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Opinion | Michigan should revise lead and copper rule to improve public health

June 7, 2018 | Elin Warn Betanzo, Eric Rothstein

We will not solve the lead exposure problem in Michigan by only testing for lead paint and ignoring the ongoing threat of lead in our water.

Opinion | A librarian in every Michigan school? Lawmakers make the case

June 5, 2018 | Adam Zemke, Darrin Camilleri, Christine Greig

Almost as endangered today as the northern white rhino, school librarians may be making a comeback, if three legislators have their way.

Opinion | Take a breath: Michigan schools’ tests scores aren’t as bad as you think

June 1, 2018 | Ron Koehler, Sunil Joy

You’ve read the doom-and-gloom stories. But they fail to point out how well many Michigan students are doing.

Opinion | Michigan reform bills will hurt teacher education programs

June 1, 2018 | Mitchell Robinson

Mitchell Robinson understands the desire to try things to improve Michigan schools. But he believes a package of bills addressing teacher education do more harm than good.

Opinion | One way to pick Michigan politicians: See how they treat animals

June 1, 2018 | Tanya Hilgendorf

Look beyond the campaign ads with the family pooch and ask how politicians will treat the four-legged friends around us.

Opinion | Dear candidate: Pay attention to those too young to vote

May 31, 2018 | Paula Cunningham, Tim Salisbury

Michigan desperately needs investment in early childhood education. Voters should ask candidates where they stand on the issue.

Opinion | Need a reason to care about a Line 5 spill? Here’s 6 billion of them.

May 29, 2018 | Robert Richardson, Nathan Brugnone

An uncontrolled spill lasting just two hours could cost Michigan at least $6 billion, say two Michigan State University researchers

Opinion | Puppy fight! Michigan legislator says he’s the one protecting pets

May 23, 2018 | Hank Vaupel

Rep. Hank Vaupel takes offense at a guest column accusing him of supporting puppy mills. He’s the one trying to close them down, says the former vet.

Opinion | 5 lessons Michigan cities can learn from the Twin Cities

May 22, 2018 | Lou Glazer

Metro Minneapolis is one of the most liveable regions in the country. It didn’t happen overnight.

Opinion | Michigan’s largest universities must lead on renewable energy

May 17, 2018 | Tom Porter

Michigan State and particularly the University of Michigan trail leading Big Ten schools in their efforts to reduce the carbon footprint on campus

Opinion | Michigan may soon be forced to pay cities under Headlee

May 17, 2018 | John Mogk

An appeals court is expected to soon decide whether the state is shorting Michigan local governments billions of dollars a year under the Headlee Amendment to the state constitution  

Opinion | Calley: Schuette’s land deals reveal his hypocrisy on transparency

May 16, 2018 | Brian Calley

Bill Schuette, a candidate for governor, had claimed all his assets were in a blind trust. Then how to explain undisclosed, million-dollar properties that he sold in the Virgin Islands? An op-ed from his GOP opponent, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.

Opinion | Trump is my president. But his tariffs would ruin my company.

May 15, 2018 | Mary Buchzeiger

Mary Buchzeiger is CEO of a $40 million auto supplier. She’s a loyal Republican. And she’s scared her president is going to run her out of business.

Opinion | Blaming deposits on low recycling is idea that should be trashed

May 15, 2018 | Sean Hammond

Ditching the 10-cent per bottle deposit law is a seriously bad idea.

Opinion | Don’t punish schools because Johnny can’t read. Invest in them instead.

May 10, 2018 | Nancy Flanagan

A former Michigan Teacher of the Year reminds us that we’ve long worried about how well our children read, but we keep ignoring the real solutions

Opinion | Michigan term limits sounded good, but they’ve failed

May 8, 2018 | Eric Lupher

Michigan has had a quarter century of experience with term limits, but the promises of a more dynamic democracy never came to fruition.

Opinion | Can Michigan at least agree to protect puppies? Apparently not.

May 8, 2018 | Molly Tamulevich

A bill being considered in the Michigan House would bar local communities from instituting ordinances that ban the retail sale of puppies on stores. Some pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills.

I worked hard for my degree. But I won’t attend MSU graduation today.

May 4, 2018 | Bonnie McGill

The writer, a doctoral student, said she, like victims of Larry Nassar, faced indifference from the school after she sought help for sexually harassment

Opinion | Michigan’s recycling efforts dragged down by unfair deposit law

May 2, 2018 | Amy Drumm

Bottle deposits may have made sense in 1976. But today they’re depressing recycling rates and limiting consumer options.

Opinion | Want to improve literacy in Michigan? Restore school librarians

May 1, 2018 | Kathy Lester

As the number of school librarians dropped, so did Michigan’s literacy rank. One school librarian doesn’t think that’s a coincidence.