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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Reports: Huron River largely dodged hexavalent chromium scareAugust 12, 2022Kelly House
Michigan skeptical about hunters’ bid to expand turkey hunting seasonAugust 12, 2022Zahra Ahmad
Michigan fast-tracks teaching as second career, but questions about rigor August 12, 2022Tracie Mauriello
Back to school and monkeypox: How much should Michigan worry?August 12, 2022Robin Erb, Isabel Lohman
Opinion | Michigan should learn from past — school consolidation isn’t easyAugust 12, 2022Gretchen Whittaker, Matthew Daley
Invasive spotted lanternfly arrives in Michigan: bad news for wine loversAugust 11, 2022Kelly House
CDC loosens COVID rules with new onus on people, not schools, businesses August 11, 2022Robin Erb, Mike Wilkinson, Isabel Lohman
Fundraisers pass $100K for Michigan library defunded over LGBTQ booksAugust 11, 2022Ron French
Judge: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer doesn’t have to testify in abortion ban suitAugust 11, 2022Jonathan Oosting
Two generations and $70 million later, Muskegon Lake Is restoredAugust 11, 2022Audrey Whitaker, Circle of Blue
Kristina Karamo: Twitter was hacked; Trump isn’t returning soon to White HouseAugust 10, 2022Lauren Gibbons
State: Tribar staffer ignored 460 alarms in Huron River chromium releaseAugust 10, 2022Kelly House
Whitmer kidnapping retrial, take 2: Insurrectionists or ‘boneheads’?August 10, 2022Zahra Ahmad
Michigan’s largest public companies raising prices to fuel earnings growthAugust 10, 2022Paula Gardner
Watch Bridge Book Club discussion of ‘The King of Confidence’’August 10, 2022Amber DeLind, Josiah Foster
Rural Michigan schools are considering electric school buses with EPA cashAugust 10, 2022Roni Kane
Whitmer kidnap plot retrial jury selection starts: It could make or break case.August 9, 2022Zahra Ahmad
Michigan charters sue U.S. Department of Education over new grant rulesAugust 9, 2022Isabel Lohman, Koby Levin, Chalkbeat
Saginaw Valley State’s new president vows to listen to students, community August 9, 2022Isabel Lohman
Betsy DeVos’ Let MI Kids Learn scholarship plan to submit signaturesAugust 9, 2022Jonathan Oosting
Huron River chromium spill prompts call for stricter Michigan pollution lawAugust 9, 2022Kelly House
Michigan school mental health program set to expand with $50 million boostAugust 9, 2022Tracie Mauriello
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer tests positive for COVID-19August 9, 2022Bridge Staff
Defunded over LGBTQ books, Michigan library will try tax again in NovemberAugust 8, 2022Ron French
Matthew DePerno: Dana Nessel’s election probe worthy of Saddam HusseinAugust 8, 2022Lauren Gibbons, Jonathan Oosting
What’s in Senate climate bill for Michigan? EV credits and cheaper insulin.August 8, 2022Kelly House, Robin Erb
Opinion | Bipartisan school budget is a win for Michigan students, parentsAugust 8, 2022Gretchen Whitmer
Donations pour in after Michigan town defunded library over LGBTQ books August 7, 2022Ron French
DePerno, others linked to vote machine tampering case headed to special prosecutorAugust 7, 2022Jonathan Oosting
Thanedar assures Black Detroiters: ‘This seat is owned by the people’August 7, 2022Malachi Barrett
Flint may ditch year-round school, but other districts say it helps students August 5, 2022Isabel Lohman
Huron River chromium spill investigation zeroes in on Milford pondAugust 5, 2022Kelly House
Take two songs and call me in the morning: How hospitals use music to healAugust 5, 2022Roni Kane
What Michigan schools could look like under Tudor Dixon, Gretchen WhitmerAugust 5, 2022Tracie Mauriello, Chalkbeat Detroit
Opinion | U.S. Authors Guild defends Michigan library defunded over LGBT booksAugust 5, 2022Mary Rasenberger, Douglas Preston
Opinion | AT&T isn’t ‘digital redlining’ Detroit — we’re expanding accessAugust 4, 2022David Lewis
Michigan voting rights group forms super PAC against ‘election deniers’August 4, 2022Yue Stella Yu
Six Michigan legislative incumbents voted out so far — and it’s not even NovemberAugust 4, 2022Lauren Gibbons
Latest Huron River tests find no cancer-causing chromium; advisory remainsAugust 4, 2022Kelly House, Robin Erb
As monkeypox cases spread among gay men in Michigan, messaging becomes trickyAugust 4, 2022Robin Erb
Opinion | No one subsidizes business like MichiganAugust 4, 2022James Hohman
Opinion | The new law raising age to 21 is just a lot of smokeAugust 4, 2022Paul Steiner, Rob Crane
Watch Bridge’s Lunch Break about Michigan’s 2022 primary election results August 4, 2022Amber DeLind
Rising costs make for rough roads for Michigan’s independent truckersAugust 4, 2022Ted Roelofs
Losses by Black candidates revive fears about Michigan redistricting August 3, 2022Lauren Gibbons, Malachi Barrett
Michigan abortion ban remains on hold following court hearing Wednesday August 3, 2022Robin Erb
Anger, uncertainty and a race for answers in Huron River chromium spillAugust 3, 2022Kelly House
Conservative upstarts crush incumbent Republicans in Ottawa CountyAugust 3, 2022Zahra Ahmad, Yue Stella Yu
Turnout numbers in Michigan governor primary could boost Gretchen WhitmerAugust 3, 2022Mike Wilkinson, Jonathan Oosting
It’s ‘year of the woman’ and Michigan GOP likes Dixon’s odds against WhitmerAugust 3, 2022Yue Stella Yu, Jonathan Oosting, Lauren Gibbons