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Academic State Champs: Poverty doesn’t always predict school success in Michigan

Across Michigan, school districts face daunting challenges, educating students from families with high poverty and few college degrees. Conventional wisdom says the schools fail.

But groundbreaking new research challenges that belief, showing that –  in many cases –  students in poor districts can learn and progress at the same rate as peers in wealthy districts.

It’s a unique way to measure school effectiveness, and Bridge Magazine is using the work to name its 2018 Academic State Champs. In years past, Bridge lauded schools for over-achieving –  doing better than poverty rates would predict.

Now, champs are honored for how much their students progress from third to eighth grade, using Stanford University’s analysis of more than 500 public school districts in Michigan. The research was part of a national study of millions of students that measured academic performance and a host of socioeconomic data, from income and family structure to income and family education.

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“There are many relatively high-poverty school districts where students appear to be learning at a faster rate than kids in other, less poor districts,” said Sean Reardon, a Stanford University researcher who headed the study.

“Poverty clearly does not determine the quality of a school system.”

To be sure, wealthy districts across Michigan tend to have higher test scores than even the most succesful poor districts, in large part because their students start out so far ahead.

But the Stanford research shows that good districts can help accelerate learning, regardless of income. Statewide, students in 40 school districts tested below grade level in third grade but were at or above grade level by eighth, including districts as dissimilar as Athens near Battle Creek and Cheboygan at the tip of the northern Lower Peninsula.

The median income in Athens ($71,000) is nearly twice that of Cheboygan ($37,300). According to Stanford’s research, students in both districts tested below grade level in third grade, but were at (Cheboygan) or above (Athens) grade level by eighth grade.

“We’re in the process of making even bigger gains,” said Troy Reehl, superintendent of Cheboygan schools.

The secret? In recent years, the district has relied on data to identify students who need extra help, and adopted a united approach to instruction rather than have teachers work independently, Reehl said.

Poverty and learning

In Michigan, as elsewhere, poverty has been a reliable predictor of academic success.

Districts with poor students typically test below average, while wealthy districts are almost always above average. That’s because poor kids start out behind, typically testing below grade level at third grade, Reardon said.

Most rankings of schools only look at test scores or "proficiency." What makes Stanford's analysis so interesting is that it measured student growth.

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Statewide, 27 districts in Michigan tested below grade level as third graders but were above it by eighth grade, the research found. And there were four dozen districts where the opposite was true: the third graders were ahead of grade level but had fallen behind by eighth grade.

“Poverty is not destiny and schools don’t exacerbate the (problems) that poverty brings,” said Sarah  Lenhoff, as assistant professor at Wayne State University’s College of Education who has studied the impact of school choice. “When you look at growth like this over time you’re able to make a better assessment of what’s going on.”

Statewide, students grow exactly as one would expect: Five grade levels in five years from third to eighth grade, according to the Stanford data.

Many wealthy districts start and finish high. Students in seven districts tested at the 10th grade level by the end of middle school, but most were testing at fifth grade levels in third grade, according to the research.

Other wealthy districts, though, may be “losing their advantage” because they started at above grade level but didn’t finish as far ahead by eighth grade,  Lenhoff said.

“That suggests that they are not doing everything they can to boost achievement,” Lenhoff said.

The Stanford research doesn’t include charter schools. And because Michigan switched standardized tests during the time frame studied (2009-2015), districts in the state can’t be compared to others in the nation.

The state has used growth as a component of its state rankings and district assessments but proficiency (test scores) plays a larger role. The state recently launched its own new “dashboard” of school achievement that allows for comparisons with other districts that have similar demographics.

“Parents told us they would like comparison data,” said Jan Ellis, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Education.

Waste no time

Just east of Adrian in the south-central part of Michigan, Ryan Rowe is familiar with the challenges of poverty.

As superintendent of the Madison schools of Lenawee County, he leads a district in which a fifth of families live in poverty, fewer than 1 in 10 parents have a college degree (statewide it’s 28.3 percent), and the median household income was $35,577 –  just two-thirds as the state median.

Despite the hurdles, Rowe’s district saw its third graders rise from testing a half-grade below average to a half-grade above by eighth grade – a remarkable pace Rowe attributes to maximizing their time with students.

“We don’t waste a half hour,” he said.

He said Madison, where all 1,600 students, from kindergarten to 12th grade, are under the same roof, uses a team approach where literacy is a priority, along with rigor, innovation and personal attention.

The district draws roughly half of its students from neighboring districts through the state’s schools of choice program, Rowe said.

The district uses data to make sure the tools teachers employ work, while allowing students to move forward at their pace. Being in one building allows students to progress with their peers even if they’re taking individual classes ahead or behind their classmates.

The results have been apparent in the district and beyond. In previous years, it’s been named an Academic State Champ by Bridge, and is so popular among schools of choice students, there are no more spots available.

Rowe gives all credit to his staff and the community.

“It’s a lot of work,” Rowe said.

