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To determine Academic City Champions for the 2010-11 school year, Bridge Magazine collected and analyzed data for each campus in the Detroit Public Schools. All were judged by academic results relevant to their grade levels (testing at the fourth and eighth grades, ACT results and high school graduation rates for high-school grades). The results of the Detroit database can be found in a searchable format below the list of winners.

 The champions

Renaissance High School (Graduation Rate, College Readiness)

Enrollment: 1,175

Percentage of free lunch: 40 percent

Key to victory: “We offer rigorous courses and a college-prep, liberal arts curriculum," said Principal Anita Williams.

Bates Academy (8th Grade Science, 8th Grade Math, 4th Grade Writing)

Enrollment: 857.

Percentage of free lunch: 49 percent

Key to success: “Our program attracts the best and brightest students in the Detroit metropolitan area, and they are given every opportunity to grow. We are developing a ‘stretch culture’ that remains focused upon continuous growth. This expectation not only applies to the students, but to the adult professional learning community, as well," said Principal Reginald Kirkland.

Davison Elementary-Middle School (4th Grade Reading, 4th Grade Math)

Enrollment: 700

Percentage of free lunch: 93 percent

Key to victory: “We have some wonderful programs here. We have an outstanding staff. You can have tons of outstanding programs in the school but if you do not have the right individuals to implement the programs you are not going to be successful. I take pride in making sure I have the highest quality staff available, a staff that is willing to go above and beyond," said Principal Dianne Holland.

Ludington Magnet Middle School (8th Grade Reading)

Enrollment: 537

Percentage of free lunch: 63 percent

Key to victory: "As a school of choice, Ludington is committed to elevating student achievement to recognized national standards. Our teachers come early and stay late to work with students and help them out," said Principal Alora Comer-Maxwell. "The testimony to that is (from) high school students who say they've received a great foundation to get to the next level."

How did other schools in Detroit do?

