13 Miles to Marshall

The distance between Albion and Marshall can be measured in many ways: in miles, in money, in history, in skin color.

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13 MILES TO MARSHALL: For Albion students, a long day, but ‘worth it’ (chapter 4)

Mar 25, 2014 | Ron French

Seven months later, there is a growing optimism among students despite academic struggle. And the districts’ finances begin to grow.

13 MILES TO MARSHALL: Are Albion and Marshall a model for other troubled districts? (chapter 3)

Mar 25, 2014 | Ron French

Two superintendents face down ‘racist’ concerns from parents in their communities, and begin to see the promise of their stand.

13 MILES TO MARSHALL: Hard classes and difficult lessons for Albion teens (chapter 2)

Mar 25, 2014 | Ron French

With wariness among students from both towns, Albion teens enter classrooms very different from their old school. ‘They can’t know what they haven’t been taught.’

13 MILES TO MARSHALL: Tough times lead very different high schools to merge (chapter 1)

Mar 25, 2014 | Ron French

When money ran out at Albion High, the district shipped students to rival Marshall High School. What happens when poor, African-American students are bused to an affluent, nearly all-white high school? The answer may surprise you.