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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Title Date Author
Michigan is on thin ice. Get used to it, climate experts say. February 1, 2021 Kelly House
How we know Michigan will lose lake ice if we don’t change our ways February 1, 2021 Kelly House
With COVID surging, Michigan State University tells students to stay home January 31, 2021 Ron French
Michigan Dominican Sisters find ‘grace to carry forth’ as 9 die of COVID January 29, 2021 Robin Erb
Michigan grants Enbridge key permits to build Line 5 tunnel under Straits January 29, 2021 Kelly House
Opinion | Political antagonism harms us all. Let’s all try to do better January 29, 2021 Doug Stout
Michigan restaurants still likely to struggle after reopening amid COVID January 28, 2021 Paula Gardner
Gretchen Whitmer calls for unity in COVID fight as Michigan GOP digs in heels January 27, 2021 Jonathan Oosting, Madeline Halpert
Michigan getting better at vaccine distribution. It’s still not good enough. January 27, 2021 Mike Wilkinson, Robin Erb
Facing new COVID variant, University of Michigan students asked to stay home January 27, 2021 Ron French
Opinion | It's time to thank our health care heroes and properly fund EMS January 27, 2021 Angela Madden
What’s next for Bridge in 2021? Watch our Lunch Break video to find out. January 27, 2021 Amber DeLind, Kathryn Dugal
Amid the isolation of COVID, Michigan Alzheimer’s deaths soar January 26, 2021 Robin Erb
Michigan’s new House speaker: We’ll fight Whitmer until she works with GOP January 26, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Opinion | The impact of 2020 on our mental health is often overlooked January 26, 2021 Robert Sheehan
Michigan expert depressed by COVID vaccine myths, government rollout January 25, 2021 Robin Erb
Michigan schools want to skip standardized tests, blaming COVID January 25, 2021 Ron French
COVID variant spreads in Michigan. Gretchen Whitmer mum on ex-health chief. January 25, 2021 Robin Erb
Schools outraged that bars can open in Michigan, but not winter sports January 25, 2021 Ron French
Opinion | It's time to stop being accomplices to attacks on journalists January 25, 2021 Tim Dye
Teaching in person, surrounded by outbreaks, unable to get vaccinated January 25, 2021 Kate Wells, Michigan Radio
Opinion | Let's not forget the nationalistic history of the Midwest January 23, 2021 Michael Ryan
Opinion | We won a right to literacy in Detroit. Much work remains for equity. January 23, 2021 Andrea L. Thompson
Robert Gordon out as Michigan health director, as COVID cases plummet January 22, 2021 Mike Wilkinson
Michigan to allow indoor dining at 25 percent capacity as COVID eases January 22, 2021 Mike Wilkinson, Paula Gardner
Federal COVID funding varies 100-fold across Michigan schools January 21, 2021 Ron French
Michigan man accused of beating police with hockey stick at U.S. Capitol January 21, 2021 Jonathan Oosting, Madeline Halpert
Michigan: 90 percent need COVID vaccine for herd immunity. That’s unlikely. January 20, 2021 Robin Erb
First Person | 'This is something I can do now’: What Kamala Harris’ ascension means for girls of color January 20, 2021 Ama Russell, Ife Martin
Michigan bars, restaurants can reopen Feb. 1 with restrictions, state says January 20, 2021 Mike Wilkinson, Paula Gardner
Joe Biden vowed to guard Michigan waters, create auto jobs. Can he deliver? January 20, 2021 Madeline Halpert
Opinion | I’m a Black doctor. Here’s why we all should take the COVID vaccine January 20, 2021 Herbert C. Smitherman Jr.
Michigan makes gains on COVID vaccines at nursing homes; other seniors wait January 19, 2021 Mike Wilkinson, Robin Erb
Gov. Whitmer unveils $5.6B COVID plan for Michigan, as GOP eyes fight January 19, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Q&A: U-M researcher says Black businesses shorted in first PPP loans January 19, 2021 Paula Gardner
Allies of Rick Snyder slam secret proceedings, evidence in Flint water charges January 19, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Opinion | Dear Gov. Whitmer, our Michigan restaurants must open now to survive January 19, 2021 Travis Stoliker, Matthew Gillett
New Buffalo officials worked through COVID election. One died, 3 infected January 18, 2021 Madeline Halpert
New financial help for Michigan small businesses amid COVID January 18, 2021 Paula Gardner
Joe Biden’s $130B COVID plan may mean more tutors, summer hours in Michigan January 18, 2021 Ron French
A Michigan prosecutor says no thanks to cash bail. Will others follow? January 18, 2021 Ted Roelofs
Opinion | Thinking of traveling this inauguration week? Postpone your trip. January 17, 2021 Roger Rapoport
More F’s, more worries: Michigan school leaders rethink grading during pandemic January 16, 2021 Eleanore Catolico, Chalkbeat Detroit
Michigan economy keeps beating predictions, thanks largely to stimulus January 15, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Michigan law enforcement ‘prepared for the worst’ ahead of potential protests January 15, 2021 Madeline Halpert
Michigan cities must begin replacing lead pipes. But who has the cash? January 15, 2021 Kelly House
Q&A: How to protect against lead as Michigan waits for new water pipes January 15, 2021 Kelly House
Years after Flint water crisis, lead lingers in school buildings across the nation January 15, 2021 Jane Johnston, Circle of Blue
Flint residents unimpressed by Snyder charges linked to lead poisoning January 14, 2021 Kelly House
Snyder allies: Flint charges may have ‘chilling effect’ on government January 14, 2021 Jonathan Oosting