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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Title Date Author
Opinion | Michigan must keep the wage supplement for direct care workers April 27, 2021 Darren Hodgdon
Opinion | Michigan must invest in electric trucks for the health of families April 27, 2021 Theresa Landrum
Michigan ‘transparency’ bills actually keep lawmaker finances from public April 27, 2021 Ted Roelofs
Census counts mean Michigan, Great Lakes states to lose power in Congress April 26, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Some Michigan schools allow students to say ‘no thanks’ to M-STEP tests April 26, 2021 Ron French
Activists want to oust Michigan GOP director for saying Trump ‘blew it’ in 2020 April 26, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Inside the third surge at Sparrow: A Lansing hospital in overflow April 26, 2021 Kate Wells, Michigan Radio
Michigan GOP pushes to ban vaccine passports, university mandates April 26, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
As Michigan tamps down COVID, three new virus variants appear April 26, 2021 Robin Erb
FDA ends pause on J & J vaccine for COVID, but with warning to women April 23, 2021 Robin Erb
In Ypsilanti, one bus driver’s COVID case closes school for 2,000 students April 23, 2021 Ron French
Opinion | For our kids’ sake, we have to address climate change in Michigan April 23, 2021 Dana Mains
Opinion | It’s time to invest to keep Michigan water clean April 23, 2021 William Wild, Pauline Repp
Michigan Gov. Whitmer: State facilities will run on renewables by 2025 April 22, 2021 Kelly House
Opinion | Former MI officials: Invest today to support children, boost economy April 22, 2021 The Michigan Consensus Policy Project
Michigan’s political geography is shifting. These interactive maps show how. April 22, 2021 Mike Wilkinson, Jonathan Oosting
As Michigan begins redistricting, ‘communities of interest’ take center stage April 22, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Partisan deadlock blocks Unlock Michigan initiative over emergency powers April 22, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Opinion | Disruption looms for the care of Michigan’s frail and elderly April 22, 2021 Edgar Vann II, Paul Hubbard
As Michigan COVID vaccine rates ebb, pop up clinics and casino cash appear April 21, 2021 Robin Erb, Mike Wilkinson
Michigan Senate to update sexual harassment policy amid reckoning in Lansing April 21, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Michigan regulators will consider climate change in Line 5 decision April 21, 2021 Kelly House
Opinion | The clock is ticking: schools need Lansing to pass budget by June 1 April 21, 2021 Mark Greathead
Michigan hails Chauvin conviction as ‘a victory for Black and brown lives’ April 20, 2021 Bryce Huffman, Kelly House, Robin Erb, Ron French
Some police traffic stops end violently. Is there a better way? April 20, 2021 Ted Roelofs
Michigan Gov. Whitmer defends her Florida trip, calls criticism ‘maddening’ April 20, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán, Jonathan Oosting
GOP wants to split Michigan Electoral College votes. That would help the GOP. April 20, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Opinion | Michigan needs more college grads. Step one: completing the FAFSA April 20, 2021 Jamie Jacobs
How a Mexican radio station became a Covid lifeline in Southwest Detroit April 20, 2021 Martina Guzmán
Michigan Gov. Whitmer draws fire for out-of-state trip before she was vaccinated April 19, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán, Jonathan Oosting
Whitmer may be right. Michigan may have turned the corner on COVID surge. April 19, 2021 Mike Wilkinson, Robin Erb
Michigan offers $97 million for projects that can boost recycling in state April 19, 2021 Kelly House
Michigan hasn’t passed any police reforms since George Floyd’s death April 19, 2021 Jonathan Oosting, Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Bridge Book Club to read ‘The Death and Life of the Great Lakes’ in May April 19, 2021 Amber DeLind, Kathryn Dugal
Opinion | This is no time to second-guess Michigan auto insurance reform April 19, 2021 Wendy Block
Opinion | Get real – the chance you’ll die from J & J COVID vaccine is tiny April 19, 2021 Othelia Pryor
Mask up, Michigan toddlers! State expands COVID orders to 2-year-olds April 16, 2021 Robin Erb
Michigan to trim offices in Lansing, whose downtown struggles amid pandemic April 16, 2021 Paula Gardner
Opinion | Michigan has a maternal mortality crisis. Here’s one step to help April 16, 2021 Myechia Minter-Jordan
Opinion | We’re all tired, but we need to pull together to fight COVID surge April 16, 2021 Jenni Attie
Michigan Ladder Co. thrived for 120 years. Then the pandemic struck. April 16, 2021 Paula Gardner
Three Michigan people who died after vaccine actually had earlier COVID April 15, 2021 Robin Erb
Toyota resumes giving to Michigan Republicans who voted to overturn election April 15, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Survey: More than 8 in 10 Michigan teachers are fully vaccinated for COVID April 15, 2021 Ron French
Feds fine former Midland dams owner $15 million over safety violations April 15, 2021 Kelly House
Beaumont Health sets up triage tents outside some hospitals to manage COVID-19 surge April 15, 2021 Kristen Jordan Shamus, Detroit Free Press
Opinion | Environmental stewardship in construction is here to stay April 15, 2021 Randall DeRuiter
A big fight in Lansing over fishing rules on the Great Lakes April 14, 2021 Kelly House
Meet the Michigander who's advising Biden on environmental justice April 14, 2021 Kelly House
Homebound seniors in Michigan facing obstacles to COVID vaccines April 14, 2021 Ted Roelofs