Human error, Dominion voting equipment fuel false fraud claims in Michigan

The Republican clerk of rural Antrim County in northern Michigan says a glitch in vote totals was fixed by a “minor correction” and is not the stuff of conspiracy. (Bridge file photo by Riley Beggin)

LANSING — When Antrim County’s Republican clerk reported last week that Democrat Joe Biden had trounced President Donald Trump in the fiercely GOP region of northern Michigan, officials and experts correctly questioned what turned out to be a clerical mistake.

But Trump and his supporters cried foul, and days after the error was fixed, they continue to mischaracterize it as evidence of potentially widespread irregularities across the country. 

The unsubstantiated allegation challenges the accuracy of Dominion Voting Systems equipment used in 69 of Michigan’s 83 counties and dozens of states, along with third-party software from ElectionSource of Grand Rapids, which the GOP has claimed is used in 47 Michigan counties. 

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Eric Trump, the president’s son, tweeted a story about Dominion machines in Michigan on Monday and added his own commentary: “Software from hell!” 

As the Trump campaign prepares a legal assault on results in battleground states, Michigan Republican Party spokesperson Tony Zammit told Bridge Michigan that attorneys are examining other counties that use Dominion machines and ElectionSource software “as well as other irregularities that we've seen from county boards and other polling places throughout the state.”

But the Antrim County mistake was a “one-off” caused by an “unusual set of circumstances” and is not evidence of big election problems, said J. Alex Halderman, director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Computer Security and Society.

“If there are more widespread problems, they're likely to come to light through routine post-election procedures,” he said. “But it’s unlikely that there were any problems of great enough magnitude to influence the result in Michigan.”

Biden beat Trump by nearly 150,000 votes statewide, 50.6 percent to 47.9 percent.

A total of 18,059 voters cast ballots in Antrim County, which acknowledged the error Wednesday and corrected it Friday to Trump beating Biden by 2,494 votes.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson published a lengthy explanation of the Antrim incident Friday evening, describing it as “human error” caused by the county’s failure to update election management software it used to report unofficial results.

Dominion voting machines tallied the Antrim County votes correctly, but ElectionSource software used to combine the results from individual voting machines was not properly configured, according to Benson’s office. 

“As with other unofficial results reporting errors, this was an honest mistake and did not affect any actual vote totals,” the Department of State said. “Election clerks work extremely hard and do their work with integrity. They are human beings, and sometimes make mistakes. However, there are many checks and balances that ensure mistakes can be caught and corrected.”

Several county clerks that use Dominion voting equipment told Bridge they experienced no irregularities with the election software. 

Barb Byrum, clerk of Ingham County, which uses Dominion voting equipment, said bipartisan county boards of canvassers are currently meeting to review election results, which will serve as another opportunity to check for errors in results reporting.  

Kent County Clerk Lisa Posthumus Lyons, a Republican who was the party’s nominee for lieutenant governor in 2018, told Bridge she has "full faith" in the Dominion product that both Antrim and Kent counties use. 

Michigan’s 83 counties are currently canvassing local results to identify any other potential errors, a routine process that will be followed by a full statewide canvass, which must be completed before any candidate can request a recount. 

Beyond Antrim, none of the election results in counties that use Dominion equipment were outside historical norms. Trump won 63 of the 69 counties and the six counties with the equipment that Biden carried — Wayne, Ingham, Saginaw, Marquette, Kent and Leelanau — are either Democratic strongholds or are becoming more liberal.

What really happened in Antrim

The Antrim County error wasn’t caused by any programming error, said Halderman, the U-M computer science professor. Rather, vote tallies from the Dominion machines did not match ElectionSource candidate “definitions,” which are essentially spreadsheet headers. 

Shortly before the election, Antrim noticed that two local races were not included in those candidate definitions. The county had ElectionSource make a new version of the file and applied it to machines in precincts where those local races were on the ballot, Halderman said. 

The county should have also applied those new candidate definitions to voting machines in most other parts of the county, but it did not. In spreadsheet terms, that means headers did not match the columns in many precincts, where Trump votes were initially reported as Biden votes.

