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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Title Date Author
Used car prices are through the sunroof. Here’s why July 21, 2021 Sophia Kalakailo
Michigan unemployment benefits secure for those who ‘followed the rules’ July 20, 2021 Paula Gardner
Michigan’s tart cherry growers blame weather for yet another low harvest July 20, 2021 Makayla Coffee
Full-time virtual schools expand in Michigan in wake of COVID July 20, 2021 Koby Levin, Chalkbeat, Tracie Mauriello
Michigan flood waters, heat may have spiked Legionnaires’ disease July 19, 2021 Robin Erb, Kelly House
Race looms large as redistricting process begins in Michigan July 19, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Deadline nears for thousands of Michigan residents offered free tuition July 19, 2021 Ron French
Join Bridge Lunch Break chat on climate change impacts in Michigan July 19, 2021 Amber DeLind, Kathryn Dugal
Even as COVID wanes, fewer low-income students enroll in Michigan colleges July 19, 2021 Ron French
Opinion: Parents, employers and Michigan split cost of child care? You bet! July 19, 2021 Greg VanWoerkom, Cheryl Bergman
Bangladeshi community in Michigan reaches out to older adults amid COVID July 19, 2021 Nargis Hakim Rahman
Michigan sheriff enlists private eye to grill clerks in vote fraud probe July 16, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Opinion: Historic early education funding will boost all Michigan children July 16, 2021 Donna Lasinski
Latest effort to reform Michigan’s mental-health system finds critics July 16, 2021 Robin Erb, Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
U.S. Canada border reopening set for August, a relief for Michiganders July 16, 2021 Ted Roelofs
Did COVID fuel drug overdoses? Michigan deaths surged last year. July 16, 2021 Robin Erb
What to do if you are asked to re-certify for Michigan unemployment benefits July 15, 2021 Paula Gardner
Great Lakes surfers to Michigan: Don’t close beaches during rough waves July 15, 2021 Makayla Coffee
How much should lawyers make in the Flint water crisis settlement? July 15, 2021 Kelly House
Michigan GOP is repealing Whitmer emergency powers. It won’t change much. July 15, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Understanding why Detroit floods and why it keeps happening July 14, 2021 Louis Aguilar
Michigan vaccine lottery has first winners. But inoculation rates still flat. July 14, 2021 Jonathan Oosting, Makayla Coffee
He sought to distance GOP from Trump. Now he’s out as Michigan party director July 14, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Whitmer vetoes plan to give $1,000 scholarships for elementary reading help July 14, 2021 Tracie Mauriello
The Johnson & Johnson vaccine and Guillain Barré syndrome: what to know July 14, 2021 Sophia Kalakailo
Michigan changed unemployment rules. Now 648,000 may have to repay benefits July 13, 2021 Paula Gardner
Unable to fill its big hotels, Detroit hopes for business travel rebound July 13, 2021 Paula Gardner
Reimbursement remains unclear for Detroit’s flood victims July 13, 2021 Olivia Lewis
Michigan Republicans poised to strip Gov. Whitmer of emergency powers July 13, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Yes, mosquitoes are worse in Michigan this summer. And it ain’t over July 12, 2021 Sophia Kalakailo
With dam removal on hold, Traverse City residents face a hefty repair tab July 12, 2021 Kelly House
Judge eyes sanctions in ‘Kraken’ case that sought to overturn Michigan vote July 12, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Opinion: Teachers need student data. That’s why the M-STEP is important July 12, 2021 Gina Wilson
Michigan juniors take a career readiness test. Most employers ignore it July 12, 2021 Tracie Mauriello
Michigan hunters say wolves lowering deer numbers in U.P. Experts say no. July 12, 2021 Sophia Kalakailo, Kelly House
People ignore drowning warnings, so Michigan may close Great Lakes beaches July 9, 2021 Makayla Coffee
Wolf wars: As Michigan packs grow, a battle brews over killing the predators July 9, 2021 Sophia Kalakailo, Kelly House
Michigan Supreme Court won’t delay redistricting map deadline July 9, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Flush with money but still no Michigan budget deal: What you need to know July 9, 2021 Arjun Thakkar
190K in Michigan live with Alzheimer’s. FDA taps brake on new drug. July 8, 2021 Robin Erb
Michigan AG, police to probe false election fraud claims after GOP report July 8, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Michigan Republicans to drop signature-matching provision in election bill July 8, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Michigan teens' anxiety increased during COVID. Resources to help did not. July 8, 2021 Ted Roelofs
First person: Dearborn’s devastating flood exposes mistrust, deep divides July 8, 2021 Bilal Baydoun, Ali Abazeed
Michigan auditor general vows ‘comprehensive’ review of nursing home deaths July 7, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Is the Michigan vaccine lottery working? Depends how you define success. July 7, 2021 Mike Wilkinson, Robin Erb
Hope or hype? Costly new Alzheimer’s drug creates controversy July 7, 2021 Robin Erb
At Michigan SOS, walk-up service does not mean you can walk in July 7, 2021 Jonathan Oosting, Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Opinion: Let’s ensure democracy continues to work in Michigan July 7, 2021 Shira Roza
Opinion: Recent floods show urgent need for water infrastructure investment July 7, 2021 Lance Binoniemi