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Michigan Tax Facts ANSWERS

1. How does Michigan's tax burden rank nationally, according to the Tax Foundation’s “Facts & Figures: How Does Your State Compare” book published in March 2014?
ANSWER: 21st

2. How much money will the Michigan government spend in 2014?
ANSWER: $52 Billion

3. Over a decade in which Michigan endured a crippling recession and lost hundreds of thousands of jobs, state spending fell by how much, in inflation-adjusted dollars?

4. Just about everybody in Michigan gets a tax break. As one state budget document recently acknowledged, state tax breaks in Michigan total how much per year?
ANSWER: More than $30 billion a year

5. Analysis by the University of Vermont found that among factors weighed by both manufacturing and white-collar businesses in deciding where to locate, taxes rank...

6. How many Michigan cities are currently under scrutiny by the state Department of Treasury for financial instability?

7. Long-term legacy costs for retiree health care and pensions continue to loom large across the state. A 2013 analysis by Michigan State University found that unfunded legacy costs in Michigan municipalities (excluding Detroit) in 2011 was how much?
ANSWER: Over $10 billion

8. In 1978, Michigan passed an amendment that limits local property tax increases and prescribes that state revenue cannot grow beyond 9.5 percent of total personal income in Michigan. What was that amendment called?
ANSWER: The Headleee Amendment

9. Soon after his election in 2010, Governor Snyder eliminated the Michigan Business Tax. Analysis by the Senate Fiscal Agency calculated that the business tax shift amounted to how much of tax cut for business for fiscal 2012-2013?
ANSWER: $1.6 billion

10. After the Michigan Business Tax was elimintated, The House Fiscal Agency calculated that taxes on individuals would climb by how much?
ANSWER: $1.4 billion

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