“It was ultimately a human error,” Halderman said. “The election officials in Antrim should have known that all of the election definitions had to be the same… So it’s not really about the software systems. It's about software configurations that didn't match.”

Dominion did not reply to a request for comment, and ElectionSource President Jeff Delongchamp did not respond to a voicemail. In a statement, ElectionSource said it and counties that use its software “settle for nothing less than accurate election results”

There was not a “glitch” in the software, the firm said. “The Election Management Software performed exactly and accurately.”

Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy did not respond to Bridge requests, but in a statement shared by ElectionSource, the Republican official said the county had made a “minor correction” to a ballot that caused “compounding changes to how the software totals and presented the data.”

The initially skewed results “were a result of procedural misunderstanding that the Clerk’s Office had never before experienced,” Guy said. 

Halderman said it is fair to call the mistake a glitch, because it was a “real anomaly,” albeit one that was “ultimately minor in character.” Even though human error is to blame, the state, county and software vendors should learn lessons from the incident, he said. 

“The software should be designed to detect and prevent this kind of glitch,” Halderman told Bridge.

“Just like in aviation, when you have an accident that's caused by pilot error, we want to go back and figure out how we can change the technology and the training to make sure that that kind of error can't happen.”

Election security

Leaders in Michigan's Republican-led Legislature signaled Friday that they plan to subpoena records from Antrim County as they investigate "allegations regarding the integrity" of the election. Lawmakers are also pursuing records from Benson’s office and Detroit Clerk Janice Winfrey. 

Experts say what happened in Antrim amounts to a clerical error, of which there were several across the state last week. All were quickly fixed but have been cited by Trump supporters as evidence of wrongdoing.

In Shiawassee County, for instance, Republican Clerk Caroline Wilson accidentally added a zero to Biden’s vote total, temporarily giving him a major boost in unofficial results. The mistake was quickly fixed, but not before a right-wing news site ran an inflammatory headline falsely declaring that a “massive dump” of Biden ballots suddenly appeared overnight in Michigan.

In Rochester Hills, GOP Clerk Tina Barton’s office mistakenly transmitted an absentee ballot count file twice, temporarily boosting Biden’s vote total in a handful of precincts. It was quickly corrected, but Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel cited it as an example of “voting irregularities” in a Friday news conference announcing a new legal team in Michigan. 

Barton responded that evening: “As a Republican, I am disturbed that this is intentionally being mischaracterized to undermine the election process.”

Dominion machines have also been questioned in Georgia, where two counties made errors when encoding voting access cards in electronic poll books. 

But like in Antrim County, those errors were quickly fixed and appear to be the result of small-scale human error, said Ian Kennedy of the Election Integrity Partnership, a rapid response group from the University of Washington and the Stanford Internet Observatory that was formed to address mis- and disinformation. 

"I think what you see is people reaching for something that can be attributed broadly across counties, instead of specifically, and the evidence doesn't really support that," Kennedy said. 

"The election results are really clear, and in order for them to change, there would have to be something systematically wrong. And so this, even though it's false, offers a false narrative of systemic wrongdoing. But like other claims of voter fraud, there's no evidence for it."

Halderman co-chairs the Michigan Election Security Advisory Commission created by Benson to identify weaknesses in the state system and recommend reforms. 

The commission last month released a report detailing a host of potential Election Day problems, including cyberattacks from foreign nations, software problems and power outages. 

“I don’t think the Antrim County incident sheds any light on security problems,” he said. “The state has explained what happened in a way that makes complete technical sense.”

Michigan’s system may be vulnerable to hacks, but not as vulnerable as many other states, according to the commission report. The state uses ballots, which can be audited and reviewed after the election to ensure accuracy and procedural integrity.  

"I thought the Michigan election overall was quite orderly, and the state was very well prepared going into it," Halderman said Monday. "There are still checks and auditing procedures left to do that I think people who are concerned about the result should continue paying attention to. This is how we get evidence the election process is right and one that everyone can believe in.”

