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Got 6 minutes? Highlights of a dozen studies on Michigan schools

If the size of a problem is measured in pages, Michigan has a big problem with its schools. Here are quickie summaries of 12 reports written about Michigan education reform, with links (if you have time) to the fuller reports.

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TITLE: Business Leaders’ Insights: Leading Practices in K-12 Education that can Improve Student Outcomes in Michigan

PRODUCED BY: Business Leaders for Michigan

RELEASED: March 2018

LENGTH: 44 pages

WHAT IT SAYS IN ONE SENTENCE: Don’t be afraid of high, consistent standards and accountability, and be open to spending money in different ways.

QUOTE: “Michigan does not have a culture that demands the highest quality of education at every level in the system. As a state, we have grown accustomed to accepting excuses for our K–12 outcomes, rather than holding ourselves 100 percent accountable.”


  • Strong and consistent standards
  • Money for teacher training
  • Meaningful and easily-understood school accountability

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TITLE: Costing Out the Resources Needed to Meet Michigan’s Standards and Requirements

PRODUCED BY: Michigan School Finance Research Collaborative

RELEASED: January 2018

LENGTH: 358 pages

WHAT IS SAYS IN ONE SENTENCE: Not every student costs the same to educate.  

QUOTE: “This is not just an educational crisis – it’s also an economic one.”


  • Base per-student funding should be $9,350. The base amount now is $7,631, but some districts get more than that.
  • More money for students in special education, career tech or who are English language learners or low-income families.
  • More money for districts with high transportation costs.

TITLE: Marshall Plan for Talent

PRODUCED BY: Office of Gov. Rick Snyder

RELEASED: February 2018

LENGTH: 11 pages

WHAT IT SAYS IN ONE SENTENCE: It’s time to transform our educational system to align with growing job fields, including many that don’t require a college degree.

QUOTE: “Technology is rapidly transforming the workplace yet we develop talent the way we have for the past 200 years.”


  • Partnerships between business and schools to create classes teaching skills for high-demand jobs.
  • Certification/credential programs within high schools.
  • Incentives for current teachers to gain certifications in areas like physics and career tech.

TITLE: The Best Education System for Michigan’s Success

PRODUCED BY: 21st Century Education Commission (for Gov. Rick Snyder)

RELEASED: February 2017

LENGTH: 146 pages

WHAT IT SAYS IN ONE SENTENCE: The world has changed, and our schools need to change with it.

QUOTE: “Our education systems, structures, and supports that were designed to propel the next generation forward are no longer strong enough to meet the demands of a changing economy.”


  • More high school grads with post-secondary education of some kind.
  • More funds for at-risk students.
  • Better teacher preparation.
  • Universal pre-K for 4-year-olds.
  • Eliminate the State Board of Education.

TITLE: Top 10 in 10 Years

PRODUCED BY: Michigan Department of Education

RELEASED: February 2016

LENGTH: 43 pages

WHAT IT SAYS IN ONE SENTENCE: Stop fiddling around the edges

QUOTE: “Michigan can no longer think of the education system as being K-12 schools. Education starts at birth and extends beyond the secondary schools into college, career and graduate education.”


  • Publicly funded pre-K available to all 4-year-olds by 2020, and all 3-year-olds by 2025.
  • State- and district-level professional development for teachers.
  • Increase high school counselors
  • Different state spending for different students and communities.

TITLE: A Path to Good-paying Careers for All Michiganders: Improving student outcomes from education, birth to college


RELEASED: June 2017

LENGTH: 35 pages

WHAT IT SAYS IN ONE SENTENCE: Forget that Gov. Snyder Marshall Plan stuff about career tech; the most reliable path to a good-paying career is a bachelor’s degree or higher.

QUOTE: “Michigan will not have a mass middle class again until we transition to the knowledge economy that is the path to prosperity in the 21st Century.”


  • Access to high-quality early childhood education for low-income families.
  • Hold school districts accountable for how successful former students are in college rather than standardized tests.
  • Increase school funding.

TITLE: Top Ten in Education: Not by Chance; From Stalled to Soaring: Michigan’s Path to Educational Recovery (second report here)

PRODUCED BY: Education Trust-Midwest

RELEASED: February 2018 and April 2014

LENGTH: 48 pages (2018); 32 pages (2014)

WHAT IT SAYS IN ONE SENTENCE: Two reports with one drumbeat: Other states have got this figured out – let’s learn from them

QUOTE: “Decades of research tell us that Michigan’s economic future and cultural vitality depend on the quality of our educational system.”


  • More coordination to use research-based strategies to improve early literacy.
  • More teacher training.
  • Master teachers who mentor younger teachers.

TITLE: Early Literacy Task Force Report

PRODUCED BY: Michigan State Board of Education

RELEASED: August 2002

LENGTH: 12 pages

WHAT IT SAYS IN ONE SENTENCE: Sixteen years ago, the state board sounded an early alarm about early childhood learning.

QUOTE: “Learning to read starts long before a child enters school.”


  • Increase awareness of the importance of early learning
  • Develop pre-K literacy benchmarks
  • Money for early literacy intervention programs.
  • More literacy training in early childhood teacher certification.

TITLE: The Road toward k-12 Excellence in Michigan: How an Upgraded Financing System Can Better Support Enhanced Student Achievement

PRODUCED BY: Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

RELEASED: May 2015

LENGTH: 70 pages

WHAT IT SAYS IN ONE SENTENCE: We need to change how, and how much, we spend on education.

QUOTE: “It is time to stop trailing competitor states, and to do so will require resources.”


  • Change state funding structure to give more money for at-risk students
  • Money given for specific programs shown to improve learning.
  • Allow school district to request local millages to raise money

TITLE: Building a Brighter Future: Recommendations for How to Improve Michigan’s Education System

PRODUCED BY: Public Sector Consultants

RELEASED: May 2015

LENGTH: 32 pages

WHAT IT SAYS IN ONE SENTENCE: If we want to reverse our downward trend in student achievement, we need to rethink how we invest in education, from cradle to career.

QUOTE: “Michigan does not just need good policy ideas … It needs good ideas and a strategy developed and supported by the business community, school leaders and educators.”


  • Invest in pre-K education
  • Invest in teacher training
  • More funding for needy students
  • More high school counselors
  • More college credit opportunities in high school

TITLE: Recommendations for Change to Michigan School Organization and Finance

PRODUCED BY: Michigan State Board of Education

RELEASED: December 2014

LENGTH: 9 pages

WHAT IT SAYS IN ONE SENTENCE: Our schools’ problems aren’t all about money, but we definitely need to “spend smarter.”

QUOTE: “The vast majority of traditional public school districts must manage the fiscal effects of having less non-retirement funding to operate.”


  • Differential funding based on the costs for different schools and students.
  • Expand early childhood education opportunities.
  • Better teacher prep and more teacher training.
  • Consistent school funding to help schools plan.

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