2018 Michigan Voter Guide: Your one-stop toolbox for statewide elections

Your quick guide to all the fact-driven, data-driven, nonpartisan 2018 Michigan issues coverage published by Bridge.


Learn more about the 2018 candidates for Michigan governor

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Learn more about the 2018 candidates for Michigan Attorney General

Learn more about the 2018 candidates for Michigan Secretary of State

Learn more about the 2018 Michigan State Board of Education candidates

Learn more about the 2018 Michigan Supreme Court candidates

2018 Michigan ballot proposals explained

Proposal 1: Regulate recreational marijuana like alcohol

Proposal 2: Citizens redistricting commission

Proposal 3: Expansion of voting rights

Truth Squad: Watchdogging the facts in 2018 Michigan campaigns

The Michigan Truth Squad fact-checks political claims made by candidates and third-party interest groups. We've limited this list to candidates still in the gubernatorial race, even if claims were made by party rivals in the primary election.

Analysis of the 2018 Michigan governor primary races

Coverage from the August 2018 Michigan's gubernatorial primary election.

2018 Michigan Facts & Issues Guide

Two dozen quick-yet-comprehensive reports on Michigan’s biggest issues.

Education & Talent

Economy & Prosperity

Quality of Life

Government & Reform

2018 Michigan Solutions Summit reports

In March, the Center for Michigan and Bridge Magazine convened more than 50 policy experts to discuss Michigan’s biggest issues. What they said about statewide priorities and Michigan’s future:

What we learned (includes expert video clips)

Play the “You Be the Governor” game

How would you run Michigan? How should Michigan’s elected officials act? The You Be the Governor Game simulates the difficult decisions the governor and legislators must make. Give it a try:

Documentary: Understand Michigan’s political divide

Bridge Magazine closely followed a dozen Michigan families to illustrate political divisions and shared values across the state.

Join the 2018 Michigan Truth Tour

The Center for Michigan and Bridge Magazine are traveling across Michigan on a 100-stop tour through election day in November to: Hold community discussions about Michigan issues, hold ‘Michigan Divided’ documentary screenings, distribute nonpartisan voter issue guides and make citizenship fun again with interactive public affairs games, contests, and Coney the Truth Dog.

Stay Informed throughout the 2018 campaign

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