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Mon, 11/09/2020 - 5:00pm

Excellent reporting!

"Michigan’s system may be vulnerable to hacks, but not as vulnerable as many other states, according to the commission report. The state uses ballots, which can be audited and reviewed after the election to ensure accuracy and procedural integrity."

The DNC should double check the vote counts in the GOP senate districts, like Linsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, etc. The stakes are way to high for the DNC to trust those results.

Mon, 11/09/2020 - 6:09pm

Could you please provide examples of clerical errors benefitting Republicans in Michigan or any other states during this election.

Tue, 11/10/2020 - 12:49am

This is both sidesism. Republican clerks made mistakes, and they want you to report democrats making mistakes so they can blame democratic clerks. The problem is that hasn't happened or we haven't heard of it.

That is what they want. Plausible cause.

Every time. For everything.

And they usually get it.

If one was cynical, one might think these clerks did this so that there was something to make cause over.

Carl M
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 2:38am

That is why votes need to be counted. If there is a real democracy and there are claims of rigged election, then Biden as a "winner" should be the first to call for a vote recount - if he is so sure that he won what is he affraid of?

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:34am

Why is Trump hiding in a bunker again?

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 12:04pm


if he is so sure that he won what is he affraid of?

I wouldn't go around using that phrase if I was in your camp. That phrase was used by the GOP to justify the Patriot Act spying on you in 2006. By the time Obama was elected? They started complaining about the Govn't spying on them, and I now ask you and Mr Trump"

If ya ain't got nothin; to hide, what are you afraid of? Show us your taxes! Show us the unredacted Mueller report! If you are a patriot the Patriot act is yours. Don't complain about spying when you authorized it.

If these claims had any basis to them, I would back them all the way. You want to throw out MY mail in ballot and tens of thousands of others though. NOT happening!

Sun, 11/22/2020 - 10:37am

Too many instances of anomalies. Just LISTEN to Sydney Powell in the press conference everyone wants to dismiss because they cannot think for themselves. She has very specific information about specific patterns in vote counts that are statistically impossible not just improbable. Also a forensic analysis of software has been done. People are crying about unsubstantiated claims. Well those claims will soon be substantiated in court. The sources of this information do not want their lives ruined until the case is made. The democrats have proven themselves to be evil when it comes to private citizens doing the right thing. Liberal media has kept its base in the dark on this issue in a effort to stifle it. Should the allegations make the case to inaugurate Donald Trump as president this will be an unbelievable kick in the teeth to liberals who will freak out and burn our cities requiring no less than a full military action to stop them.

Tue, 11/10/2020 - 7:13am

Could you please provide examples of errors benefitting either side that weren't caught and corrected?

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:31am


Mon, 11/09/2020 - 7:20pm

The Republicans want examples of election fraud so badly, they felt compelled to cite corrected clerical errors by Republicans officials in Rochester Hills and Antrim and Shiawassee counties. That's desperate.

Tue, 11/10/2020 - 9:03pm

And all "errors' are one sided - funny how that works. DJT is your president.

You're FIRED!
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 6:05pm

Because of Republican incompetence at the local level. Good point, we need to vote out the GOP on all levels. It's not that the fish only stinks at the head. We the People voted to dump trump. Not our president for much longer.

Tue, 11/10/2020 - 11:27am

Unfortunately, the claims against Dominion may have some validity. Just check into the background of Sequoia and Smartmatic, all owned by Dominion, have had their fair share of controversy. The same company who brought you 'hanging chads' and 'broken touchscreens, 2008' is owned by Dominion. Then there's this article from 2006:

I'd strongly advise against a 'rush to judgement'...I'm not sure this election is over, yet...and there is a monolithic pile of lawsuits, the outcomes of which has yet to be determined.

Um, naw
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:33am

No one believes Trump has a chance. Everyone working with/for Trump are job hunting right now, just to save face and reduce debts.

