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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Michigan bet big on online gambling. We’re now No. 1Mike Wilkinson
Michigan’s 4-year high school graduation rate rises 2nd year in a rowLori Higgins, Chalkbeat Detroit, Isabel Lohman
What Biden student loan forgiveness means for MichiganIsabel Lohman
Piping plover faces new peril, as climate change threatens Great Lakes birdClara Lincolnhol, Great Lakes Echo
Meth makes a comeback in Michigan, even as drug fight focuses on opioidsRobin Erb, Ron French
Will uncommitted Michigan votes send message to Biden? It may take a lotJordyn Hermani
Skunk spray season has arrived in Michigan. And that stinksJanelle D. James
Michigan boosts funding to attract new EV-related factoriesPaula Gardner
See which Michigan high schools send most graduates to collegeMike Wilkinson
Dana Nessel: Michigan GOP fundraisers engaged in 'dark money scheme'Jordyn Hermani
In northern Michigan, voters admit qualms about Trump, still will vote for himRon French
Biden strains to reach young Michigan voters: ‘He’s too old’Jonathan Oosting
More Michigan high school grads going to college; first increase in yearsMike Wilkinson
Michigan Dems abolish panel that gives industry say in regulationsKelly House, Lauren Gibbons
In Michigan GOP court fight, Karamo loses first roundJonathan Oosting
Amid repeal push, Michigan seeks input on solar, wind siting lawIzzy Ross, IPR
Rescue services a challenge for Michigan's rural communitiesElijah Taub, Capital News Service
Bridge Michigan expands again, hires two editors, Capitol reporterBridge Staff
Michigan cord cutting accelerates; cable customers fall 13% in 2023Mike Wilkinson
Trump rallies supporters: ‘If we win Michigan, we win the election’Lauren Gibbons
COVID-positive? Five-day isolation still recommended in MichiganRobin Erb
Early voting a ‘significant new option’ for voters, ‘significant challenge’ for clerks Lauren Gibbons
Dueling Michigan GOP conventions planned for presidential nominationJonathan Oosting
How to get free tuition from Michigan colleges and universitiesIsabel Lohman
Deadly nationwide listeria contamination impacts salad kits sold in MichiganJanelle D. James
Michigan checks Feb. 2024: See who gets the working family tax credit refundJanelle D. James
Wayne State, Central Michigan push back deadlines because of FAFSA delayIsabel Lohman
The Great Lakes go digital as smart buoy network launches in Lake ErieDaniel Schoenherr, Great Lakes Echo
Michigan’s backyard bird enthusiasts can join global count this weekendJanelle D. James
Whitefish are on brink in Michigan. Can they learn to love rivers to survive?Kelly House
RNC: Pete Hoekstra is chair of Michigan Republicans, not Kristina KaramoJonathan Oosting
Why Michigan GOP has a presidential primary and caucus convention this yearJonathan Oosting
‘Mass confusion’ as Michigan GOP preps presidential caucus amid leadership fightJonathan Oosting
Pro-Trump elector didn't suspect false election docs were illegalLauren Gibbons
Watch Bridge Culture Club discussion of the novel ‘Tin Camp Road'Amber DeLind
$550 checks in Michigan: Who's getting them, who isn't?Janelle D. James
Missing money Michigan: How to get paid by the state for unclaimed propertyJonathan Oosting
Michigan Right-to-Work repeal: What workers, businesses need to knowPaula Gardner
7,000+ trees on chopping block for trail expansion in Sleeping Bear DunesJanelle D. James
Homeschool parents mobilize to fight Michigan efforts to add oversightIsabel Lohman
Homeschool registry plan divides Michigan parents: Voices that shape debateIsabel Lohman
Michigan lawmakers weigh $100M tax subsidy plan to create high-paying jobsPaula Gardner
Donald Trump returning to Michigan ahead of presidential primaryJonathan Oosting
MSU shooting, one year later: What science says about trauma and healingRobin Erb, Kelly House
Michigan lawmaker gag orders on tax deals blasted as 'culture of secrecy'Jonathan Oosting
Michigan lawmaker sanctioned over ‘racist, hateful and bigoted speech’Jonathan Oosting
Gun, abortion, energy reform among 142 Michigan laws taking effect TuesdayLauren Gibbons
Fluoridating drinking water began in Michigan. Some residents want an endTheo Scheer, Capital News Service
Michigan early voting starts Feb. 17. What to know about presidential primaryTom Perkins for Votebeat
See what Michigan sites are added to National Register of Historic Places Janelle D. James