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To prosper, Michigan must be a more educated place. Bridge will explore the challenges in education and identify policies and initiatives that address them.


College costs: 1990

February 24, 2015 | Bridge Staff

College costs: 1985

February 24, 2015 | Bridge Staff

College costs: 1980

February 24, 2015 | Bridge Staff

College costs: 1975

February 24, 2015 | Bridge Staff

A tale of two schools in Michigan’s resort paradise

February 19, 2015 | Ted Roelofs

A rural school district in Cheboygan County and a more affluent one in Harbor Springs underscore the role money can play in student performance.

Two Michigans gaze across a widening gap

February 17, 2015 | Nancy Derringer

You could hardly find a purer slice of Pure Michigan than the tip of the Lower Peninsula. But as the wealthy prosper alongside blue bays, those who live here year-round find life tougher to navigate

Good school. Struggling school. All in the same district.

February 12, 2015 | Mike Wilkinson

Some Michigan school districts have top-rated schools, along with some of the worst. If poverty doesn’t explain the gap, what does?

Correction: Error in elementary school analysis for Academic State Champs

February 12, 2015 | David Zeman

A computer programming error resulted in two Michigan elementary schools being left off the list of 2014 State Champs. The error also slightly changes the individual rankings of some schools.

Replace Michigan’s prep test for aspiring teachers

February 12, 2015 | Robert Maxfield

Prospective teachers deserve a better exam, and something more: the development of the best teacher education possible and improved support in the classroom.

11 lessons learned from Michigan’s top high schools

February 11, 2015 | Ted Roelofs

The leaders of the state’s Top 11 high schools in this year’s Academic State Champ rankings offer advice on their success strategies and how to help low-income students achieve.

A family run Detroit charter leads among elementary, middle schools

February 11, 2015 | Chastity Pratt Dawsey

Martin Luther King, Jr. Education Center Academy is a State Champ by paying close attention to improving teaching practices.

Flint ‘middle college’ puts students on a road to work, college

February 11, 2015 | Nancy Derringer

Blending high-school studies with college sounds like an approach for the gifted, but Mott Middle College High serves all kinds of students, giving them unusual control over their own education.

Champs Part II: Bridge celebrates first-ever rankings of Michigan schools

February 9, 2015 | Mike Wilkinson

Bridge goes beyond district rankings to gauge the performance of elementary, middle and high schools across the state.

New today! School-level database: Is your school an Academic State Champ

February 9, 2015 | Bridge Staff

Bridge’s first-ever rankings of elementary, middle and high schools across the state recognizes schools that coax the most potential from students.