Thu, 11/12/2020 - 8:50am

Doesn't really matter if the public 'believes' it - facts are facts and DJT will be in the White House for 8 more years - get your torches ready cupcake

Andrew LB
Tue, 11/10/2020 - 6:44pm

If it was human error, then why has this same issue happened in Wisconsin and Georgia? People investigating the data have written automated software which checks the county by county vote totals obtained from Edison Data, the same company ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC use and compares them to the minute by minute vote totals and detects the flipping of votes from Trump to biden. The fraud discovered is absolutely massive.

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:42am

Q-Anon called and told me the same thing.

Sun, 11/15/2020 - 8:21am

As one of the people who was actually recording the update change % by %.
It was strange why 'just' the battleground had their vote count freeze for an hour... many overseas was still watching the count update live even if Americans went to bed. People from other countries and those who stayed up to watch the update might not have noticed what happened at Wisconsin when a 1% increase (94-95%) added 180k votes; math doesn't add up as if it forced to correct itself for a charted result.
It is bad to see division in America regardless of how the final result and how many Americans from both sides are not happy with the disputed process. However, what is probably more disturbing is how much of the mainstream media turn off their journalism to report what is going on in America and why would millions of people are questioning the integrity of a country that was the foundation of democracy after WWII. What the media are doing is suppressing information much like the World Famous "Wuhan's State-run media" that kept telling the world "nothing is wrong" "No evidence of human to human transmission".

Why it doesn't get bi-partisan support for investigation (aside from political reason) is beyond me because if I was accused of cheating, I would rather it there be an open investigation than leaving thing as it is. Many people were accepting the result even if it isn't who they want but the balance action that follows up with Media Suppression makes America no different than China.
RIP Li: Your Death was really in vain because the world had already forgotten the errors many global leaders made in the past.
Edit: Some have awaken and many are still fighting for a transparent democracy.
Ps. There are even election offical from the other side that supports the investigation too even if it's still the minority.

Glen G
Tue, 11/10/2020 - 6:56pm

I'm seeing today, 11/10, that a whistleblower has come forward. Will this article be updated?

I call BS
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:43am

I wonder if Bill Barr will prosecute people who sign false affidavits.

Tue, 11/10/2020 - 8:57pm

Good clear detailed explanations on what happened.

Tue, 11/10/2020 - 9:03pm

Got another one for you - sign the petition - recall whitmer!!

Michelle R
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:45am

Why, we love her. She is doing a great job. She will be reelected again. Gerrymandering will be gone next election.

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:49am

Gina, nice try at deflection.

Tue, 11/10/2020 - 10:15pm

Fuel "false" fraud claims.

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 7:44am

Liberal outlets, including this site, pushed the voter suppression narrative for people trying to enforce election laws. With no evidence to support the claim.

Now that we do have evidence of possible voter fraud, liberal outlets rush to label it as human error. Yes, many corrected the fraud/error after it was publicized, how many "errors" that haven't been publicized are out there?

Democrats are still resisting all investigations into ensuring the accuracy of this election for some reason.

Where's the meat?
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:47am

Trump is busy shredding government records, thinking how he can monetize selling state secrets?

Charlie Day
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 8:48am

Democrat here.
The Dominion fraud is not false and last night a high level Dominion employee went on record regarding this last night (with a small news source, due to being canceled by the tabloid media known as Fox news, who are no different than Bridge).
She worked directly under one of the co-owners of Dominion, and witnessed numerous incidents of the same ballots being scanned in to the tabulating machine more than 10 times each (i.e. turning 1 vote into 10 votes).
She is on record also stating that she brought this to her supervisor's attention while they were in Wayne county tabulating ballots (Supervisor, co-owner named Nick Ikonomakis), and he told her to ignore it.
She will be interviewed by investigators soon, today I suspect.
Bridge is participating in covering this up and it's kind of disgusting.
We Democrats value Democracy, and Democracy can not live when the media is trying to define and redefine the truth instead of reporting on what is going on.
Please stop this nonsense.

I call BS
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:53am

Anyone who reads any of your posts knows you aren't a democrat. So I stopped reading at that lie.

