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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Title Date Author
15 anti-racist Michigan books to get you through the holidays and quarantine December 1, 2020 Monica Williams
Support Bridge Michigan this Giving NewsDay December 1, 2020 John Bebow
Child abuse reports in Michigan are way down. Here’s why that’s worrisome December 1, 2020 Ted Roelofs
Help Bridge choose our next Michigan-focused book club read December 1, 2020 Amber DeLind, Kathryn Dugal
$10M grant fund launched for small Michigan businesses hurt by COVID limits November 30, 2020 Paula Gardner
Jobless benefits, COVID stimulus likely focus of Michigan lame-duck session November 30, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Forecasts say Michigan’s economy will still be recovering in 2023 November 30, 2020 Paula Gardner
Michigan-based companies see 3Q uptick after COVID-19 hit November 30, 2020 David Wilkins
Opinion | For many Indigenous people, Thanksgiving is a time of mourning November 26, 2020 Sierra Clark
Trump’s hopes sputter to end in Michigan. ‘It’s over, and they know it.’ November 25, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Desperation growing at Michigan restaurants after new COVID limits November 24, 2020 Paula Gardner
Enbridge sues Michigan over Line 5 shutdown order November 24, 2020 Kelly House
In Michigan, a Thanksgiving served with loss, anger and Zoom prayers November 24, 2020 Ron French
Ask us anything: Bridge’s next Lunch Break will be a coronavirus Q & A November 24, 2020 Amber DeLind, Kathryn Dugal
Michigan’s results official but harm done to Black voters may linger November 24, 2020 Madeline Halpert
With Michigan’s presidential vote certified, is Trump out of options? November 23, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Canvassers certify election. Joe Biden wins Michigan, its 16 electoral votes November 23, 2020 Jonathan Oosting, Madeline Halpert
What to expect from Michigan Board of Canvassers; how to watch meeting November 23, 2020 Madeline Halpert
Opinion | Why It's time to legalize cannabis for all Americans November 23, 2020 Michael Elias
Opinion | This doctor's holiday advice: Have a virtual Thanksgiving dinner November 23, 2020 Asha Shajahan
He had dementia and COVID. She wanted to hold him when he died. November 23, 2020 Robin Erb
Fact Squad | Audit wouldn’t change outcome of Biden win in Michigan November 22, 2020 Mike Wilkinson
Lee Chatfield: Michigan could face ‘constitutional crisis’ over election November 22, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Michigan GOP leaders meet Trump, promise ‘we will follow law’ on election November 20, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Three ex-governors agree: Michigan should certify election for Joe Biden November 20, 2020 Jonathan Oosting, Ron French
With COVID everywhere, Michigan contact tracers losing control of spread November 20, 2020 Kelly House
GOP wants audit before certifying Michigan election. Law won’t allow it. November 20, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Report: Michigan’s most vulnerable students have limited learning options during the pandemic November 20, 2020 Koby Levin, Chalkbeat
Judge won't allow Michigan restaurants to immediately reopen dining rooms November 20, 2020 Paula Gardner, Jonathan Oosting
Michigan upholds Nestlé permit to withdraw 576K gallons of groundwater daily November 20, 2020 Kelly House
Michigan officials say no to big Thanksgiving gatherings. Who will listen? November 20, 2020 Robin Erb
Michigan hospital workers weary as public support fades, COVID cases rise November 20, 2020 Dustin Dwyer, Michigan Radio, Kate Wells, Michigan Radio
President Trump lobbying GOP to overturn vote, deliver Michigan to him November 19, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Monica Palmer, Michigan canvassers got election posts after little vetting November 19, 2020 Madeline Halpert, Mansur Shaheen
Trump withdraws Michigan suit, falsely claims Wayne County votes halted November 19, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
GOP canvassers want do-over on Wayne County results. Too late, experts say November 19, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Wayne County canvasser: I sought to 'protect' Detroit vote, ‘not be racist’ November 18, 2020 Joel Kurth
Michigan has 6th highest number of COVID-19 cases in nation, 5th highest deaths November 18, 2020 Kristen Jordan Shamus, Detroit Free Press
Michigan GOP canvassers under pressure to ignore votes, help Trump November 18, 2020 Jonathan Oosting, Madeline Halpert
Experts: Whitmer has upper hand in Line 5 case, but May shutdown is uncertain November 18, 2020 Kelly House
Opinion | Assault on Black votes in Wayne County reminiscent of Jim Crow November 18, 2020 Stephen Henderson
Michigan politicians ran on water problems. Activists want money for fixes. November 18, 2020 Kelly House
Thousands fled Michigan schools in fall. Will COVID home-schoolers come back? November 18, 2020 Ron French
City of Flint, McLaren join water crisis settlement, bringing pot to $641M November 18, 2020 Kelly House
As Great Lakes pummel Michigan, beach towns rush to set development rules November 18, 2020 Kelly House
Five themes to watch as Michigan reconsiders its use of public lands November 18, 2020 Kelly House
Wayne County changes course, certifies election as GOP members relent November 17, 2020 Madeline Halpert, Jonathan Oosting
GOP leader: Michigan doesn’t need COVID mandates — or to impeach Gov. Whitmer November 17, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Beaumont Health paid CEO $2.6 million bonus weeks before bailout November 17, 2020 Jennifer Dixon, Detroit Free Press
Joe Biden won, Michigan elector coup ‘not going to happen,’ GOP leader says November 17, 2020 Jonathan Oosting