Area Schools166687.291423.341
Manistique Area Schools91485.711215.234
Manton Consolidated Schools97387.51054.329
Maple Valley Schools126860.941757.839
Mar Lee School District334
Marcellus Community Schools85575.64851.432
Marion Public Schools55071.79573.920
Marlette Community Schools107384.851129.527
Marquette Area Public Schools304781.822413.848
Marshall Public Schools234582.352034.142
Martin Public Schools60478.381013.631
Marysville Public Schools270892.463237.053
Mason Consolidated Schools (Monroe)1234801326.035
Mason County Central Schools153975.911028.634
Mason County Eastern Schools46994.29318.230
Mason Public Schools (Ingham)293181.181439.242
Mattawan Consolidated School382686.25367.661
Mayville Community School District81686.3851.429
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools107585.371948.840
Melvindale-North Allen Park Schools277084.24360.823
Memphis Community Schools101891.361544.937
Mendon Community School District68494.12227.941
Menominee Area Public Schools171174.19152.636
Meridian Public Schools131689.581632.042
Merrill Community Schools76295.52752.933
Mesick Consolidated Schools74385.48948.428
Michigan Center School District138784.68942.927
Mid Peninsula School District22994.7470.021
Midland Public Schools832789.24019.964
Milan Area Schools263576.011517.434
Millington Community Schools146478.231434.032
Mio-AuSable Schools64683.641440.036
Mona Shores Public School District383290.68198.650
Monroe Public Schools638173.471122.830
Montabella Community Schools85382.61854.830
Montague Area Public Schools143198.11203.240
Montrose Community Schools1486721335.735
Moran Township School District84
Morenci Area Schools73978.72743.330
Morley Stanwood Community Schools138568.941114.333
Morrice Area Schools55488.1853.319
Mt. Clemens Community School District164161.54135.715
Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools262136.3550.021
Mt. Pleasant City School District351074.611945.047
Munising Public Schools659781910.546
Muskegon City School District480149.54431.618
Muskegon Heights School District146960.84025.88
N.I.C.E. Community Schools120880.22222.051
Napoleon Community Schools151789.571639.541
Negaunee Public Schools139496.192714.954
New Buffalo Area Schools66395.081868.842
New Haven Community Schools127178.21141.716
New Lothrop Area Public Schools88998.181220.040
Newaygo Public School District178477.021718.340
Niles Community School District390768.771062.836
North Adams-Jerome Schools455801444.430
North Branch Area Schools244090.311523.535
North Central Area Schools46936.9630.029
North Dickinson County Schools31791.49150.033
North Huron School District45080345.035
North Muskegon Public Schools95191.32813.666
Northport Public School District17186.673046.246
Northview Public School District333977.841941.144
Northville Public Schools700894.294520.766
Northwest Community Schools285074.291141.233
Norway-Vulcan Area Schools78494.29257.441
Nottawa Community School141
Novi Community School District626092.174019.661
Oak Park City School District316263.39174.68
Oakridge Public Schools186972.37103.830
Okemos Public Schools390989.044621.669
Olivet Community Schools1491871447.139
Onaway Area Community School District68485.421056.537
Oneida Township S/D #315
Onekama Consolidated Schools41296146.339
Onsted Community Schools162788.741339.335
Ontonagon Area Schools47382.931027.331
Orchard View Schools276259.9264.425
Oscoda Area Schools134761.54443.125
Otsego Public Schools233587.37197.040
Ovid-Elsie Area Schools176282.11412.239
Owendale-Gagetown Area Schools20575066.747
Owosso Public Schools332773.241352.638
Oxford Community Schools471087.91937.139
Palo Community School District78
Parchment School District169558.44919.127
Paw Paw Public School District231761.61712.641
Peck Community School District50392.861064.035
Pellston Public Schools65654.171738.745
Pennfield Schools207289.441947.644
Pentwater Public School District2839609.135
Perry Public School District163078.611652.241
Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools66996.23339.164
Pickford Public Schools59343.16950.031
Pinckney Community Schools433288.72031.342
Pinconning Area Schools146280.711045.835
Pine River Area Schools121790744.225
Pittsford Area Schools62489.661245.026
Plainwell Community Schools272882.83226.048
Plymouth-Canton Community Schools1876485.583325.859
Pontiac City School District564457.87170.56
Port Hope Community Schools8291.6725.0
Port Huron Area School District993066.581254.234
Portage Public Schools858384.95287.652
Portland Public School District204281.641737.841
Posen Consolidated School District26194.441112.522
Potterville Public Schools99253.54328.121
Powell Township Schools47
Public Schools of Calumet150684.111620.440
Public Schools of Petoskey286085.362423.748
Quincy Community School District135693.182236.540
Rapid River Public Schools39096.431621.448
Ravenna Public Schools101492.54103.629
Reading Community Schools91088.16751.725
