Bill Schuette: I will move Michigan forward with jobs and bigger paychecks

Bill Schuette is the Republican nominee for Michigan governor

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Michigan has a choice this November. Do we slide backward to another Lost Decade, or do we move forward to win again? 

My Paycheck Agenda will take Michigan forward, with more jobs, greater growth, and bigger paychecks.

Three governor candidates make final pitch

Read the closing arguments of the other two candidates nominated by their parties for Michigan governor in 2018:

Gretchen Whitmer: Michigan needs a get-it-done governor

Bill Gelineau: Michigan has a choice. Why not a Libertarian?

Here is what my plan will accomplish:

  • Slash America’s most expensive auto insurance rates by fighting theft and fraud, ending frivolous lawsuits, and giving consumers more choices. 
  • Rebuild our roads. My plan includes re-prioritizing the state budget, so more funding is dedicated to roads; a top-to-bottom audit of the transportation department; stronger, enforceable guarantees on roads and bridges; and getting Michigan its fair share of funds from Washington. 
  • Invest in vocational education and apprenticeship programs. Michigan needs workforce-ready high school graduates who will keep our state moving forward with strong middle-class jobs leading to strong middle-class families.
  • Ensure accessible and affordable health care. My plan protects coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, helps small businesses afford insurance for their employees, and lets parents keep children on their policies until age 26.We must improve the Healthy Michigan program with common sense reforms like work requirements for able-bodied, childless adults in order to better serve our most vulnerable citizens.
  • Get all our children reading by investing in literacy coaches for every elementary school, summer reading camps for struggling readers, and proven literacy instruction in every classroom.  I will start by creating a cabinet-level position of Michigan Literacy Director and giving every first grader a library card.
  • Give hard-working Michiganians and retirees a pay raise by repealing the 2007 Whitmer-Granholm income tax hike that has cost taxpayers $8 billion and counting.

Gretchen Whitmer takes an opposite approach. She wants higher taxes, more government control over everything – especially our healthcare choices – and more bureaucratic meddling in our recovering economy. Her extreme agenda would mean fewer jobs, smaller paychecks, and our kids leaving for other states again. 

Sen. Whitmer’s policies are a proven economic collapse plan that already failed under former Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Unemployment hit 15 percent. More than 500,000 jobs vanished. Thousands of families left Michigan. In fact, Whitmer called the Granholm tax hikes too small! We can’t afford another Lost Decade. 

I have the experience and skill set to build on the success of the last eight years.

The case of Larry Nassar is instructive. Gretchen Whitmer and I each had a choice. She did not prosecute. I took the case, and put Nassar behind bars for the rest of his life.

I investigated the Flint Water Crisis, where twelve people died and thousands of children were poisoned. Flint families deserve justice, and I make no apologies for enforcing the law and securing convictions against government officials who failed in their responsibilities to the people of Flint.

I will take on anyone, because I fight for everyone.

Elections are about choices – about who has the vision and skills to lead our state. This is a clear decision: 

  • Gretchen Whitmer and Garlin Gilchrist represent an extreme agenda that would raise taxes and impose more government dictates. A risky recipe for economic collapse and another Lost Decade. 
  • Bill Schuette and Lisa Posthumus Lyons will cut taxes, lower auto insurance, fix education, make health care accessible and affordable, and rebuild our roads. A winning plan to make Michigan grow with bigger paychecks and more people. 

Our best days are ahead of us. Michigan can again be a state of big dreams, high hopes and boundless aspirations.

I am running for governor to make Michigan the best place in America to put down roots, raise your family, and build your future. I am asking for your vote on November 6. 

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Gene Markel
Sat, 11/03/2018 - 11:10am

It is all a lot of talk but our candidates do not say how they are going to change Auto Insurance, Roads, Education, etc.
Auto Insurance will require that the current NO Fault be replaced with a personal property and injury coverage for an incident. There is the question of fault and and who is at fault and which insurance makes the payment. This requires tort reform. Then there is the question of there Personal Injury Protection fund. Where does that money go?
Roads will require rules to eliminate the major cause of potholes in our concrete roads. Namely the replacement of the mechanical expansion joint sealers that do not work with a new type that stays in the joint and seals the water out that turns into ice the breaks the concrete into a pothole.
Education simple properly fund the care and maintenance of physical plants and pay teachers a truly living wage for the services they perform.

