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Topic: Editorial

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The most divisive presidential election of our lifetimes demonstrates the crying need for credible news that breaks out of the often hyper-partisan echo chambers so prevalent today. Yet, just one week after the election, both Detroit newspapers announced massive cutbacks to their news-gathering operations. Bridge isn’t going to let credible news coverage die in this state.

Bridge is the 2016 Michigan Press Association “Newspaper of the Year.” When Bridge used reams of government documents to publish a comprehensive Flint water crisis timeline, one of the investigators in the case called it “an incredible resource – where I’m pointing everyone who wants a detailed account of what happened.” When Bridge revealed this fall that tax dollars meant to help the poor are used in Michigan to pay college tuition for upper-income students, reader Le Roy Barnett responded: “Great investigative reporting. Were it not for Bridge, who would have told us?

Who’s going to tell you? Who’s going to watchdog politicians and government? Who’s going to tell you how your schools are performing? Who’s going to tell you how your tax dollars are spent? Who’s going to inform you about changes in the Michigan economy? Who’s going to keep you apprised of health insurance overhaul? Who’s going to respectfully share the diverse perspectives of Michigan’s ten million residents?

Increasingly, the enormous burden of thoughtful, nonpartisan news gathering and analysis in Michigan falls on Bridge. We publish hundreds of in-depth reports – every year. But the burden grows – every year.

With your help, Bridge will meet that burden in the uncertain times ahead.

Here’s an alternative… A professional journalist from the Reuters News Agency took this photo at a political rally in early November. We can silence journalists by lynching them. Or journalism can be silenced by lack of readership and public support. If you believe in democracy, if you believe in the First Amendment, if you believe in an informed public, we urge you to view this T-shirt message as a call to action… Let’s erase this hateful and un-American impulse… Let’s change it to: “Hope. Read. Revive Journalism.” Some assembly is still required. That’s why we so urgently seek your support.


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