Redford Union School District318067.52555.621
Reed City Area Public Schools149482.951026.030
Reese Public Schools91089.011520.835
Reeths-Puffer Schools394383.44147.439
Republic-Michigamme Schools14791.67916.724
Richmond Community Schools167388.551031.336
River Rouge School District110038.78069.04
River Valley School District67490.482343.544
Riverview Community School District274690.741638.745
Rochester Community School District1480692.543821.362
Rockford Public Schools781890.562921.160
Rogers City Area Schools56288.331820.052
Romeo Community Schools547590.322225.245
Romulus Community Schools361260.14358.019
Roscommon Area Public Schools145867.921254.532
Roseville Community Schools535282.26635.324
Rudyard Area Schools86190.572231.837
Saginaw City School District804160.03955.423
Saginaw Township Community Schools514082.321736.641
Saline Area Schools527790.364415.966
Sand Creek Community Schools92686.671244.733
Sandusky Community School District112485.571742.045
Saranac Community Schools111686.522125.042
Saugatuck Public Schools84091.672037.851
Sault Ste. Marie Area Schools243178.411437.339
School District of the City of Birmingham805796.154821.466
School District of the City of Inkster294760.28061.37
School District of the City of Royal Oak524075.922332.046
School District of Ypsilanti368057.45439.417
Schoolcraft Community Schools111989.8222.851
Shelby Public Schools152655.09149.841
Shepherd Public School District188478.72852.135
Sigel Township S/D #3F13
Sigel Township S/D #4F18
Sigel Township S/D #69
Sodus Township S/D #569
South Haven Public Schools218874.551933.345
South Lake Schools208590.64433.024
South Lyon Community Schools704888.082732.456
South Redford School District323584.861052.629
Southfield Public School District815488464.418
Southgate Community School District558142.62849.834
Sparta Area Schools275585.951335.536
Spring Lake Public Schools241996.413711.160
Springport Public Schools103882.431738.540
St. Charles Community Schools108776.851333.345
St. Ignace Area Schools62687.931830.037
St. Johns Public Schools317492.51941.243
St. Joseph Public Schools282091.43737.359
St. Louis Public Schools117295.961057.134
Standish-Sterling Community Schools1740801541.231
Stanton Township Public Schools138
Stephenson Area Public Schools68382.46110.028
Stockbridge Community Schools156886.711749.436
Sturgis Public Schools328375.531611.437
Summerfield School District76689.04925.037
Superior Central Schools37894.441618.246
Suttons Bay Public Schools68167.371633.340
Swan Valley School District180088.831441.937
Swartz Creek Community Schools397988.62924.031
Tahquamenon Area Schools77185.481332.335
Tawas Area Schools127185.091627.539
Taylor School District775369.55558.421
Tecumseh Public Schools298081.22245.745
Tekonsha Community Schools28691.3042.926
Thornapple Kellogg School District297391.92229.050
Three Rivers Community Schools274771.61113.330
Traverse City Area Public Schools983381.652443.952
Trenton Public Schools272493.152038.846
Tri County Area Schools239271.2925.635
Troy School District1187389.134419.362
Ubly Community Schools80186.271228.637
Union City Community Schools112793.33745.727
Unionville-Sebewaing Area S.D.83583.872142.243
Utica Community Schools2892390.362224.447
Van Buren Public Schools550179.96837.928
Van Dyke Public Schools310256.08150.88
Vanderbilt Area Schools14610036.4
Vandercook Lake Public Schools130884850.032
Vassar Public Schools152777.061537.535
Verona Township S/D #1F26
Vestaburg Community Schools69684.621423.133
Vicksburg Community Schools257889.67215.645
Wakefield-Marenisco School District27673.9160.0
Waldron Area Schools30377.42054.515
Walkerville Public Schools31994.12530.833
Walled Lake Consolidated Schools1529185.582431.047
Warren Consolidated Schools1567179.641333.532
Warren Woods Public Schools341774.051138.432
Waterford School District1143073.351245.234
Watersmeet Township School District16890026.726
Watervliet School District130988.241146.042
Waverly Community Schools299586.761143.026
Wayland Union Schools286189.621323.238
Wayne-Westland Community School District1259769.76954.530
Webberville Community Schools63876.79557.129
Wells Township School District15
West Bloomfield School District667189.223128.951
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools226469.061351.641
West Iron County Public Schools92082.811427.843
West Ottawa Public School District739880.862124.342
Western School District292465.491423.238
Westwood Community Schools261628.04178.813
Westwood Heights Schools92379.45264.49
White Cloud Public Schools111268.66128.334
White Pigeon Community Schools78286.31616.739
Whitefish Township Schools501000.0
Whiteford Agricultural Schools72990622.634
Whitehall District Schools226754.17177.139
Whitmore Lake Public Schools112986.61830.942
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools101264.29461.320
Williamston Community Schools182995.152441.452
Willow Run Community Schools160846.04331.913
Wolverine Community Schools33262.07056.317