Steve M
Mon, 11/05/2018 - 11:44am

Schuette continues to lie about his record on health care. As AG he fought against health care coverage for individuals. Based on Arkansas's implementation of work requirements, his proposal will cost 200,000 people, many who work today. Not only will people lose their coverage, and their access to life saving services, it will cost a billion dollars to replace the lost revenue.

Steve M
Mon, 11/05/2018 - 3:55pm

As written by Jim Haveman and published in Crain's, here is the closing argument on Bill Schuette:

October 28, 2018 12:01 AM
Letter: Bill Schuette unfit for governor's job

To the Editor:

As former director of the Michigan Department of Community Health for both Govs. John Engler and Rick Snyder, I recognize what it takes for a person to successfully serve as governor of the great state of Michigan. It takes leadership, principles and integrity. That is why I am part of the group "Republicans and Independents for Gretchen Whitmer for Governor." I have known Bill Schuette for many years and based on my personal experiences with him, I do not believe Bill Schuette is right for the job.

When I came back to serve as director of the department in 2012 Bill Schuette called to welcome me. He said I should fire the department employees he called "the tobacco Nazis." I was shocked. He was talking about committed professionals who were making Michigan restaurants and public places smoke free. Bill Schuette was more interested in appeasing big tobacco than protecting the health of its residents.

After a federal judge ruled against Attorney General Schuette and held that Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, Schuette immediately appealed. We sought the attorney general's advice on how the Department of Community Health's Division of Vital Records should handle pending marriage licenses, in light of his appeal. Despite the department's need for clear legal advice, and in spite of the fact that this was needed as a direct result of his appeal, Schuette declined to do his job and provide us with legal advice. We had to seek our own legal advice elsewhere. By refusing to advise the Vital Record Division, Bill Schuette failed in his duty as the attorney general to represent our department in an unbiased manner.

When Gov. Snyder supported the expansion of Medicaid through the Healthy Michigan Plan to provide insurance coverage to adults who didn't have health care, Bill Schuette did everything he could legally and politically to kill it. Thankfully, he failed. A coalition led by Gov. Snyder and Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer got the bill passed. It now provides health care to over 680,000 Michiganders. Half of them are working families. Even today, Bill Schuette is trying to dismantle this program that would strip health care from hundreds of thousands of Michiganders.

The way Bill Schuette has handled the Flint water crisis has cost the taxpayers more than $35 million. But after three years there hasn't been one single trial. All that money could have been spent to help the citizens of Flint. But Schuette's only goal was publicity for himself and his campaign for governor.

I'm a Republican, and I encourage you to vote for Gretchen Whitmer for governor on Nov. 6. She will represent us all with principled leadership and integrity.

Jim Haveman
Grand Rapids

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 12:43pm

Of course Jim Haveman is a Republican, just like Colin Powell is a Republican, as he endorsed and re-endorsed the most left wing president ever elected. Likewise Haveman is endorsing the most left wing candidate ever to run as governor. Having issues with a or this particular candidate is understandable and refusing to endorse them a valid response (as did Snyder) but then endorsing someone who is 180 degrees opposed to anything a supposed Republican would support earns Mr. Havemen a big BS!

Kevin Grand`
Tue, 11/06/2018 - 10:06am

So, in no particular order:

Auto insurance rates could have easily been tackled while he was AG. The fact that he didn't speaks volumes.

MDOT has been a horrible steward of Michigan Taxpayer money. AG Schuette never went after MDOT when they let warranties expire on shoddy road work. Why would Gov. Schuette be any different.

Health care was NEVER a function of either state OR federal government. Snydercaid was built upon a house of cards (Obamacare) which has greatly exceeded the "maximum" of enrollees originally promised by Gov. Snyder when he rammed this through the Michigan Legislature. Eventually a choice will have to be made to either pay the health care for people who don't want to pay for it themselves or cutting state spending (Schuette already eliminated the tax raising option).

Parents can just as easily teach their own children to read. There are also local and county libraries that will work with people to improve their reading skills. Why re-invent the wheel?

That "2007 Whitmer-Granholm income tax hike" also has Mike Bishop's fingerprints all over it a well. You remember him? The REPUBLICAN Senate Majority Leader. He was also the one who proposed that income tax hike in the first place as part of the "deal to pas a state budge that year.

I wonder why THAT detail nevber gets mentioned???