Tax breaks for: Oil, mineral industries

Has Michigan got a deal for you

Click on any of the categories below to see how many tax breaks are out there, and how much they cost the state treasury. The numbers were taken from the state's executive budget for 2013 and 2014.







Veterans and active military


Historic preservation

Oil, mineral industries

The poor

Religious organizations

Native Americans

Tax breaks for oil, mineral industries

Type of tax Category 2014 tax break value Description
Oil and Gas Severance Tax Marginal Wells $6,700,000 Taxes oil from marginal or stripper wells at 4.0 percent, rather than the 6.6 percent rate on other oil production.
Oil and Gas Severance Tax Public Land $2,600,000 Exempts oil and gas severed from publicly-owned lands from taxation.

In some cases, the state does not estimate the value of a tax break, leaving the tax break value empty in its tables.

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Tue, 09/23/2014 - 9:48am
One of the most interesting facts in all of this is that most other countries (especially the middle east) tax oil and gas at rates as high as 50% and 60% percent, and they have no trouble attracting business. In terms of economic activity, in general the government programs that generates the most economic activity in local communities are programs like food stamps that go directly to those in need. To compare individual tax breaks to corporate tax breaks is absurd. If a business model is dependent on the government for profits, by definition it is not a capitalistic enterprise. These corporations are continuing to bleed the middle and lower classes of any opportunities to move up towards what ever their American Dream - the same American Dream that the Koch brothers have.