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Gretchen Whitmer State of the State: Tax cuts, gun reform, expand pre-KJanuary 25, 2023Jonathan Oosting, Lauren Gibbons, Yue Stella Yu
Watch Bridge discussion about water priorities in the 2023 LegislatureJanuary 25, 2023Rebecca Fedewa
Watch Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s 2023 State of the State speechJanuary 25, 2023Janelle D. James
Michigan Democrats aim to tighten environment regs, reduce industry controlJanuary 24, 2023Kelly House
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer open to charging tolls on Michigan roadsJanuary 24, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Michigan clerks: We need more money, guidance to implement early votingJanuary 24, 2023Yue Stella Yu
Gretchen Whitmer State of the State: How to watch and what to expect January 24, 2023Janelle D. James
Michigan tax cuts could total $1.6B; Democrats won’t block income tax rollbackJanuary 24, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Michigan tries to lure tech workers after layoffs at Google, other giantsJanuary 23, 2023Paula Gardner
Michigan doles out millions in pork in secret. Will Democrats pledge reform? January 23, 2023Mike Wilkinson
Opinion | Michigan school culture warriors lost, but they remain a threatJanuary 23, 2023Becky Olson
Michigan parks need more summer workers to help with spike in visitorsJanuary 23, 2023Janelle D. James
Opinion | Michigan Dems should focus on predictable funding for schools January 23, 2023Paul Ruth
Gretchen Whitmer: Michigan students need individual tutoring and soon January 23, 2023Tracie Mauriello
End may be near for Michigan redistricting panel, a year after finishing mapsJanuary 20, 2023Lauren Gibbons
How to use your gas stove more safelyJanuary 20, 2023Kelly House
Gas stove debate is the latest political culture war. Here are the factsJanuary 20, 2023Kelly House
Did Johnny write this or a robot? AI chatbots rock Michigan schoolsJanuary 20, 2023Ron French
Michigan appeals court upholds Flint water crisis dismissalsJanuary 19, 2023Kelly House
Michigan Democrats move to strike abortion ban references from state lawJanuary 19, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Shell shocked: Why eggs are so expensive in Michigan and when it will endJanuary 19, 2023Janelle D. James
Highway tolls could raise $1B to fix Michigan roads, study finds. Is it time?January 19, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Michigan GOP to Democrats: Don’t mess with income tax rollbackJanuary 18, 2023Janelle D. James, Lauren Gibbons
Michigan sees spike in 988 mental health calls. But what happens next?January 18, 2023Ted Roelofs
Michigan Republican lawmakers ‘draft’ Ron DeSantis for presidentJanuary 18, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Jocelyn Benson wants tougher penalties for harassing election workersJanuary 17, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Michigan OKs new, 4-year contract with top economic developer to boost jobsJanuary 17, 2023Paula Gardner
Opinion | Keep Michigan water affordable and in public handsJanuary 17, 2023Liz Kirkwood
Report: Electric vehicle sales could cost Michigan roads $500M by 2030January 17, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Report aims to prepare Great Lakes states for effects of climate changeJanuary 16, 2023Lester Graham, Michigan Radio
With growing backlash to wind energy, Michigan turns to solar powerJanuary 16, 2023Ron French
Armed with flea meds, Michigan defends hemlock trees against deadly invaderJanuary 16, 2023Kelly House
Michigan teachers say they’re ignored in Lansing. Now, they’re in charge. January 13, 2023Tracie Mauriello, Chalkbeat Detroit
Michigan may see ‘mild’ recession in 2023, but it also has a $9.2B surplusJanuary 13, 2023Yue Stella Yu
Basically broke, Michigan GOP to charge delegates to attend conventionJanuary 13, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Right-to-Work repeal just a start: Michigan Democrats eye pro-worker agendaJanuary 13, 2023Lauren Gibbons
Lakes Michigan and Huron join list of lakes with PFAS-tainted smeltJanuary 13, 2023Kelly House
District Detroit developers want half of cost covered by public financingJanuary 13, 2023Malachi Barrett
Perry Johnson, mulling presidential or U.S. Senate run, plans Super Bowl adJanuary 13, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Michigan Democrats: Let’s move up presidential primary. GOP: Not so fastJanuary 12, 2023Yue Stella Yu
Used car prices are falling, but ‘seller’s market’ likely to last for yearsJanuary 12, 2023Paula Gardner
Who gets paid minimum wage in Michigan? Only 1% of workers, as pay soarsJanuary 12, 2023Mike Wilkinson
Bridge Michigan honored as national ‘unsung hero’ for unbiased news coverageJanuary 12, 2023Bridge Staff
Opinion | What Michigan must do, and stop doing, to rebuild educationJanuary 12, 2023Michael Rice
Michigan Democrats, back in power in Lansing, eye quick action on tax cutsJanuary 11, 2023Yue Stella Yu
Federal funds aid Michigan effort to plug more than 400 orphan wellsJanuary 11, 2023Jake Christie, Capital News Service
Michigan Republicans pitch absentee ‘ballot harvesting.’ That’s not legal.January 11, 2023Jonathan Oosting
Ottawa County hires law firm that sought to void 2020 electionJanuary 10, 2023Yue Stella Yu
Opinion | A Michigan Supreme Court clerk’s exit and the power of redemptionJanuary 10, 2023Beilal Chatila
End of fed child tax credit expansion risks more Michigan kids in povertyJanuary 10, 2023Sarah Atwood, Capital News Service