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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Michigan DNR warns residents to squish invasive lanternfliesSeptember 21, 2023Janelle D. James
Opinion | Michigan must learn from other states to diversify energy sourcesSeptember 21, 2023Pauline Wendzel
Dark sky parks: How Michigan is becoming a stargazing stateSeptember 21, 2023Kelsey Lester, Capital News Service
How fast should Michigan ditch fossil fuels? Lawmakers debate 2040 deadlineSeptember 20, 2023Kelly House
Survey: 1 in 4 young adults expect to leave Michigan within 10 yearsSeptember 20, 2023Ron French
Michigan fall colors 2023: Peak colors may be late. Blame El NiñoSeptember 20, 2023Janelle D. James
End of the line for Flint criminal charges: Supreme Court declines AG’s appealSeptember 20, 2023Kelly House
Michigan dairy farm housing: ‘Invisible’ workers suffer, state looks other waySeptember 20, 2023Yue Stella Yu
Bridge Culture Club returns in October with crime thriller ‘August Snow’September 20, 2023Amber DeLind
Lone Democrat could kill Medicaid for abortions in Michigan, other reformsSeptember 20, 2023Jonathan Oosting, Robin Erb
Opinion | Loosening abortion regulations is dangerous for Michigan womenSeptember 20, 2023Dr. Catherine Stark
Michigan lawmakers consider making universal free school meals permanentSeptember 19, 2023Isabel Lohman
Michigan GOP leadership to meet on Mackinac. Only thing missing: GOP leadersSeptember 19, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Fain pushes back as Trump plans Michigan trip to court UAWSeptember 19, 2023Paula Gardner
Michigan lawmakers OK universal lead screening for young childrenSeptember 19, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Michigan lawmakers consider requiring panic alarms in schoolsSeptember 19, 2023Isabel Lohman
3.0 GPA now guarantees admission to 10 Michigan public universitiesSeptember 19, 2023Isabel Lohman
Opinion | Record-breaking investments mark new era for Michigan schoolsSeptember 19, 2023Darrin Camilleri
Opinion | Legislators can help Michigan farmers with a simple fixSeptember 19, 2023Joanne Galloway
New COVID-19 vaccine arriving in Michigan. Here’s what to knowSeptember 18, 2023Robin Erb
Michigan State to Mel Tucker: We will fire you for ‘moral turpitude’September 18, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Can magic mushrooms help fibromyalgia? U-M wants to know, needs volunteersSeptember 18, 2023Robin Erb
EPA to decide soon on Ohio plan to reduce phosphorus pollution in Lake ErieSeptember 18, 2023Lester Graham, Michigan Radio
Excited but worried, Michigan teachers wrestle with artificial intelligenceSeptember 18, 2023Isabel Lohman
UAW strike sets Michigan on uncertain path: ‘We’re nervous’September 15, 2023Paula Gardner, Janelle D. James, Malachi Barrett
Autoworkers ‘walking on eggshells’ as they await UAW strike outcomeSeptember 15, 2023Malachi Barrett
Jury acquits three men accused in Whitmer kidnapping plotSeptember 15, 2023Yue Stella Yu
Michigan marijuana board chair bribed with sex worker, prosecutors saySeptember 14, 2023Lauren Gibbons
UAW-automaker standoff prompts worries over Michigan's place in new economySeptember 14, 2023Paula Gardner
Michigan Democrats push carbon-neutral energy goal back 5 years to 2040September 14, 2023Kelly House, Lauren Gibbons
Michigan Democrats halt early-release plan for prisoners amid blowbackSeptember 14, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan Democrats want prison time for those who harass election workersSeptember 14, 2023Oralandar Brand-Williams, Votebeat
Michigan abortion bills take spotlight at packed legislative hearingSeptember 14, 2023Robin Erb
Michigan reaping millions by ‘hiding’ unclaimed money worth less than $50September 14, 2023Jonathan Oosting
How Michigan makes $122M per year keeping unclaimed, missing money from residentsSeptember 14, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Longtime superintendent at Ann Arbor Schools agrees to leave next monthSeptember 14, 2023Isabel Lohman
Strike likely; UAW plans staggered walkouts to ‘keep companies guessing’September 13, 2023Paula Gardner
Michigan Democrats move to allow Medicaid to cover abortionsSeptember 13, 2023Robin Erb
Opinion | It’s time to strengthen renewable energy and efficiency requirementsSeptember 13, 2023Laurie Pohutsky, Amos O’Neal
To help Michigan teacher shortage, lawmakers may ease retirement rulesSeptember 13, 2023Isabel Lohman
Opinion | Transition to EVs should be good for climate AND unionsSeptember 13, 2023Sean McBrearty, Christy McGillvray
Opinion | Major policy changes should require legislative approvalSeptember 13, 2023Michael Webber
Opinion | My Students Need to Know College is Financially AttainableSeptember 13, 2023Kristin Rathje
New COVID shot approved, could be in Michigan this week. What to knowSeptember 12, 2023Robin Erb
Michigan State: We will say no more on who knew what in Mel Tucker probe September 12, 2023Isabel Lohman
Michigan may bring back its blue and black, retro cool, license platesSeptember 12, 2023Lauren Gibbons
It’s not too late: Nishimura comet will still be visible this week in MichiganSeptember 12, 2023Janelle D. James
Climate change, bad infrastructure drives away Michigan residents, report saysSeptember 12, 2023Janelle D. James
Michigan Dems eye board to set prescription prices. Some fear chilling effectSeptember 12, 2023Lauren Gibbons
By the numbers: How many UAW members in Michigan, how much would strike costSeptember 12, 2023Mike Wilkinson