Find your school district

See how students in your district performed from third to eighth grade. Use the ‘search’ box to find your district. You’ll see at what grade level students were, on average, testing at third and eighth grade, and the overall grade levels they gained. To see how the district compares to neighboring districts, click on the school’s name. To see all districts in a particular county, type that county’s name in the search box.


District (income rank: 100 is high, 0 is low)3rd Grade8th GradeGrades
East Grand Rapids Public Schools (100th percentile)Kent5.110.35.2
Northville Public Schools (100th percentile)Wayne4.610.15.5
Okemos Public Schools (100th percentile)Ingham4.910.55.6
Novi Community School District (99th percentile)Oakland5.110.45.3
Birmingham Public Schools (99th percentile)Oakland4.810.15.3
Bloomfield Hills Schools (99th percentile)Oakland4.89.95.1
Saline Area Schools (99th percentile)Washtenaw4.69.95.3
Dexter Community School District (98th percentile)Washtenaw3.89.45.6
Forest Hills Public Schools (98th percentile)Kent4.49.85.4
Troy School District (98th percentile)Oakland510.65.5
West Bloomfield School District (98th percentile)Oakland4.48.64.1
DeWitt Public Schools (98th percentile)Clinton3.49.15.8
Grosse Ile Township Schools (98th percentile)Wayne4.28.54.2
Chelsea School District (97th percentile)Washtenaw3.79.75.9
Rochester Community School District (97th percentile)Oakland5.210.45.2
St. Joseph Public Schools (97th percentile)Berrien4.29.25
Hudsonville Public School District (97th percentile)Ottawa4.59.44.9
Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (97th percentile)Wayne4.19.75.5
Chassell Township School District (96th percentile)Houghton3.284.8
Grosse Pointe Public Schools (96th percentile)Wayne4.49.65.2
Brighton Area Schools (96th percentile)Livingston4.29.14.9
Farmington Public School District (96th percentile)Oakland3.98.54.6
Haslett Public Schools (96th percentile)Ingham4.79.85.1
Ann Arbor Public Schools (95th percentile)Washtenaw4.69.85.2
Leland Public School District (95th percentile)Leelanau3.395.7
Rockford Public Schools (95th percentile)Kent3.99.15.2
Saugatuck Public Schools (95th percentile)Allegan3.19.26.2
Caledonia Community Schools (95th percentile)Kent4.19.15.1
Mattawan Consolidated School (94th percentile)Van Buren4.394.7
Climax-Scotts Community Schools (94th percentile)Kalamazoo2.97.24.3
Schoolcraft Community Schools (94th percentile)Kalamazoo3.984.1
Manchester Community Schools (94th percentile)Washtenaw3.68.54.9
Spring Lake Public Schools (94th percentile)Ottawa4.89.44.6
Hartland Consolidated Schools (93rd percentile)Livingston48.74.8
Williamston Community Schools (93rd percentile)Ingham3.39.25.9
Athens Area Schools (93rd percentile)Calhoun2.58.25.7
Lake Orion Community Schools (93rd percentile)Oakland4.49.65.2
Lakeshore School District (Berrien) (93rd percentile)Berrien4.19.15
Avondale School District (92nd percentile)Oakland3.78.44.6
Walled Lake Consolidated Schools (92nd percentile)Oakland4.48.84.4
Frankenmuth School District (92nd percentile)Saginaw3.98.85
Fowler Public Schools (92nd percentile)Clinton4.18.84.7
Grass Lake Community Schools (91st percentile)Jackson2.48.35.9
Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools (91st percentile)Clinton38.85.7
Pinckney Community Schools (91st percentile)Livingston3.28.35
Berkley School District (91st percentile)Oakland4.19.15
Pentwater Public School District (91st percentile)Oceana2.37.85.5
East Lansing School District (90th percentile)Ingham3.79.35.6
Freeland Community School District (90th percentile)Saginaw3.68.85.2
Marquette Area Public Schools (90th percentile)Marquette3.384.7
Jenison Public Schools (89th percentile)Ottawa4.19.15
Mason Public Schools (Ingham) (89th percentile)Ingham3.58.24.7
Tecumseh Public Schools (89th percentile)Lenawee2.98.25.3
Goodrich Area Schools (89th percentile)Genesee2.996.1
Milan Area Schools (89th percentile)Washtenaw3.395.8
Clarkston Community School District (88th percentile)Oakland4.38.74.4
Portage Public Schools (88th percentile)Kalamazoo48.84.8
Royal Oak Schools (88th percentile)Oakland3.795.2
South Lyon Community Schools (88th percentile)Oakland4.39.75.4
Grandville Public Schools (88th percentile)Kent4.28.94.7
Bedford Public Schools (88th percentile)Monroe3.68.34.7
Byron Center Public Schools (88th percentile)Kent4.79.14.5
