Michigan income tax calculator

Michigan tax cuts: Calculate how proposals would impact you

Gov. Rick Snyder and Michigan legislators are trying to stave off a state tax increase for most taxpayers after the recent federal tax overhaul essentially eliminated the state exemption. Some Republican lawmakers want to go beyond Snyder's proposal, and are considering measures that would include an immediate income tax cut and bigger ones in later years ‒ which would trigger bigger drops in state revenue.

Enter the number of tax exemptions you take to see how the different proposals would affect you, and the state budget. 

Gov. Snyder's proposal

Year$ per exemption
(current law)
Taxpayer savings
above current law
Impact on state
2018$4,000 ($4,000)no savingsNone
2019$4,150 ($4,100)$ -$8 million
2020$4,375 ($4,200)$ -$45 million
2021$4,,500 ($4,300)$ -$60 million

House proposal

Year$ per exemption
(current law)
Taxpayer savings
above current law
Impact on state
2018$4,300 ($4,000)$ -$45 million
2019$4,600 ($4,100)$ -$158 million
2020$4,800 ($4,200)$ -$173 million
2021$4,800 ($4,300)$ -$158 million

Senate proposal

Year$ per exemption
(current law)
Taxpayer savings
above current law
Impact on state
2018$4,500 ($4,000)$ -$111 million
2019$4,600 ($4,100)$ -$184 million
2020$4,700 ($4,200)$ -$150 million
2021$5,000 ($4,300)$ -$189 million

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Paul Jordan
Fri, 01/26/2018 - 10:28am

The amount of taxpayer savings pales in comparison to the negative effects on the state budget. We are almost guaranteed to pay more in out-of-pocket costs for things like auto repairs, educational expenses, or increased user fees than we will be getting in tax savings.

One more example of how anti-government Republicans work to degrade the government services that are essential to a good quality of life for all of us. They couldn't do it without voters falling for schemes like this.