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Eric Schoolmaster holding a smallmouth bass hooked to his fishing line

Eric Schoolmaster caught this smallmouth bass near Kalamazoo. “It doesn’t get better than a big smallmouth,” he wrote.

Sasha Wheeler holding a 40-inch king salmon

Sasha Wheeler, a master angler many times over, caught a 40 inch king salmon in Lake Michigan near Grand Haven. She and her father Brooks Wheeler were fishing in 50 feet of water with a blue dolphin lure set 30 down.

Sasha Wheeler on a boat holding up a caught freshwater drum fish

Brooks Wheeler sent in this photo of his daughter, Sasha, with a freshwater drum fish that he said will earn her a master angler patch.

Matt Peisert holding a 20-inch brook trout close to the camera

Matt Peisert submitted this photo of a 20-inch brook trout that’s “definitely going on the wall.”

Chris Harpster holding a long fish

This monster was caught by Chris Harpster near Whitehall.

Chris Harpster in a field holding a large fish

Chris Harpster caught this beast near Muskegon.

John Pagel holding a caught muskellunge

John Pagel on Lake St. Clair with a monster muskie.

Rachel Rienstra on a wood platform holding a king salmon

Rachel Rienstra with her first king salmon caught near Frankfort.

A young man holding a six-pound bass

This 6-pound bass was caught near Ann Arbor with a black jitterbug.

Justin Strauss holding a brown fish

Justin Strauss caught this 26-inch, 7-pound brown earlier this month. “I love heavy fish in skinny water,” he said of his catch.

Michael Holloway holding up a bass

Michael Holloway with a bass he caught in April.

Bob Oswald holding up his king salmon from a hook

Bob Oswald shows off this impressive king salmon he caught in Lake Michigan.

Gene Wong holding up a walleye

Gene Wong passed along a photo of a 10-pound, 29.25-inch walleye caught in the Detroit River near Mud Island and photographed on April 14.

Kyle Borch holding up a 68-inch lake sturgeon

Lake sturgeon are known to grow big, but 68-inches? Kyle Borch caught this monster earlier this month.

AJ Ringler holding up a 32-pound carp

AJ Ringler with a 32-pound carp he caught bowfishing.

Skyler Riffle holding up a garpike

Skyler Riffle caught this 50-inch garpike.

Joe Swatosh on a boat holding a 55-inch muskie

Joe Swatosh with a 55-inch muskie.

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All photos submitted by readers, courtesy of MLive

See where Michigan's big fish are caught

Those lucky enough to catch a prize-winning fish in Michigan can share the good news with their peers and earn a state patch. This Bridge database searches the state's Master Angler winners by species of fish, county or body of water. You can learn the size of top catches, the lures used, etc. Just enter what you're looking for in the appropriate box. For instance, if you want to see the big fish caught in Devils Lake, just type 'devils' or where the biggest trout -- brook, brown, lake or rainbow--, type 'trout' in the species box.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources' master angler database.

Online Database by Caspio

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Thu, 07/30/2015 - 2:50pm
Wow! Some of these look prehistoric.
Sun, 08/02/2015 - 12:49am
For bait you need $$$$$$, because the biggest fish are in the legislature, and they are mackerels!