Rapid River Public Schools (87th percentile)Delta2.47.95.5
Grand Ledge Public Schools (87th percentile)Eaton3.27.84.6
Howell Public Schools (87th percentile)Livingston3.98.64.7
Ida Public School District (87th percentile)Monroe3.28.35.1
Gull Lake Community Schools (87th percentile)Kalamazoo3.48.95.5
Negaunee Public Schools (86th percentile)Marquette3.27.94.8
Anchor Bay School District (86th percentile)St. Clair3.48.14.7
Midland Public Schools (86th percentile)Midland3.99.25.4
Harbor Springs School District (86th percentile)Emmet3.58.85.4
North Muskegon Public Schools (86th percentile)Muskegon3.89.25.3
Elk Rapids Schools (85th percentile)Antrim3.58.65
Livonia Public Schools (85th percentile)Wayne3.98.64.7
Fenton Area Public Schools (85th percentile)Genesee3.88.24.3
Swan Valley School District (85th percentile)Saginaw3.384.7
Utica Community Schools (85th percentile)Macomb3.38.55.3
Grand Blanc Community Schools (84th percentile)Genesee3.68.65
Iron Mountain Public Schools (84th percentile)Dickinson3.47.74.3
Oxford Community Schools (84th percentile)Oakland3.78.95.2
Allendale Public Schools (84th percentile)Ottawa3.78.54.7
Huron Valley Schools (84th percentile)Oakland3.68.95.3
Hamilton Community Schools (83rd percentile)Allegan48.54.5
Laingsburg Community Schools (83rd percentile)Shiawassee2.78.15.5
Chippewa Valley Schools (83rd percentile)Macomb38.25.2
St. Johns Public Schools (83rd percentile)Clinton3.38.14.7
Bellaire Public Schools (82nd percentile)Antrim38.85.8
Plainwell Community Schools (82nd percentile)Allegan3.58.44.9
Mar Lee School District (82nd percentile)Calhoun2.68.35.8
Dundee Community Schools (82nd percentile)Monroe2.68.25.6
Brimley Area Schools (81st percentile)Chippewa3.27.44.2
Concord Community Schools (81st percentile)Jackson37.24.2
Fulton Schools (81st percentile)Gratiot37.84.8
Grand Haven Area Public Schools (81st percentile)Ottawa48.84.8
Adams Township School District (81st percentile)Houghton2.285.8
Linden Community Schools (81st percentile)Genesee2.98.35.3
Allen Park Public Schools (81st percentile)Wayne2.98.15.2
Columbia School District (80th percentile)Jackson3.87.73.9
Hanover-Horton Schools (80th percentile)Jackson2.87.84.9
Dollar Bay-Tamarack City Area Schools (80th percentile)Houghton2.48.25.8
Memphis Community Schools (80th percentile)Macomb3.384.7
Coopersville Area Public School District (79th percentile)Ottawa2.98.55.6
Onsted Community Schools (79th percentile)Lenawee2.68.15.5
Zeeland Public Schools (79th percentile)Ottawa3.28.75.5
Thornapple Kellogg School District (79th percentile)Barry3.88.64.7
Breitung Township Schools (79th percentile)Dickinson3.28.25
Bellevue Community Schools (78th percentile)Eaton1.86.95.1
Bridgman Public Schools (78th percentile)Berrien3.28.35.1
Marshall Public Schools (78th percentile)Calhoun3.58.54.9
Marysville Public Schools (78th percentile)St. Clair4.38.34
Wayland Union Schools (78th percentile)Allegan3.58.14.6
Beal City Public Schools (77th percentile)Isabella2.485.7
Dansville Schools (77th percentile)Ingham2.97.84.9
Whiteford Agricultural Schools (77th percentile)Monroe3.98.24.3
Summerfield Schools (77th percentile)Monroe2.67.54.9
Bath Community Schools (76th percentile)Clinton2.985.1
Brandon School District (76th percentile)Oakland37.74.7
Lake Fenton Community Schools (76th percentile)Genesee3.88.44.6
Public Schools of Petoskey (76th percentile)Emmet3.68.85.2
Clawson Public Schools (76th percentile)Oakland3.584.5
Ravenna Public Schools (76th percentile)Muskegon2.77.44.7
Britton Deerfield Schools (75th percentile)Lenawee2.77.85.2
Bullock Creek School District (75th percentile)Midland38.35.3
New Buffalo Area Schools (75th percentile)Berrien2.98.95.9
Armada Area Schools (75th percentile)Macomb3.28.25
Blissfield Community Schools (75th percentile)Lenawee3.384.7
Forest Park School District (74th percentile)Iron2.77.85.1
Holt Public Schools (74th percentile)Ingham3.37.84.4
Lowell Area Schools (74th percentile)Kent4.18.64.5
Perry Public Schools (74th percentile)Shiawassee27.35.3
Portland Public Schools (74th percentile)Ionia3.884.2
New Lothrop Area Public Schools (73rd percentile)Shiawassee3.68.65
Southgate Community School District (73rd percentile)Wayne2.97.14.2
Edwardsburg Public Schools (73rd percentile)Cass3.89.15.2
Gibraltar School District (73rd percentile)Wayne3.17.44.3
Lakeville Community Schools (73rd percentile)Lapeer2.87.24.4