Woodhaven-Brownstown School District487977.621441.041
Wyandotte City School District395475.071135.032
Wyoming Public Schools463865.76951.731
Yale Public Schools215091.111642.042
Zeeland Public Schools574082.722526.752

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David J
Tue, 05/01/2012 - 11:43am
Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham , Troy & Northville; Forest Hills & E.Grand Rapids; Ann Arbor & Saline; Okemos: Any surprise that these are the highest ranked districts in ACT and MME Proficiency (Frankenmuth appears to be the highest but lacks the larger numbers of students which those school systems have)? Socio-economic and education levels of parents are an obvious strong correlate for these districts' "success" in preparing their students for college. Also, the generally "MUCH HIGHER than average per-pupil funding" ("grandfathered" in w/Proposal A), inherent in these systems, certainly provides enhanced programming opportunities (i.e. Advanced Placement courses, etc.). As the saying goes: "It is what it is." Collectively, as Michiganders, are we up to an oft accompanying adage: "Whatever it takes!" (when it comes to investing in the future economic viability of our beloved state)?
Tue, 05/01/2012 - 9:29pm
You go with the easy answer, you go with the answer that the media and the educators taugth. Have you ever looked past that and ask why kids sitting next to each other in the classroom can have such different results? Have you ever ask why there are kids that learn in the poorest schools, that go on and succeed in college? Never, it is too easy to simply blame the money, and never have to think.
Thu, 05/03/2012 - 11:55am
higher funded districts, wealthier population, stay at home moms on top of children and the schools...... Most important when families have more $$ that means they pay for tutoring and start the ACT classes in 9th grade if not sooner. All districts have the same curriculum in the state.
Sat, 05/05/2012 - 8:38pm
If that is the case then how do kids not in those situations ever succeed? Could it have anything to do with the kids themselves, their expectations, their purpose, or is always money?
Tue, 05/01/2012 - 1:18pm
Does this database include charter schools?
Derek Melot
Tue, 05/01/2012 - 1:27pm
No. The database has 515 traditional K-12 districts, but not charter data. Thank you for your question. Derek Melot, senior editor.
Roger Rayle
Tue, 05/01/2012 - 2:02pm
Clicking on a heading in the table sorts the table in that order (click twice to reverse the order)... e.g. sorting by the last column shows Bloomfield Hills School District #1 with 76% MME proficient. Since it seems that the table is a Google Doc, can we have a view-only link to documents like this so those who want to can copy it and create their own charts and analyses? Are prior year data like this readily available so we can see results over the years? This is a situation where more open, linked data would allow mashing up data like this with tax base, school funding, and other data to see what it takes to improve education.
Jennnifer Burns
Tue, 05/01/2012 - 3:39pm
Are the student population numbers for just the high school level or are the counts for the entire district?
Ron French
Tue, 05/01/2012 - 3:43pm
The student population numbers are for the entire district. thanks, Ron French, senior writer
Thu, 05/03/2012 - 11:11am
Can you tell us how you determine the "% in college remedial courses"?
Tue, 05/08/2012 - 8:35am
Remedial courses for students in college take place because the colleges give tests designed to have students barely pass or fail. Then the college tells the student that they have to take a remedial course before they can get in the course they need for college credit. It's a money scam by greedy colleges and universities scrambling to compete against the glut of post secondary schools that are available to the general public and the high cost of employing instructors. It's easy to throw public education "under the bus" for these colleges. They do it, because they can. The stupid part is we have legislators in Michigan who subscribe to this "Data" and use it to destroy public education and the lives of professionals who have - in most cases - spent a lifetime of providing quality education to kids irrespective of their socio-economic status, parental involvement, and resources within a school system. When will colleges and universities be responsible for their work? Shouldn't they be held accomtable tooo? I
Tue, 05/08/2012 - 9:55am
Remediation is a money-grubbing scam by colleges. I didn't know how to do calculus either when I went to college but nobody pushed me into a remedial class that didn't count for anything important. I just sucked it up and did it. Kids today on average know more than we did back then so why do they being forced into useless, costly classes? We need a Bob Woodward-type to investigate this nonsense.
