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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Michigan reaping millions by ‘hiding’ unclaimed money worth less than $50September 14, 2023Jonathan Oosting
How Michigan makes $122M per year keeping unclaimed, missing money from residentsSeptember 14, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Longtime superintendent at Ann Arbor Schools agrees to leave next monthSeptember 14, 2023Isabel Lohman
Strike likely; UAW plans staggered walkouts to ‘keep companies guessing’September 13, 2023Paula Gardner
Michigan Democrats move to allow Medicaid to cover abortionsSeptember 13, 2023Robin Erb
Opinion | It’s time to strengthen renewable energy and efficiency requirementsSeptember 13, 2023Laurie Pohutsky, Amos O’Neal
To help Michigan teacher shortage, lawmakers may ease retirement rulesSeptember 13, 2023Isabel Lohman
Opinion | Transition to EVs should be good for climate AND unionsSeptember 13, 2023Sean McBrearty, Christy McGillvray
Opinion | Major policy changes should require legislative approvalSeptember 13, 2023Michael Webber
Opinion | My Students Need to Know College is Financially AttainableSeptember 13, 2023Kristin Rathje
New COVID shot approved, could be in Michigan this week. What to knowSeptember 12, 2023Robin Erb
Michigan State: We will say no more on who knew what in Mel Tucker probe September 12, 2023Isabel Lohman
Michigan may bring back its blue and black, retro cool, license platesSeptember 12, 2023Lauren Gibbons
It’s not too late: Nishimura comet will still be visible this week in MichiganSeptember 12, 2023Janelle D. James
Climate change, bad infrastructure drives away Michigan residents, report saysSeptember 12, 2023Janelle D. James
Michigan Dems eye board to set prescription prices. Some fear chilling effectSeptember 12, 2023Lauren Gibbons
By the numbers: How many UAW members in Michigan, how much would strike costSeptember 12, 2023Mike Wilkinson
Michigan company agrees to buy nuclear power from shuttered Palisades plantSeptember 12, 2023Kelly House
As UAW strike looms, what to know about contract talks, Big Three financesSeptember 12, 2023Paula Gardner
Mel Tucker calls MSU sexual harassment probe a ‘sham’ excuse to fire himSeptember 11, 2023Isabel Lohman, Kelly House
New COVID shot clears FDA, may be Michigan-bound later in weekSeptember 11, 2023Robin Erb
Michigan has more job openings than workers. Are retirees the answer?September 11, 2023Ron French, Mike Wilkinson
Nassar survivors: MSU failed again with Mel Tucker sexual harassment probeSeptember 10, 2023Isabel Lohman
Stellantis to Detroit neighbors: Our air is safe, despite complaintsSeptember 8, 2023Jena Brooker
More over-the-counter Narcan to hit Michigan shelves amid opioid epidemicSeptember 8, 2023Janelle D. James
Michigan State University bans concealed weapons after campus shootingSeptember 8, 2023Isabel Lohman
Government watchdog: EPA slow to raise alarm in Benton Harbor water crisisSeptember 7, 2023Kelly House
What are the worst potholes in Michigan? Send Bridge your photos.September 7, 2023Lauren Gibbons
How to get repair money for potholes, file a claim in Michigan. (Good luck)September 7, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Where to file a pothole damage claim in Michigan for state, county roadsSeptember 7, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan pothole claims system is a mess: Four easy fixes (and a costly one)September 7, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan denies almost all pothole repair claims, despite billions in damagesSeptember 7, 2023Lauren Gibbons
COVID hospitalizations surge in Michigan. Doctors remain cautiously optimisticSeptember 6, 2023Mike Wilkinson
Michigan Democrats get to work on abortion restriction repealsSeptember 6, 2023Yue Stella Yu
Delayed medical appointment? In Michigan, the problem may not be the doctorSeptember 6, 2023Robin Erb
Chicago suburbs, running out of water, will tap Lake MichiganSeptember 6, 2023Brett Walton, Circle of Blue
Schools are cutting recovery programs as U.S. aid money dries up. Students are still struggling.September 6, 2023Hannah Dellinger/Chalkbeat Detroit, Matt Barnum, Chalkbeat, Collin Binkley, Associated Press
Michigan braces for UAW strike as contract negotiations head to final weekSeptember 5, 2023Paula Gardner
Michigan rents are rising, prompting debate about tenant protectionsSeptember 5, 2023Yue Stella Yu
Opinion | Renter’s ‘Bill of Rights’ would spike Michigan housing costsSeptember 5, 2023Jarrett Skorup
It’s peak yellowjacket season in Michigan, and they’re as mean as everSeptember 5, 2023Janelle D. James
Michigan Gov. Whitmer taps former lottery commissioner to lead DNRSeptember 5, 2023Janelle D. James
Opinion | Michigan public schools aren’t failing or at war with parentsSeptember 5, 2023Al Churchill
Opinion | Wind, solar aren’t enough. The case for Palisades nuclear plant September 5, 2023Shawn Connors
Detroit students show slight gains on Michigan’s M-STEP standardized testSeptember 1, 2023Ethan Bakuli , Chalkbeat Detroit, Micah Walker
One Detroit school’s multilayered effort to get absent students back to schoolSeptember 1, 2023Ethan Bakuli , Chalkbeat Detroit, Tracie Mauriello, Chalkbeat Detroit
Michigan may require high school seniors to file FAFSA financial aid formSeptember 1, 2023Isabel Lohman
5 things to know as Michigan COVID cases rise into the fallSeptember 1, 2023Robin Erb
Plagued by guns, Detroit pays neighborhood groups $10M to curb violenceSeptember 1, 2023Yue Stella Yu, Malachi Barrett
Michigan regulators seek penalties for repeat utility outagesAugust 31, 2023Janelle D. James