Riverview Community School District (72nd percentile)Wayne3.384.7
Stephenson Area Public Schools (72nd percentile)Menominee38.25.2
Western School District (72nd percentile)Jackson3.88.14.3
Fowlerville Community Schools (72nd percentile)Livingston3.37.64.3
Glen Lake Community Schools (72nd percentile)Leelanau4.59.24.7
Warren Woods Public Schools (72nd percentile)Macomb2.67.34.8
Charlevoix Public Schools (71st percentile)Charlevoix3.184.9
N.I.C.E. Community Schools (71st percentile)Marquette2.585.5
Otsego Public Schools (71st percentile)Allegan3.28.14.8
Eaton Rapids Public Schools (70th percentile)Eaton2.57.65.1
Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker Schools (70th percentile)Huron3.47.64.1
Houghton-Portage Township Schools (70th percentile)Houghton3.79.15.4
Ishpeming Public School District (70th percentile)Marquette2.985
Whitmore Lake Public Schools (70th percentile)Washtenaw37.74.7
Hopkins Public Schools (69th percentile)Allegan3.68.64.9
Lincoln Consolidated School District (69th percentile)Washtenaw27.15.1
Northwest Community Schools (69th percentile)Jackson2.77.85.1
Sand Creek Community Schools (69th percentile)Lenawee2.67.75
Dryden Community Schools (69th percentile)Lapeer3.37.13.7
Saginaw Township Community Schools (69th percentile)Saginaw3.47.44.1
East China School District (68th percentile)St. Clair3.58.55
Hemlock Public School District (68th percentile)Saginaw37.94.9
Mona Shores Public School District (68th percentile)Muskegon3.58.24.8
Romeo Community Schools (68th percentile)Macomb2.88.35.5
Suttons Bay Public Schools (68th percentile)Leelanau2.17.75.5
Harper Creek Community Schools (67th percentile)Calhoun2.77.64.9
Norway-Vulcan Area Schools (67th percentile)Dickinson3.17.94.9
Saranac Community Schools (67th percentile)Ionia2.87.44.6
Vandercook Lake Public Schools (67th percentile)Jackson2.47.24.7
Lakeview Public Schools (Macomb) (66th percentile)Macomb2.885.2
Marcellus Community Schools (66th percentile)Cass3.37.13.8
Berrien Springs Public Schools (66th percentile)Berrien2.98.55.6
Flushing Community Schools (66th percentile)Genesee3.28.14.9
New Haven Community Schools (66th percentile)Macomb2.67.85.2
Vicksburg Community Schools (66th percentile)Kalamazoo4.28.34.2
Jefferson Schools (Monroe) (65th percentile)Monroe37.74.7
Lawton Community School District (65th percentile)Van Buren2.97.64.7
Centreville Public Schools (64th percentile)St. Joseph2.67.65
Kenowa Hills Public Schools (64th percentile)Kent3.17.84.8
North Dickinson County Schools (64th percentile)Dickinson2.27.15
Traverse City Area Public Schools (64th percentile)Grand Traverse2.98.25.3
Olivet Community Schools (64th percentile)Eaton2.98.45.5
Paw Paw Public School District (64th percentile)Van Buren37.74.7
Huron School District (64th percentile)Wayne2.67.85.2
Sparta Area Schools (64th percentile)Kent3.37.54.3
Davison Community Schools (63rd percentile)Genesee3.98.44.5
Leslie Public Schools (63rd percentile)Ingham2.47.45
Holly Area School District (63rd percentile)Oakland3.28.14.9
Richmond Community Schools (63rd percentile)Macomb27.95.9
Charlotte Public Schools (63rd percentile)Eaton2.87.85.1
Reeths-Puffer Schools (62nd percentile)Muskegon2.97.34.4
Woodhaven-Brownstown School District (62nd percentile)Wayne2.67.54.9
Clinton Community Schools (61st percentile)Lenawee2.88.15.3
Clio Area School District (61st percentile)Genesee3.47.84.4
Northview Public Schools (61st percentile)Kent47.73.6
Parchment School District (61st percentile)Kalamazoo2.485.5
Warren Consolidated Schools (61st percentile)Macomb2.56.84.2
Baraga Area Schools (60th percentile)Baraga26.94.9
Lakeview Sch. District (Calhoun) (60th percentile)Calhoun2.47.95.6
Lapeer Community Schools (60th percentile)Lapeer3.17.64.5
Swartz Creek Community Schools (60th percentile)Genesee37.84.8
Imlay City Community Schools (60th percentile)Lapeer2.97.34.4
Sault Ste. Marie Area Schools (60th percentile)Chippewa3.28.25
Birch Run Area Schools (60th percentile)Saginaw2.57.95.4
Cedar Springs Public Schools (60th percentile)Kent3.18.15
Algonac Community School District (59th percentile)St. Clair38.55.5
Garden City Public Schools (59th percentile)Wayne1.86.64.8
Lake Shore Public Schools (Macomb) (59th percentile)Macomb2.77.75
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools (59th percentile)Missaukee3.57.84.3
Merrill Community Schools (58th percentile)Saginaw3.27.54.3