Tue, 05/08/2012 - 2:47pm
I am trying to ascertain why some schools with only fair to dismal percentages of college readiness have really low number of graduates needing remedial courses in college. Is this "remedial" percentage calculated from the total number of graduates of the particular high school or from the number of high school graduates that actually go on to study at college?
Ron French
Tue, 05/08/2012 - 3:06pm
Hi Janet, good questions. This is a percentage of 1) kids from a school district who enroll in a public college who 2) take at least one remedial course. So high-achieving schools who send some of their best students to private schools are going to be over-represented here, and low-achieving schools who send few of their kids to any college are going to be under-represented. Is it perfect data? No. But it does give us more information than we've ever had before. Our hope is this data set will expand to include all colleges in the future. On your second question, this link should take you to a state website where you can download an excel spreadsheet that will include 1) the number and percent of kids enrolling in college and 2) the number and percent who completed at least one year of classes in college - by school district. that helps
Tue, 05/08/2012 - 10:48pm
Thank you for the clarification and link to additional information. I agree that this data is a wonderful start to understanding and addressing this situation. It would be of great benefit to also have data on what percentage of students from each school district go on to higher education.
Tue, 05/08/2012 - 3:35pm
Keep in mind students who have entered the US from other countries and whose English language skills are deficient. You would expect that this group would continue catch-up language classes at the community college level in order to do well in all English-based subjects. These same students might be extremely gifted in their own language, but since ACT and MME tests are English-based, lower scores are seen. Too, there are numerous students who attend a different school each year due to family circumstances. Continuity flies right out the window.Hunger and homelessness are factors that need to be addressed in crunching these numbers. Single parent families have additional challenges compared to two parent households. Many kids are raising themselves, especially when mom/dad works two jobs to get by. If parents are functionally illiterate, they are hard pressed to understand how to best help their children to move ahead in school. So, there are a variety of social and economic factors that come in to impact a child's progress. I could have written this in Spanish, but could you have understood it? You, all grown up and college educated, might not be able to figure it out. That is a barrier that many youngsters face each day.
Wed, 05/09/2012 - 8:38am
Here was a very interesting study I found regarding the reliability of the college place,ent exams used to determine whether a student is required ti enroll in a remedial college class. This is not the same as college aptitude exams, such as ACT. The study was critical of the reliability of these exams as well, and in a familiar theme found high school GPA to be a better predictor. Which raises the question, why is there not more dialog on such core, fundamental measures as course grades? Think of how organic this is to the educational process. This is the Moneyball theme again. We should be gathering more of this type of data, what courses students take and what grades they get would be a big part of that.
Wed, 05/09/2012 - 10:41pm
I thought the original data was pretty interesting, so I threw it into a Google Fusion Table and mapped it out. The resulting map can be seen here. The points on the map should be more or less accurate, but feel free to access the actual fusion table here. Links: Map - Fusion Table -
Mon, 08/26/2013 - 4:28pm
I am a retired teacher in Washtenaw county and I can tell you that the high school I taught at had LAZY parents who didn't care about their kids education. They constantly blamed the teachers. They didn't attend parent teacher conferences, return phone calls or meet with teachers. The only time we would hear from them is when they had to pick up their kids if they were suspended. My school district ranged from low-economic standards to higher middle class. Most of the kids were there to socialize and just waste time until they could go home. Not to say there weren't some bad teachers either. A lot were scared of the kids and the discipline was a major problem. Unless you are fortunate to teach in a higher economic area such as Plymouth, Northville, Rochester (just to name a few) kids graduating and going on to college from most high schools are going to have low scores. Most students have to go to Community colleges first to take remedial classes and they can't afford a 4 year school. I loved being a teacher but am embarrassed at the educational level of the American school kids. Education should be a high priority but its not. Teachers are not paid the salary they should have, incentive for teachers is low, and the kids don't care about education. You can't teach kids that don't want to learn and you can't change stupid parents that don't care about their kids.