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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Title Date Author
First person: Teaching in COVID classroom ‘miraculous’ but ‘unsustainable’ March 30, 2021 Nancy Hanus
COVID raged in Michigan prisons. Life outside isn’t easy either for parolees. March 30, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Opinion | Michigan GOP’s ‘election integrity’ bills are 21st Century Jim Crow March 30, 2021 Erika Geiss
COVID outbreaks jump 20 percent in Michigan schools. More closures ahead? March 30, 2021 Ron French
In flooded Michigan neighborhoods, who should pay for sea walls? March 30, 2021 Kelly House
Michigan Capitol rife with sexism, Gov. Whitmer says. And that’s ‘depressing’ March 29, 2021 Paula Gardner, Jonathan Oosting
Report: Lake Michigan is ‘running a fever.’ More storms, less fish possible. March 29, 2021 Kelly House
Will Michigan students take M-STEP test this year? Here’s what we know. March 29, 2021 Ron French
Opinion | Gathering data on COVID learning loss in Michigan is vital March 29, 2021 Dan Papineau
Local transit systems in Michigan take lead on COVID vaccines for homebound March 29, 2021 Ted Roelofs
Michigan tops U.S. in new COVID cases. Is it variants or just our turn? March 26, 2021 Mike Wilkinson, Kelly House
Michigan GOP chair calls Whitmer, Nessel, Benson ‘witches’ who should be burned March 26, 2021 Jonathan Oosting, Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Opinion | We need real performance metrics for Michigan public universities March 26, 2021 Jason Taylor, Jarrett Skorup
Opinion | We could all learn a lesson from Michigan’s Holocaust memorial March 26, 2021 Roger Rapoport
Teacher retirements soar in Michigan schools amid COVID pandemic March 26, 2021 Ron French
Bridge Michigan’s Mike Wilkinson named Michigan Journalist of the Year March 25, 2021 Bridge Staff
Senate Republicans: Use clear metrics to guide restaurant COVID closings March 25, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Michigan’s plan to get more Republicans to take COVID vaccine March 25, 2021 Ted Roelofs
For these five Michigan residents, getting a COVID vaccine is ‘a hard no’ March 25, 2021 Ted Roelofs
Michigan GOP plan would curb confidential severance deals March 25, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Health care reforms could cut Michigan costs for insulin, cancer treatment March 24, 2021 Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Michigan GOP unveils election ‘reforms.’ Most would make voting harder. March 24, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Michigan warns of PFAS contamination in Lake Superior smelt March 24, 2021 Kelly House
Opinion | Tips for when those college admissions letters arrive March 24, 2021 Patrick O'Connor
Report: 38 percent of Michigan households don’t earn enough for basic needs March 23, 2021 Paula Gardner
Michigan GOP mounts ‘election integrity’ push. Democrats fear suppression. March 23, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Michigan schools reopened. Then came a spike in COVID outbreaks March 23, 2021 Ron French, Mike Wilkinson
Small towns like Ishpeming put off water upgrades. The bill is now due. March 23, 2021 Brett Walton
Michigan is ready to vacation again. Is it enough to save the hotel industry? March 22, 2021 Paula Gardner
Q&A with Ann Arbor tech innovator on bringing ‘joy’ to work during COVID March 22, 2021 Paula Gardner
Growth at the Center for Michigan, Bridge Michigan continues with three hires March 22, 2021 Bridge Staff
As COVID spread, far fewer Michigan high school grads enrolled in college March 22, 2021 Ron French, Mike Wilkinson
Michigan caregivers got a $2 hourly boost in COVID. Should it be permanent? March 22, 2021 Robin Erb
Opinion | HIV is still with us. Get tested, and get treated March 19, 2021 LaDawn Tate
Whitmer: COVID tests for student athletes, but more fans for Detroit Tigers March 19, 2021 Jonathan Oosting, Mike Wilkinson
Michigan GOP: Cancel standardized tests and 3rd grade reading law this year March 18, 2021 Ron French
Michigan House passes transparency plan fourth time. Will Senate finally act? March 18, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Amid diversity debate, white supremacists recruit at Upper Peninsula school March 18, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Violence against Asian Americans prompts calls for vigilance in Michigan March 18, 2021 Kelly House
Opinion | For Alice’s sake, stop playing politics with school COVID money March 18, 2021 Owen Goslin
Ex-Michigan health boss refuses to talk to lawmakers on secret exit deal March 18, 2021 Robin Erb, Jonathan Oosting
No doubt: Third surge of COVID has hit Michigan. Can we vaccinate fast enough? March 17, 2021 Mike Wilkinson
Last dam standing: Traverse City fish restoration project on the ropes March 17, 2021 Kelly House
Beverage companies want cut of Michigan bottle bill windfall during COVID March 17, 2021 Kelly House
Opinion | It’s never been more clear. We need to expand open government laws March 17, 2021 Judy Putnam
Opinion | I was imprisoned for murder unjustly. It’s time to fix the system March 17, 2021 Kevin Harrington
Michigan ranks second in COVID variant cases as state hits ‘tipping point’ March 16, 2021 Robin Erb
Critics say Michigan open-government reform legislation has too many loopholes March 16, 2021 Jonathan Oosting
Canadian officials to Michigan Senate: Line 5 shutdown would wreck economy March 16, 2021 Kelly House
Opinion | COVID isn’t over for Michigan long-haulers like me March 16, 2021 Anne Woiwode