Quincy Community Schools (58th percentile)Branch2.57.65.1
Trenton Public Schools (58th percentile)Wayne3.58.14.5
Unionville-Sebewaing Area S.D. (58th percentile)Tuscola2.97.84.9
Wyandotte City School District (58th percentile)Wayne2.97.14.2
Onekama Consolidated Schools (58th percentile)Manistee2.87.54.7
Brandywine Community Schools (57th percentile)Berrien2.97.44.6
Pinconning Area Schools (57th percentile)Bay3.37.44.1
Stockbridge Community Schools (57th percentile)Ingham2.87.95.1
Almont Community Schools (56th percentile)Lapeer3.484.7
Napoleon Community Schools (56th percentile)Jackson3.77.94.2
Whitehall District Schools (56th percentile)Muskegon385.1
Delton Kellogg Schools (56th percentile)Barry2.47.75.3
Hastings Area School District (56th percentile)Barry3.37.84.5
West Ottawa Public School District (56th percentile)Ottawa3.38.55.2
Buckley Community Schools (55th percentile)Wexford27.25.1
Byron Area Schools (55th percentile)Shiawassee37.74.7
Colon Community School District (55th percentile)St. Joseph27.45.4
Ubly Community Schools (55th percentile)Huron38.35.3
Buchanan Community Schools (54th percentile)Berrien2.48.25.7
Fraser Public Schools (54th percentile)Macomb3.77.84.1
Fruitport Community Schools (54th percentile)Muskegon2.77.34.6
Hancock Public Schools (54th percentile)Houghton3.78.44.7
Ithaca Public Schools (54th percentile)Gratiot3.18.15
River Valley School District (54th percentile)Berrien37.14.1
Superior Central Schools (54th percentile)Alger2.285.7
Mason Consolidated Schools (Monroe) (53rd percentile)Monroe2.88.25.5
North Adams-Jerome Schools (53rd percentile)Hillsdale2.374.7
Yale Public Schools (53rd percentile)St. Clair3.68.65
Lawrence Public Schools (53rd percentile)Van Buren2.67.85.3
Bad Axe Public Schools (52nd percentile)Huron3.28.55.4
Boyne City Public Schools (52nd percentile)Charlevoix3.38.25
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools (52nd percentile)Macomb3.48.45
Ovid-Elsie Area Schools (52nd percentile)Clinton4.27.93.7
Bear Lake Schools (51st percentile)Manistee2.77.24.6
Menominee Area Public Schools (51st percentile)Menominee2.57.85.3
Waterford School District (51st percentile)Oakland2.774.4
Montague Area Public Schools (51st percentile)Muskegon2.97.74.8
North Branch Area Schools (51st percentile)Lapeer2.785.3
Crestwood School District (50th percentile)Wayne2.77.85.1
Martin Public Schools (50th percentile)Allegan3.473.5
Morrice Area Schools (50th percentile)Shiawassee1.775.2
Shelby Public Schools (50th percentile)Oceana1.97.35.4
Holland City School District (50th percentile)Ottawa2.87.85
Engadine Consolidated Schools (49th percentile)Mackinac2.27.35.1
Manistee Area Schools (49th percentile)Manistee2.87.85
Pittsford Area Schools (49th percentile)Hillsdale1.86.85
Potterville Public Schools (49th percentile)Eaton1.975.1
Webberville Community Schools (49th percentile)Ingham3.17.34.2
Decatur Public Schools (48th percentile)Van Buren2.57.34.8
Flat Rock Community Schools (48th percentile)Wayne2.87.85
Millington Community Schools (48th percentile)Tuscola2.57.65
Escanaba Area Public Schools (48th percentile)Delta3.17.34.2
Coleman Community Schools (47th percentile)Midland37.14.1
Meridian Public Schools (47th percentile)Midland2.57.65.2
Pickford Public Schools (47th percentile)Chippewa2.47.14.7
St. Charles Community Schools (47th percentile)Saginaw2.585.5
Airport Community Schools (46th percentile)Monroe2.57.34.8
Gaylord Community Schools (46th percentile)Otsego3.38.65.4
Kearsley Community Schools (46th percentile)Genesee2.77.24.5
Kent City Community Schools (46th percentile)Kent2.985.1
Litchfield Community Schools (46th percentile)Hillsdale1.364.8
Bangor Township Schools (46th percentile)Bay2.87.44.7
Big Rapids Public Schools (46th percentile)Mecosta37.64.6
Gladstone Area Schools (45th percentile)Delta2.87.34.4
Waverly Community Schools (45th percentile)Eaton2.67.55
Reese Public Schools (45th percentile)Tuscola2.67.85.2
Tekonsha Community Schools (45th percentile)Calhoun2.16.84.7
Van Buren Public Schools (45th percentile)Wayne2.97.14.3
Capac Community Schools (45th percentile)St. Clair2.58.15.6
Breckenridge Community Schools (44th percentile)Gratiot3.27.44.2
Chesaning Union Schools (44th percentile)Saginaw3.58.45
Kentwood Public Schools (44th percentile)Kent3.57.54
Allegan Public Schools (43rd percentile)Allegan3.36.83.5
