Michigan needs leadership, elect me as your next Governor

It was during one of the meetings, at which several of my Public Safety colleagues and I attended, at which we were advocating for improving Public Safety in Michigan with a State Representative, that the issue of a “disconnect” between those in public office and the people was made up close and personal to me when the representative said, and I quote, “This legislature cares more about money than Public Safety”.

I seem to recall hearing that government’s first job is protecting the people. How can it be that we have arrived at such a state in government when a sitting State Representative would make such a statement? It is my contention that this is the result of a combination of petty partisan politics, the corruption of those with deep pockets and dark hearts pulling the strings in the political process, the apathy of the electorate, and the manipulation of the political process on the part of many in the different forms of the media.

At this point in our state and national history, it is critical to elect leaders to public office, as opposed to career politicians or businessmen. The current political system is rife with problems that it is failing to address. Instead, our elected officials opt not to respond – especially in election years – or to defer these and many other issues.

This has the direct effect of only worsening the issues in many ways, often making them appear so daunting that we, the voters, choose to ignore them. It has been said that some in public office actually go out of their way to do this in order to manufacture crises to serve darker agendas. It is up to “WE THE PEOPLE” to elect leaders who will aggressively act as an anti-virus program, as in a computer operating system, to decontaminate the political system and force a reboot, in order for the system to operate as the programmers, our Founding Fathers, intended.

WE THE PEOPLE should no longer tolerate the political system freeze-ups and crashes that we are currently experiencing and that we are in danger of accepting as the norm!

WE THE PEOPLE must make the decision to deploy these anti-virus programs by electing true leaders and holding them accountable to properly execute the programs necessary to make the entire system operate efficiently. Any true leader must engage the hearts as well as the minds of those who would join in his quest, to do what is noble and right. In this State, I believe it is noble and right for everyone to get back to the basics of what American Democracy is supposed to be about:

Government of the people, for the people, by the people. It must be also noble and right for our elected leaders to stop the endless squabbling that many have chosen to engage in when it comes to emotionally divisive issues. While there are many issues important to the citizens of our fair State, our elected leaders – and those who wish to truly serve in government – must be willing to engage in productive discussions on solving the problems such as the loss of industry, environmental issues, public safety, and the proper role of government in regards to our civil liberties, just to name a few.

The Robin Sanders anti-virus program has been thoroughly tested in the fields of combat and public service. I stand by, ready, willing, and able to be deployed. I invite each of you, citizens and voters, to use me as the “firewall' against corruption and “politics as usual,” before we, and the generations to come, fall prey to accepting the poor performance of our system as the standard.

Let us instead look to our systems' manufacturers' - America's Founding Fathers - to find the intended essence and purpose of our government!

We can do better, my friends; and I invite you to join me robinsandersforgovernor.com in building a brighter future!

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Thu, 05/15/2014 - 8:30am
Disclosing the identity of the anonymous representative who voiced his opinion regarding money and public safety would go a long way to affording some context to the comment. I'm not impressed with "elect me and I'll be your firewall", either. There's a whole lot more to governing than this gentleman appears to believe. Sort of reminds me of a statement made a few years ago that made the national media: "We are the people we have been waiting for." And we all see where that has led us.
Sat, 05/17/2014 - 2:58pm
Carol, I refrain from disclosing names out of respect for others, especially those who hold, or have held, public office, My use of computer analogy is my way of conveying what I have personally observed in not only my experiences of being a lobbyist, but my many observations and analysis of legislative sessions, and expert and public testimonies given in many hearings before the various committees in the legislature. I have learned much through these experiences, and coupled with my executive experience in the Navy, as well as my executive experience with the Knights of Columbus, the knowledge and experience that I have gained in Criminal Justice, as well as working side by side with Mental Health professionals, enables me to say with absolute confidence that I am up for the task of serving the good people of Michigan as their next Governor, and with all due respect to the other candidates, the most qualified. Please take the time to look over my web site, and if you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.
Thu, 05/15/2014 - 9:04am
Mr. Sanders needs to flesh out his stances. At this point he is an "operating system" and an "anti-virus" program. What else is his computer designed to accomplish. I agree wholeheartedly with Carol. I am not saying Mr. Sanders would not get my vote but he does not tell us anything about who he is or what he believes or how he would change things. Sort of like how Gov. Snyder managed to present himself prior to his election, so maybe an "empty shirt" is what the people of Michigan want. And it is said that the people get the government they deserve. .