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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Title Date Author
Opinion | Let’s close the loophole that could limit Michigan voting rights May 12, 2021 John Lindstrom
Opinion | I’m an E.R. doc. Get your shots to finally end this pandemic May 12, 2021 Dr. David Burkard
Amid worker shortage, Michigan to restore job search rule for jobless aid May 11, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Fun for Michigan governments: How to spend $11 billion in federal stimulus May 11, 2021 Jonathan Oosting, Mike Wilkinson
Michigan vows to seek Line 5 profits if Enbridge defies shutdown order May 11, 2021 Kelly House
Opinion | Michigan Supreme Court decision could cost lives in a pandemic May 11, 2021 Marilyn Kelly
COVID is fading, but racial gap in deaths is back with force in Michigan May 11, 2021 Mike Wilkinson
On eve of Line 5 shutdown deadline, Enbridge vows to defy Michigan order May 11, 2021 Kelly House, Lester Graham, Michigan Radio
James Craig’s possible run thrills Michigan GOP. Detroiters, not so much. May 10, 2021 Jonathan Oosting, Bryce Huffman
As Michigan reaches COVID vaccine mark, offices plan to welcome workers May 10, 2021 Paula Gardner
How to participate in Michigan redistricting commission hearings May 10, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
“It’s like a miracle:” Monoclonal antibody use soars over 300% in Michigan May 10, 2021 Kate Wells, Michigan Radio
Opinion | Michigan’s nonpartisan redistricting commission gets to work! May 10, 2021 Nancy Wang
Michigan school superintendents: mostly male, nearly all white May 10, 2021 Ron French, Madeline Halpert
Whitmer pledged openness. Lately, silence is default for Michigan governor May 7, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán, Jonathan Oosting
Michigan restaurants ask: How can we find enough workers? May 6, 2021 Paula Gardner
Northern Michigan resort town confronts shortage of year-round housing May 6, 2021 Ted Roelofs
Abortion, Nazi conspiracies derail Michigan GOP hearing on vaccine passports May 6, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Michigan GOP relaxes ballot drop box reform. Critics say plan is still unfair May 5, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Michigan may not hit 70% vaccination rate until August, as demand falls May 5, 2021 Mike Wilkinson, Robin Erb
Michigan to begin easing COVID mask restrictions on Thursday May 4, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Opinion | Don’t listen to doomsayers – Michigan schools get plenty of money May 4, 2021 Ben DeGrow, Jarrett Skorup
Join our Bridge Lunch Break chat on the state of redistricting in MI May 4, 2021 Amber DeLind, Kathryn Dugal
GOP wants to exempt Michigan graduation ceremonies from COVID orders May 4, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
All schools need in-person classes this fall, U.S. education secretary says May 4, 2021 Kalyn Belsha, Chalkbeat , Matt Barnum, Chalkbeat
Scientists find more complexity in microplastics polluting the Great Lakes May 4, 2021 Sharon Oosthoek, Great Lakes Now
As northern Michigan warms, scientists bring tree seedlings from the south May 3, 2021 Kelly House
Opinion | To boost literacy, Michigan must invest in school librarians May 3, 2021 Kathy Lester
Opinion | Improving the electrical grid is vital to Michigan’s future May 3, 2021 Winnie Brinks
Michigan has 1,100 voter drop boxes. GOP plan would lock them early. May 3, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
History, algebra … and Pfizer? Michigan high schools host vaccine clinics April 30, 2021 Robin Erb, Ron French
‘A personal choice.’ Michigan GOP leaders balk at COVID vaccine incentives April 30, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Shortage of paid caregivers keeps family members up at night, hoping for 'something sustainable' April 30, 2021 Tracy Samilton, Michigan Radio
Child tax credits are expected to start arriving in July. Here’s what to know. April 30, 2021 Nushrat Rahman
CDC reminder: COVID vaccine take 2 weeks to fully kick in after last dose April 29, 2021 Robin Erb
Renewing plates, licenses in Michigan can take months, despite promises April 29, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Judge: Traverse City needs voter approval for FishPass river project April 29, 2021 Kelly House
Arrests, privacy concerns mark first month of ShotSpotter’s use in Detroit April 29, 2021 Bryce Huffman
Watch Bridge’s Lunch Break discussion on COVID’s higher education impact April 29, 2021 Amber DeLind, Kathryn Dugal
Michigan’s ex-health director: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer asked me to quit April 29, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer links easing COVID rules to vaccines April 29, 2021 Robin Erb, Jonathan Oosting
Q&A: Should CEO’s address social issues or stick to selling sneakers? April 28, 2021 Paula Gardner
Detroit offers $50 a shot to people who bring residents for COVID vaccines April 28, 2021 Robin Erb, Mike Wilkinson
Michigan GOP: $1.4B coming for child care if Whitmer drops toddler mask rule April 28, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Opinion | Want Michiganders to succeed? It’s simple: boost school funding April 28, 2021 Shaun Black
Lumber shortage a crisis for Michigan home builders and their customers April 28, 2021 Paula Gardner
CDC: Michiganders vaccinated against COVID can ease outdoor mask use April 27, 2021 Robin Erb
Michiganders passed up $108 million in bottle deposits amid COVID closures April 27, 2021 Kelly House
In Michigan, flooding from climate change reveals economic inequity April 27, 2021 Jane Johnston, Circle of Blue
Report: Detroit Medical Center stays true to mission, but worries remain April 27, 2021 Robin Erb