Alpena Public Schools (43rd percentile)Alpena2.67.64.9
Lakewood Public Schools (43rd percentile)Barry3.384.7
Ludington Area School District (43rd percentile)Mason3.68.24.7
Montrose Community Schools (43rd percentile)Genesee3.17.44.3
Redford Union School District (43rd percentile)Wayne1.55.74.2
Madison District Public Schools (42nd percentile)Oakland2.163.9
Pennfield Schools (42nd percentile)Calhoun2.47.75.3
Addison Community Schools (41st percentile)Lenawee37.64.6
Carsonville-Port Sanilac School District (41st percentile)Sanilac36.83.8
Coldwater Community Schools (41st percentile)Branch1.77.76
Maple Valley Schools (41st percentile)Eaton27.45.4
Southfield Public School District (41st percentile)Oakland26.24.3
Shepherd Public Schools (41st percentile)Isabella3.17.44.3
Jonesville Community Schools (41st percentile)Hillsdale37.14.1
Peck Community School District (41st percentile)Sanilac2.97.44.4
Munising Public Schools (40th percentile)Alger2.58.15.6
Tahquamenon Area Schools (40th percentile)Luce2.27.35.2
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools (40th percentile)Kalamazoo2.87.14.3
South Redford School District (40th percentile)Wayne1.96.34.4
Pellston Public Schools (40th percentile)Emmet2.57.75.1
Bay City School District (39th percentile)Bay2.77.34.6
Constantine Public School District (39th percentile)St. Joseph2.27.65.4
Mt. Pleasant City School District (39th percentile)Isabella2.97.94.9
Public Schools Of Calumet (39th percentile)Houghton3.48.45
Coloma Community Schools (38th percentile)Berrien2.67.34.7
Croswell-Lexington Community Schools (38th percentile)Sanilac3.77.84.1
East Jordan Public Schools (38th percentile)Charlevoix2.77.95.3
Kingsley Area Schools (38th percentile)Grand Traverse3.88.44.7
Dearborn Heights School District #7 (38th percentile)Wayne2.27.25
Ontonagon Area Schools (38th percentile)Ontonagon2.874.2
Durand Area Schools (37th percentile)Shiawassee2.86.94.1
Mayville Community School District (37th percentile)Tuscola1.96.64.8
Ironwood Area Schools (37th percentile)Gogebic2.57.75.3
Mason County Central Schools (37th percentile)Mason2.77.54.7
Lamphere Public Schools (37th percentile)Oakland3.17.44.3
Carson City-Crystal Area Schools (36th percentile)Montcalm2.77.34.6
Manistique Area Schools (36th percentile)Schoolcraft2.57.24.7
Mendon Community School District (36th percentile)St. Joseph2.974.2
Alanson Public Schools (36th percentile)Emmet2.68.15.6
Beaverton Rural Schools (35th percentile)Gladwin2.67.44.8
Gobles Public School District (35th percentile)Van Buren2.87.85
L'Anse Area Schools (35th percentile)Baraga2.57.65.1
Newaygo Public School District (35th percentile)Newaygo2.97.34.4
North Central Area Schools (35th percentile)Menominee3.88.34.5
Bentley Community Schools (34th percentile)Genesee2.66.23.6
Ionia Public Schools (34th percentile)Ionia2.67.65
Morley Stanwood Community Schools (34th percentile)Mecosta2.56.54
Essexville-Hampton Public Schools (34th percentile)Bay3.37.94.6
South Lake Schools (34th percentile)Macomb36.93.9
Monroe Public Schools (33rd percentile)Monroe2.17.15
Walkerville Public Schools (33rd percentile)Oceana1.66.85.2
Harbor Beach Community Schools (33rd percentile)Huron3.48.85.4
Benzie County Central Schools (32nd percentile)Benzie3.37.74.4
Comstock Park Public Schools (32nd percentile)Kent3.184.9
Hillman Community Schools (32nd percentile)Montmorency2.96.83.9
Pine River Area Schools (32nd percentile)Osceola2.57.55
Standish-Sterling Community Schools (32nd percentile)Arenac2.97.24.3
Corunna Public Schools (31st percentile)Shiawassee3.17.24.2
Inland Lakes Schools (31st percentile)Cheboygan2.66.94.2
North Huron School District (31st percentile)Huron2.67.24.6
Rogers City Area Schools (31st percentile)Presque Isle2.47.34.9
Springport Public Schools (31st percentile)Jackson2.67.54.9
Tri County Area Schools (31st percentile)Kent2.37.24.9
Gwinn Area Community Schools (30th percentile)Marquette2.774.3
Kaleva Norman Dickson School District (30th percentile)Manistee2.674.4
Sandusky Community School District (30th percentile)Sanilac2.87.95.1
Cass City Public Schools (30th percentile)Tuscola3.38.24.9
Three Rivers Community Schools (30th percentile)St. Joseph3.17.74.5
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools (30th percentile)Ogemaw2.37.75.4
Clarenceville School District (29th percentile)Wayne2.87.34.5
Forest Area Community Schools (29th percentile)Kalkaska2.56.84.3
