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Michigan news: Bridge archive

Title Date Author
Trump, who now claims fraud, got more votes in Detroit than most Republicans November 5, 2020 Mike Wilkinson, Mansur Shaheen, Paula Gardner
How Biden won, even as much of Michigan went for Trump: 5 election takeaways November 5, 2020 Mike Wilkinson
Trump’s options narrow in Michigan. Lawsuit, recount seen as long shots. November 5, 2020 Riley Beggin
Judge dismisses President Trump’s suit to stop absentee counting in Michigan November 5, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Sen. Gary Peters edges ahead of GOP challenger John James in Michigan November 4, 2020 Riley Beggin
What happened when conservatives tried to halt Detroit’s election count November 4, 2020 Bisma Parvez, Louis Aguilar
Democratic wins shift power balance on Michigan Supreme Court November 4, 2020 Kelly House
How suburbanites, college grads helped Biden edge Trump in Michigan November 4, 2020 Mike Wilkinson, Jonathan Oosting, Madeline Halpert
Post-election, Detroit braces for legal challenges to its results November 4, 2020 Louis Aguilar, Olivia Lewis, Bryce Huffman, Bisma Parvez
As Joe Biden leads Michigan, President Trump seeks to derail count November 4, 2020 Jonathan Oosting, Riley Beggin, Madeline Halpert
Republicans flip Democratic seats, keep majority in Michigan House November 4, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Michigan voters approve Proposal 1, changing rules for parks funding November 4, 2020 Kelly House
In Michigan, Trump expands support in rural counties; Biden carries suburbs November 4, 2020 Jonathan Oosting, Mike Wilkinson
Why Michigan is waiting: State law bars early counting of absentee votes November 4, 2020 Riley Beggin
Michigan may decide presidency; early results give hope to Trump, Biden November 4, 2020 Jonathan Oosting, Riley Beggin, Mike Wilkinson, Madeline Halpert
Huge turnout, few problems for Michigan voters, despite violence fears November 3, 2020 Riley Beggin, Madeline Halpert, Mike Wilkinson, Mansur Shaheen
Need election results? Refresh these links for Michigan state, county tallies November 3, 2020 Bridge Staff
Gray wolves, now off endangered list, may be targeted by Michigan farmers November 3, 2020 Kelly House
Michigan softens restaurant rules requiring customer info during COVID November 3, 2020 Paula Gardner
Michigan officials warn of ‘despicable’ robocalls in Flint to confuse voters November 3, 2020 Madeline Halpert, Kelly House
Down but not out, Trump caps campaign with massive Grand Rapids rally November 3, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Michigan, can we count on your vote? November 3, 2020 John Bebow
Michigan voting 2020: What to know to cast ballots in-person on Election Day November 3, 2020 Riley Beggin
Whitmer administration leaves restaurants in dark on new COVID rule November 2, 2020 Paula Gardner
Michigan election week may be confusing. These tools can help decipher results November 2, 2020 Mike Wilkinson
Classroom or home? Michigan schools, families still struggle to choose November 2, 2020 Ron French
Democrats, GOP prep for legal battles over Michigan election November 2, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
In Michigan, some communities are banding together to count election results November 2, 2020 Madeline Halpert
Four worries about Michigan election security. And two reasons to rest easy. November 2, 2020 Riley Beggin, Madeline Halpert
Michigan vote tally may take days, Benson warns. Others expect faster results. November 2, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Opinion | Federal higher ed relief urgently needed for Michigan students November 1, 2020 Catherine Brown, Caroline Altman Smith
Your Michigan Election Day 2020 voting toolkit: know the candidates, issues November 1, 2020 Kelly House
Michigan’s deer season could scatter COVID-19, health leaders say November 1, 2020 Robin Erb, Bob Campbell
Upper Peninsula man nearly killed by COVID. He still doubts the data. November 1, 2020 Robin Erb
Obama, Biden take turns lampooning Trump in Michigan as campaign winds down October 31, 2020 Riley Beggin
Michigan unemployment: the latest updates on fraud, stop payments and more October 30, 2020 Paula Gardner
Michigan elections vulnerable to hacks but not as much as others, report says October 30, 2020 Madeline Halpert, Riley Beggin
With COVID surging in Michigan, Trump touts ‘beautiful turn’ in virus fight October 30, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
West Michigan contact tracers are overwhelmed by volume of COVID cases October 30, 2020 Ted Roelofs
Michigan voting 2020: What to know about intimidation, write-ins and more October 30, 2020 Riley Beggin
Opinion | Take it from a Michigan doctor: Don't cancel Halloween. Change it. October 30, 2020 Asha Shajahan
Opinion | It's time for Eastern Michigan to drop racist's name from building October 30, 2020 Mark Higbee
Michigan’s Amish seem to love Trump. But voting is another matter. October 30, 2020 Ted Roelofs
Michigan restaurants must track customers under new COVID rules October 29, 2020 Jonathan Oosting, Mike Wilkinson, Paula Gardner
Appeals court sides with gun advocates in ban on firearms at Michigan polls October 29, 2020 Riley Beggin, Jonathan Oosting
Leelanau condemned the N-word, but the fight over racism had just begun October 29, 2020 Kelly House
After ACLU lawsuit, Detroit City Clerk rushes ballots to voters October 29, 2020 Bisma Parvez
Michigan COVID surge thins poll worker ranks, prompting fears of vote delays October 29, 2020 Jonathan Oosting
Opinion | People are dying. Fix the damn road safety laws in Michigan. October 29, 2020 Douglas W. Stockwell
Watch the Bridge Book Club discussion of 'The Women of the Copper Country' October 29, 2020 Amber DeLind, Kathryn Dugal