DPS campusGraduation rate (%)ACT proficient (%)4th Math4th Reading4th Writing8th Science8th Reading8th Math
Detroit City School District175.463.620.551.761.748.8
Academy of Critical Thinkers at Cody
Academy of The Americas76.5702068.87043.8
Ann Arbor Trail Magnet School93.393.351.185.774.364.3
Bagley Elementary School96.267.39.6
Barton Elementary School73.36027.1
Bates Academy95.382.686998598
Beard Elementary School
Beckham, William Academy63.651.58.1
Bennett Elementary School75.765.721.4
Blackwell Institute63.648.57.654.155.468.9
Bow Elementary-Middle School82.777.835.827.848.137
Brenda Scott Academy for Theatre Arts59.638.93.724.836.825.2
Brewer Elementary-Middle School72.455.210.347.749.225.8
Brown, Ronald Academy98.577.941.9
Bunche Elementary-Middle School6170.726.852.771.443.6
Burns Elementary-Middle School7573.829.234.561.834.5
Burton International School82.575.237.968.174.666.7
Carleton Elementary School74.155.815.1
Carstens Elementary-Middle School726016
Carver Elementary-Middle School46.343.94.979.36058.6
Cass Technical High School93.70%5
Central Collegiate Academy63.07%0
Chrysler Elementary School90.390.367.7
Clark, J.E. Preparatory Academy71.767.216.944.66432.9
Clemente, Roberto Academy89.27626.9
Clippert Academy85.184.575.6
Cody Academy of Public Leadership
Cody College Preparatory Upper School of Teaching66.45%0
Communication and Media Arts HS93.13%1
Cooke Elementary School79.663.38.2
Crockett High School93.67%0
Davis Aerospace High School88.10%0
Davison Elementary-Middle School98.994.336.8
Denby High School63.77%1
Detroit Association Black Orgs (DABO)3.13%0
Detroit Behavioral Institute0.00%
Detroit City High School48.35%0
Detroit Day School For The Deaf
Detroit Institute of Technology at Cody
Detroit International Academy for Young Women66.67%070.647.1059.58159.5
Detroit Lions Alternative Education4.820.94.4
Detroit School of Arts91.85%1
Dixon Elementary School81.771.822.547.766.350.6
Dossin Elementary-Middle School54.140.55.4406535
Douglass Academy for Young Men70.97%045.84828
Durfee Elementary-Middle School64.253.67.445.362.755.4
Edison Elementary School90.266.725.5
Edward "Duke" Ellington Elementary-Middle School75.65014.359.575.943.6
Emerson Elementary-Middle School79.476.912.556.456.151.2
Field, Moses
Finney High School58.39%2
Fisher Magnet Lower Academy69.154.712.9
Fisher Magnet Upper Academy47.965.144.1
Ford High School65.47%1
Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies92.587.750.783.788.478.6
Gardner Elementary School91.270.611.8
Garvey Academy74.67021.766.37273.5
Golightly Education Center78.970.114.374.280.660.3
Gompers Elementary-Middle School85.189.440.4
Greenfield Union Elementary-Middle School71.467.68.648.682.591.7
Harms Elementary School92.484.635
Henderson Academy48.648.611.432.351.537
Holmes, A.L. Elementary-Middle School35.123.70404045.7
Holmes, O.W. Elementary-Middle School67.36326.144.847.850.7
Hutchinson Elementary-Middle School7070.79.847.85026.1
Jemison, Mae C.67.367.36.141.571.745.3
Jerry L White Center High School
Keidan Special Education School
Kettering High School46.41%0
Kettering West Wing12.50%
King High School84.57%0
King, John R. Academic and Performing Arts Academy64.659.311.339.645.438.9
Langston Hughes Academy37.652.536.8
Law Elementary School5559.81634.669.138.2
Logan Elementary School83.373.322.7
Ludington Magnet Middle School88.989.581.5
MacDowell Elementary School68.861.720.8
Mann Elementary School91.574.610
Mark Twain Elementary-Middle School43.837.512.553.34034.5
Marquette Elementary-Middle School57.642.910.63953.330.7
Marshall, Thurgood Elementary School91.764.518
Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary-Middle School63.539.7625.641.733.3
Mason Elementary School57.150.98.9
Maybury Elementary School74.570.229.8
Medicine and Community Health Academy at Cody
Mumford High School76.07%0
Murphy Elementary-Middle School43.543.53.230.15632.4
Neinas Elementary School72.541.213.7
Nichols Elementary-Middle School79.155.811.655.36668.1
Noble Elementary-Middle School58.554.89.825.939.635.2
Nolan Elementary-Middle School72.2505.642.459.338
Northwestern High School55.60%0
Oakman Elementary / Orthopedic School66.751.59.1
Osborn Academy of Mathematics
Osborn College Preparatory Academy
Osborn Evergreen Academy of Design and Alternative
Osborn Upper School of Global Communications and C59.93%0
Palmer Park Preparatory Academy55.357.421.336.948.832.5
Parker Elementary-Middle School64.246.25.732.652.936.8
Pasteur Elementary School95.682.660.9
Pershing High School70.68%0
Phoenix Elementary-Middle School64.35021.434.246.743.4
Priest Elementary-Middle School8459.216.3
Pulaski Elementary-Middle School64.6596.669.177.972.1
Renaissance High School96.96 %11
Riverside Preparatory Middle College Academy21.05%
Robeson Academy, Malcolm X Academy81.476.79.35770.944.7
Rutherford Elementary School80.360.724.6
Sampson Academy73.864.314.330.246.581.8
Schulze Elementary-Middle School74.26612.855.879.132.6
Southeastern High School73.39%0
Southwestern High School41.30%0
Spain Elementary-Middle School7467.616.483.569.864
Stewart Elementary-Middle School9360.615.585.563.250
Thirkell Elementary School98.592.964.7
Trix Elementary-Middle School58.847.1035.653.345.7
Turning Point Academy27.3
Vernor Elementary School78.692.964.3
Wayne Elementary School82.342.68.1
West Side Academy Alt. Ed46.71%0
Western International High School74.25%0
Wilkins Elementary-Middle School74.453.714.6
Wright, Charles School94.572.421.4
Young, Coleman A. Elementary64.761.410.4

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Fri, 01/27/2012 - 4:39pm
I wonder how these results compare to the Skillman Foundation reports.