Bessemer Area School District (29th percentile)Gogebic3.57.84.4
Montabella Community Schools (29th percentile)Montcalm1.96.84.9
Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools (28th percentile)Benzie4.38.44.1
Fremont Public School District (28th percentile)Newaygo3.47.94.5
Grant Public School District (28th percentile)Newaygo2.67.75.1
Boyne Falls Public School District (28th percentile)Charlevoix38.15.1
West Iron County Public Schools (28th percentile)Iron2.17.65.5
Eau Claire Public Schools (27th percentile)Berrien2.46.33.9
Marion Public Schools (27th percentile)Osceola2.76.84.2
Morenci Area Schools (27th percentile)Lenawee2.47.45.1
Fennville Public Schools (27th percentile)Allegan2.46.74.4
Bangor Public Schools (26th percentile)Van Buren1.96.64.7
Clare Public Schools (26th percentile)Clare2.685.4
Hudson Area Schools (26th percentile)Lenawee2.97.34.4
Tawas Area Schools (26th percentile)Iosco2.97.84.9
Cadillac Area Public Schools (26th percentile)Wexford3.47.44
Ferndale Public Schools (26th percentile)Oakland2.37.14.8
Holton Public Schools (26th percentile)Muskegon1.475.7
Bark River-Harris School District (25th percentile)Menominee2.17.35.2
Dearborn City School District (25th percentile)Wayne27.75.7
Center Line Public Schools (25th percentile)Macomb2.36.64.4
Lakeview Community Schools (Montcalm) (25th percentile)Montcalm2.27.35.1
Union City Community Schools (25th percentile)Branch2.17.85.6
Bronson Community School District (24th percentile)Branch2.87.85
Camden-Frontier School (24th percentile)Hillsdale2.17.15
Carney-Nadeau Public Schools (24th percentile)Menominee2.37.45.1
Caseville Public Schools (24th percentile)Huron2.27.45.3
Hillsdale Community Schools (24th percentile)Hillsdale27.85.8
Evart Public Schools (23rd percentile)Osceola1.96.74.7
Manton Consolidated Schools (23rd percentile)Wexford3.17.94.8
Mason County Eastern Schools (23rd percentile)Mason2.47.24.7
Mesick Consolidated Schools (23rd percentile)Wexford2.47.34.8
Wayne-Westland Community School District (23rd percentile)Wayne26.34.3
Alcona Community Schools (22nd percentile)Alcona2.77.24.5
Sturgis Public Schools (22nd percentile)St. Joseph2.47.65.3
Reading Community Schools (22nd percentile)Hillsdale2.86.63.8
Brown City Community Schools (21st percentile)Sanilac2.78.35.6
Chippewa Hills School District (21st percentile)Mecosta3.573.5
Hesperia Community Schools (21st percentile)Newaygo2.27.25.1
Atherton Community Schools (21st percentile)Genesee1.86.14.3
Kelloggsville Public Schools (21st percentile)Kent2.56.94.4
Waldron Area Schools (21st percentile)Hillsdale1.56.75.2
Central Montcalm Public Schools (21st percentile)Montcalm2.26.84.6
Onaway Area Community School District (20th percentile)Presque Isle3.67.84.2
Ashley Community Schools (20th percentile)Gratiot3.27.34.1
St. Louis Public Schools (20th percentile)Gratiot2.67.75.1
Cassopolis Public Schools (19th percentile)Cass2.36.64.3
Deckerville Community School District (19th percentile)Sanilac3.68.24.6
Marlette Community Schools (19th percentile)Sanilac2.87.64.9
Akron-Fairgrove Schools (19th percentile)Tuscola2.374.7
Lincoln Park Public Schools (19th percentile)Wayne1.95.83.9
Owosso Public Schools (19th percentile)Shiawassee2.86.84
Johannesburg-Lewiston Area Schools (19th percentile)Otsego2.68.76.1
Greenville Public Schools (18th percentile)Montcalm2.774.3
Homer Community Schools (18th percentile)Calhoun2.67.75.1
Niles Community Schools (18th percentile)Berrien37.94.9
Oakridge Public Schools (18th percentile)Muskegon2.46.84.4
Reed City Area Public Schools (18th percentile)Osceola2.174.9
Belding Area School District (17th percentile)Ionia2.27.14.9
Caro Community Schools (17th percentile)Tuscola2.17.25.1
Alma Public Schools (17th percentile)Gratiot2.87.64.7
Oak Park City School District (17th percentile)Oakland1.15.34.2
Gladwin Community Schools (16th percentile)Gladwin2.47.75.3
Kalkaska Public Schools (16th percentile)Kalkaska2.26.94.7
Bloomingdale Public School District (16th percentile)Van Buren2.56.54
Wyoming Public Schools (16th percentile)Kent2.874.3
Au Gres-Sims School District (15th percentile)Arenac3.17.34.2
Roseville Community Schools (15th percentile)Macomb1.96.54.6
South Haven Public Schools (15th percentile)Van Buren2.47.55.2
Michigan Center School District (15th percentile)Jackson2.47.65.2
White Pigeon Community Schools (15th percentile)St. Joseph2.67.44.8
