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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Police: Michigan State shooter felt ‘slighted,’ threatened others in noteFebruary 16, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Michigan State professor details terror of mass shooting in Room 114February 15, 2023Kelly House
Thousands mourn at Michigan State vigil: ‘Those kids didn’t have to die.’February 15, 2023Isabel Lohman
Michigan State dispatch logs: Anthony McRae spotted hours before he was caughtFebruary 15, 2023Mike Wilkinson, Jonathan Oosting
Ex-prosecutor defends gun plea deal in Michigan State shooter caseFebruary 15, 2023Yue Stella Yu
MSU shooting victims: Guadalupe Huapilla-Perez identified by familyFebruary 15, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Vigils to be held across the state after shooting spree at MSUFebruary 15, 2023Janelle D. James
State board recommends against group’s effort to shield students from ‘rogue sex ed’February 15, 2023Tracie Mauriello, Chalkbeat Detroit
For Ann Arbor water managers, ongoing battle to keep toxic chemicals at bay February 15, 2023Kelly House, Lester Graham, Michigan Radio
Michigan State shooting: Anthony McRae had guns charge, mental health problemsFebruary 14, 2023Yue Stella Yu, Kelly House, Jonathan Oosting, Mike Wilkinson
Michigan State University: Timeline of mass shooting, manhuntFebruary 14, 2023Mike Wilkinson
Michigan State students from Oxford hope to ‘survive long enough to graduate’ February 14, 2023Ron French
Opinion | MSU professor mourns all that was lost in Monday’s shootings February 14, 2023Josh Cowen
Michigan State victims: Brian Fraser, Alex Verner and Arielle Anderson February 14, 2023Jonathan Oosting, Kelly House, Janelle D. James, Lauren Gibbons, Micah Walker
‘We cannot keep living like this:’ Dems vow gun reform after MSU shootingFebruary 14, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan State shooting: Night of terror, morning of eerie calm for studentsFebruary 14, 2023Jonathan Oosting, Isabel Lohman, Ron French, Mike Wilkinson
Michigan State University shooting 2023: Resources to cope, tips to discuss tragedyFebruary 14, 2023Bridge Staff
Michigan State University shooting: ‘Our Spartan hearts are broken’February 14, 2023Bridge Staff
Ford battery plant in Michigan rose from the state’s failure in 2021February 13, 2023Paula Gardner
Flying object over Lake Huron shot down. What we know and what we don’t? February 13, 2023Janelle D. James
‘Staggering’ rise in overdoses, suicides for African Americans in Michigan February 13, 2023Ted Roelofs
Michigan inflation relief checks: Why GOP is fighting Whitmer rebate planFebruary 13, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Election deniers vie to lead broke Michigan GOP. Donors aren’t happy.February 13, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Ford EV battery plant on Marshall Michigan megasite gets $1B in incentivesFebruary 13, 2023Paula Gardner
Opinion | Michigan’s Blue Trifecta must deliver for Great Lakes, not DTE February 13, 2023Elayne Elliott
Opinion | We provide care when you need it most. But now, we need your help.February 13, 2023T. Anthony Denton
Opinion | Right-to-Work is a lie told to cheat Michigan workers, repeal itFebruary 13, 2023Sean O’Brien
Opinion | Michigan charters run by for-profits bring mediocrity, secrecyFebruary 13, 2023Casandra Ulbrich
Opinion | Michigan needs policy fixes to increase public transit optionsFebruary 13, 2023Donald Stuckey II
Opinion | Open enrollment should be part of Michigan's education reformsFebruary 13, 2023Jude Schwalbach
Marshall megasite wins Ford EV battery plant project with Chinese partner February 10, 2023Paula Gardner, Jonathan Oosting
Report: Michigan still lags in electric vehicle charging stationsFebruary 10, 2023Janelle D. James
Michigan public school enrollment stabilizing after pandemic exodusFebruary 10, 2023Mike Wilkinson
Doobie Tuesday and pizza deals: Marijuana biz turns to old-school promosFebruary 10, 2023Paula Gardner
Blue-collar suicides focus of state prevention effortFebruary 10, 2023Jack Timothy Harrison, Capital News Service
Michigan viewers cancel cable TV in record numbers in 2022, report showsFebruary 10, 2023Mike Wilkinson
MSU Student: My story shows what MSU still doesn’t get about sexual assault February 9, 2023Isabel Lohman
Michigan inflation relief checks may be in jeopardy, even as tax cut passes February 9, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Cocaine Bear? In Michigan, it's melatonin bearFebruary 9, 2023Kelly House
President Perry Johnson? Michigan businessman launches long-shot campaignFebruary 9, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Henry Ford Health joins Pistons owner, MSU on $2.5B Detroit developmentFebruary 9, 2023Malachi Barrett
What winter? Michigan farmers, anglers hit hard by warm temperaturesFebruary 9, 2023Janelle D. James
Flint residents still fighting to replace lead pipes, get torn yards fixedFebruary 9, 2023Kelly House
Campaign donors love a winner, dump Michigan GOP for Democrats after electionFebruary 8, 2023Yue Stella Yu
Michigan Senate dumps ‘read or flunk’ portion of third-grade lawFebruary 8, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan $180 inflation relief checks 2023: what to know about Whitmer's planFebruary 8, 2023Janelle D. James, Jonathan Oosting
What Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer wants to fund in $79B budgetFebruary 8, 2023Lauren Gibbons, Jonathan Oosting
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer pitches 9 percent boost in Michigan school spendingFebruary 8, 2023Tracie Mauriello, Chalkbeat Detroit , Isabel Lohman, Koby Levin, Chalkbeat
Michigan lawmakers raise concern about toll road planFebruary 7, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Turns out, young voters didn’t sway ‘22 election in Michigan, records showFebruary 7, 2023Mike Wilkinson