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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Few good options for shrinking Michigan’s problem deer herdsMarch 9, 2023Kelly House
Michigan Right-to-Work backers plot ballot proposal as Dems pursue repealMarch 9, 2023Jonathan Oosting, Yue Stella Yu
Daylight saving 2023 arrives Sunday. Not every Michigander is happyMarch 9, 2023Janelle D. James
What is Michigan Right-to-Work: How law impacted wages, jobs, unionsMarch 9, 2023Mike Wilkinson
Universal background check gun bills clear Michigan HouseMarch 9, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Michigan House votes to repeal Right-to-Work, restore prevailing wageMarch 8, 2023Jonathan Oosting
MSU shooting victim’s mom testifies for gun safety laws March 8, 2023Isabel Lohman, Jonathan Oosting
Michigan State shooting: University lacked security common on other campusesMarch 8, 2023Mike Wilkinson
Historic day for LGBTQ rights, as anti-discrimination bill goes to Whitmer March 8, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Michigan Senate votes to repeal abortion penalties under 1931 banMarch 8, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Inflation relief checks v. income tax cuts. What saves you more in Michigan?March 8, 2023Isabel Lohman, Jonathan Oosting
As Michigan boosts school security after shootings, how much is too much? March 7, 2023Ted Roelofs
House Democrats plan vote on Right-to-Work repealMarch 7, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer poised to sign repeal of Michigan read-or-flunk lawMarch 7, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Many leadership positions at risk in Detroit schools as COVID-19 relief dries upMarch 7, 2023Ethan Bakuli , Chalkbeat Detroit
Bridge Michigan expands again, hiring reporter and digital marketing associateMarch 7, 2023Bridge Staff
Should Michigan schools teach cursive? Some say yes.March 7, 2023Isabel Lohman
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signs Michigan tax relief, minus $180 checksMarch 7, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Trade group: Michigan’s lousy roads getting lousier, need $3.9B more per yearMarch 7, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan asks EPA to allow it to discount Detroit air quality dataMarch 6, 2023Nina Ignaczak, Planet Detroit
Utilities gave big to Michigan lawmakers now weighing reforms, records showMarch 6, 2023Yue Stella Yu
Opinion | Spend $500 million on outdoors to boost Michigan for decadesMarch 6, 2023Rich Bowman
Opinion | Extract Michigan’s raw materials to boost our EV futureMarch 6, 2023Colin Seals
Program offers familiar setting for elderly, respite for caregivers in MichiganMarch 6, 2023Patricia Anstett
Michigan stopped Ohio toxic waste last week, but we import waste every day March 3, 2023Janelle D. James
Democrats push Michigan gun reforms. Here’s what the laws are nowMarch 3, 2023Ron French
Michigan Supreme Court hearing on auto no-fault reform: What to knowMarch 3, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan State shooting victims: Two more students released from hospital March 3, 2023Isabel Lohman
Study calls mask mandates into question, putting health experts on defenseMarch 3, 2023Joanna Broder
Attorney General Dana Nessel confirmed she was the subject of an antisemitic threat March 2, 2023Janelle D. James
Michigan House votes to repeal 1931 abortion banMarch 2, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan voters are skeptical of EVs and the value of college in new pollMarch 2, 2023Paula Gardner
Michigan preschool expansion hits a snag as some providers face funding cutsMarch 2, 2023Koby Levin, Chalkbeat
Michigan lawmakers clear $1.3B spending bill with $630M for Ford EV battery plant March 2, 2023Lauren Gibbons
‘We’re so angry.’ MSU students urge gun safety at Lansing hearingMarch 1, 2023Lauren Gibbons, Isabel Lohman
MSU police can’t explain 13-minute alert gap, remain mum on shooting detailsMarch 1, 2023Jonathan Oosting, Mike Wilkinson
New Michigan scholarship seeks to fill jobs at state’s EV companiesMarch 1, 2023Paula Gardner
Classroom locks, active intruder training promised after MSU shootingsMarch 1, 2023Isabel Lohman, Mike Wilkinson
Michigan Democrats begin repeal of 1931 abortion banMarch 1, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Michigan Senate votes to add LGBTQ protections to anti-discrimination lawMarch 1, 2023Lauren Gibbons
National popular vote for president builds momentum in MichiganMarch 1, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Michigan lawmakers send Whitmer tax cuts; $180 payments are deadMarch 1, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan Senate OKs $1.3B spending deal: $630M for Ford battery plant prepFebruary 28, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan’s local road conditions improved slightly, but projections still bleakFebruary 28, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan youth in mental health crisis: Could more screening help? February 28, 2023Ted Roelofs
U.S. Judge: Flint has 5 months to finish long-overdue lead pipe replacementFebruary 28, 2023Kelly House
Michigan State shooting: Alerts to students delayed as police rushed to campusFebruary 27, 2023Jonathan Oosting, Mike Wilkinson
Opinion | Michigan ‘red flag’ laws infringe on due process and don’t work February 27, 2023Graham Filler, Andrew Fink
Opinion | Older Michiganders don’t get the mental health support they needFebruary 27, 2023Jacob Kagan, Peggy Johnson
Michigan Democrats pressure utilities: more credits for power outagesFebruary 27, 2023Janelle D. James