Oscoda Area Schools (15th percentile)Iosco27.55.5
Port Huron Area School District (15th percentile)St. Clair2.374.7
Lake City Area School District (14th percentile)Missaukee2.87.24.5
Vassar Public Schools (14th percentile)Tuscola2.67.65
Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools (14th percentile)Genesee36.83.8
Dowagiac Union School District (14th percentile)Cass2.17.35.2
Vestaburg Community Schools (14th percentile)Montcalm2.26.54.3
St. Ignace Area Schools (13th percentile)Mackinac2.58.15.6
Hale Area Schools (13th percentile)Iosco2.17.35.2
Central Lake Public Schools (13th percentile)Antrim2.57.55
Clintondale Community Schools (13th percentile)Macomb2.85.72.9
Orchard View Schools (13th percentile)Muskegon1.96.44.4
Adrian City School District (12th percentile)Lenawee2.27.14.9
Kingston Community School District (12th percentile)Tuscola2.37.55.2
City Of Harper Woods Schools (12th percentile)Wayne1.15.74.6
Watervliet School District (12th percentile)Berrien2.87.95.1
Madison School District (Lenawee) (12th percentile)Lenawee2.58.56.1
Melvindale-North Allen Park Schools (11th percentile)Wayne2.56.23.8
Jackson Public Schools (11th percentile)Jackson26.44.4
Bridgeport-Spaulding Community School District (11th percentile)Saginaw1.65.84.3
Fitzgerald Public Schools (11th percentile)Macomb1.76.44.7
Godwin Heights Public Schools (10th percentile)Kent2.56.94.4
Lansing Public School District (10th percentile)Ingham2.152.9
East Detroit Public Schools (10th percentile)Macomb1.54.83.3
Ypsilanti Community Schools (10th percentile)Washtenaw1.76.75
Carrollton Public Schools (9th percentile)Saginaw1.86.34.5
Mt. Clemens Community School District (9th percentile)Macomb2.563.5
Hart Public School District (9th percentile)Oceana2.17.45.3
Roscommon Area Public Schools (9th percentile)Roscommon2.77.95.2
White Cloud Public Schools (9th percentile)Newaygo2.974.1
Comstock Public Schools (8th percentile)Kalamazoo1.86.64.8
East Jackson Community Schools (8th percentile)Jackson1.96.44.4
Rudyard Area Schools (8th percentile)Chippewa2.67.34.7
Atlanta Community Schools (8th percentile)Montmorency2.86.53.7
Burr Oak Community School District (8th percentile)St. Joseph1.77.35.6
Harrison Community Schools (8th percentile)Clare1.36.75.4
Romulus Community Schools (7th percentile)Wayne2.36.34
Taylor School District (7th percentile)Wayne1.76.85.1
Cheboygan Area Schools (7th percentile)Cheboygan2.885.2
Westwood Community Schools (7th percentile)Wayne1.953.1
Mio-AuSable Schools (7th percentile)Oscoda1.67.76.1
Crawford AuSable Schools (6th percentile)Crawford3.28.65.3
Kalamazoo Public Schools (6th percentile)Kalamazoo1.86.54.7
Wolverine Community Schools (6th percentile)Cheboygan1.775.4
Hazel Park City School District (6th percentile)Oakland1.36.55.2
Farwell Area Schools (6th percentile)Clare1.87.15.3
Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools (5th percentile)Genesee2.26.34.2
Covert Public Schools (5th percentile)Van Buren1.36.85.5
Lake Linden-Hubbell School District (5th percentile)Houghton3.27.64.5
Van Dyke Public Schools (5th percentile)Macomb1.75.74
Houghton Lake Community Schools (5th percentile)Roscommon2.77.34.5
Grand Rapids Public Schools (4th percentile)Kent1.25.54.3
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools (4th percentile)Iosco27.15.1
Godfrey-Lee Public Schools (4th percentile)Kent1.46.34.9
Battle Creek Public Schools (4th percentile)Calhoun1.85.73.9
Baldwin Community Schools (4th percentile)Lake1.56.14.5
Hartford Public Schools (3rd percentile)Van Buren26.74.7
Pontiac City School District (3rd percentile)Oakland1.15.24.1
Westwood Heights Schools (3rd percentile)Genesee1.45.84.4
Mancelona Public Schools (3rd percentile)Antrim2.47.24.8
Hamtramck Public Schools (2nd percentile)Wayne16.75.7
Genesee School District (2nd percentile)Genesee1.46.85.4
Ecorse Public Schools (2nd percentile)Wayne0.45.65.3
Bendle Public Schools (2nd percentile)Genesee1.864.2
Saginaw City School District (2nd percentile)Saginaw1.55.64.1
Benton Harbor Area Schools (1st percentile)Berrien14.83.7
Detroit City School District (1st percentile)Wayne0.95.44.6
Muskegon City School District (1st percentile)Muskegon1.35.44.1
Flint City School District (1st percentile)Genesee15.54.5
Beecher Community School District (0th percentile)Genesee0.454.6

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