Mood of Detroit at a glance: What city residents want from the next mayor

Generally speaking, do you think things in Detroit are on the right track or would you say things in Detroit are on the wrong track?

Right track35.7%
Wrong track43.2%
Don't know21.0%

Thinking about the next year, do you think things in Detroit will get better, get worse or stay the same?

Get better60.2%
Get worse7.2%
Stay the same22.2%
Don't know10.5%

As a resident of Detroit, what is the single biggest challenge you face ever day living in Detroit?

Streetlights not working2.7%
Abandoned houses6.8%
Cost of living5.3%
Poor schools1.0%
Poor city services12.8%
The city's finances1.5%
Don't know/refused5.7%

Think for a moment about your quality of life in Detroit.  Would you rate your quality of life as excellent, good, fair or poor?

Don't know/refused0.7%

How often would you say your garbage is picked up on time: most of the time, some of the time, not very often or would you say it is never picked up on time?

Most of the time64.5%
Some of the time16.2%
Not very often11.3%
Don't know/refused1.0%

How often would you say public transportation is on time in your neighborhood?  Most of the time, some of the time, not very often or never?

Most of the time12.0%
Some of the time13.3%
Not very often14.3%
Don't know/refused49.8%

And how often would you say that the streetlights work in your neighborhood?  Most of the time, some of the time, not very often or never?

Most of the time36.5%
Some of the time22.7%
Not very often20.2%
Don't know/refused0.3%

If the election for Mayor of Detroit was held today, and the candidates were Benny Napoleon and Mike Duggan, you would you vote for to be the Mayor of Detroit?

Lean Duggan3.5%
Lean Napoleon3.3%
Don't know21.5%

Do you approve or disapprove of the job being done by the Detroit City Council?

Strongly approvve2.0%
Somewhat approve16.0%
Somewhat disapprove18.5%
Strongly disapprove54.3%
Don't know/do not offer8.8%
Refused/do not offer0.3%

In July the City of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy to help restructure the city’s finances.  Do you agree or disagree with Detroit filing for bankruptcy?

Strongly agree22.7%
Somewhat agree20.2%
Somewhat disagree13.5%
Strongly disagree31.3%
Don't know12.2%

Do you approve or disapprove of the job that Kevin Orr is doing as the Emergency Manager for Detroit?

Strongly approve13.0%
Somewhat approve21.3%
Somewhat disapprove9.7%
Strongly disapprove32.2%
Don't know23.3%

When it comes to your safety in Detroit, which do you think is the biggest problem?

Street lights not working11.7%
Abandoned houses30.2%
Gang activity15.7%
Not enough police on the streets11.5%
Don't know/refused6.5%

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Mon, 09/30/2013 - 12:10pm
Hi there - do you have any details on how you collected these survey responses? Thanks!