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:56am

You lost, sorry Charlie!

a Democratic voter
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 12:11pm

Please stop this nonsense.

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 9:01am

The article makes much of the fact that Michigan " ... uses ballots, which can be audited and reviewed after the election to ensure accuracy and procedural integrity."

But how many Michigan jurisdictions actually conduct reviews or audits? What proportion of our voting precincts, and what proportion of Michigan's votes are subject to random-selection audits, held by which counties and cities? I've repeatedly heard that there is "no evidence" of election fraud or abuse of mail-in ballots. And I have even more repeatedly wondered where and when do election officials look for evidence of any problems?

Bridge could help to reassure suspicious voters by covering the election operation post mortems, any audits that are routinely performed by City, County, and Township clerks or state-wide, and the "corrective actions" taken by jurisdictions to prevent re-occurrence of the errors described in this report were "found and fixed" during Election Day and shortly afterwards.

For a specific example, it made me suspicious, back in mid-2019, that Secretary of State Benson refused to perform what had been the routine update of our state voting rolls to mark those voters as "inactive" who hadn't voted in 8 or more years or responded to one or more postcards to their registration address. She claimed that this 2-decade old standard procedure amounted to intentional voter suppression. It made me even more suspicious when Benson used that un-updated voter roll to send an absentee ballot application to every registered voter in the state, including those previously marked inactive in 2015.

Could Bridge please report on any extra precautions to prevent absentee voting in multiple jurisdictions that were put in place during this election's unprecedented expansion of voting by mail? And if there were no extra precautions pre-election, what are the plans to audit absentee voting, including collaboration across states?

Get a job!
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 12:00pm

Interesting. Bridge could help the frivolous Trump lawsuits for free. Genius if you don't understand the concept of journalism or freedom of the press. You realize Trump is still president, right? If Trump lost, he should be able to prove it. He controls our government. Trump lost even in states run by Republicans with no proof anywhere of fraud.

Mon, 11/16/2020 - 12:26am

Well put.

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:27am

Yeah, we know Trump is a grifter, a liar, a heretic. but he gives us a voice. All the PC police took away our right to vent. In high school, I was considered cool when I dropped the F-bomb and the N-word. Now I feel, well, feminine. So yes I will give more money to Trump to fight for a recount, even though I know 50% of the money will go to pay Trump's campaign debts. Yeah, I know he lost and that he is a loser, but man, I love him. So get over it, I know I'm getting into debt to relieve Trump of his debt. I look at it as an entertainment bill, like my exorbitant cable bill. Again, I know he lost. I know Biden won. I know Biden will be better for our country. Just let me be. I'm having a moment. Trump gives me a reason to be.

Thomas Taylor
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 2:28pm

People just need to be patient and push for MI to do a hand-recount, and a revetting of the ballots, complete with matching envelopes, matching signatures, valid addresses, and so forth.

Thomas Taylor
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 3:00pm

Michigan just needs to do a complete hand-recount. Match envelopes with ballots. Match signatures. Let GOP poll watchers observe the process. Look for dead people and multiple people at the same address. Basic forensics. So people don't think the election was a Democrat Fraud

I call BS
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 6:10pm

The election was not even close and there is no evidence of fraud. So STFU and grow up. We don't have money to waste on frivolous lawsuits and BS GOP fantasies.

Blah Blah
Thu, 11/12/2020 - 3:49pm

Waste money on frivolous lawsuits??? LOL. Short term memory I see. Waste on impeachment and four years of whiny bullshit.

Charles Mimnaugh
Wed, 11/11/2020 - 8:04pm

Interesting that all the "mistakes" gave votes to Biden, none to Trump.

Joyce Brown
Thu, 11/12/2020 - 2:09pm

This piece reeks of partisanship and most of the comments bear that out. Deplorable.

John Q Censored
Thu, 11/12/2020 - 3:16pm

Let's see how Georgia shakes out. It might unlock the key to everything else.

Let's see if this comment gets censored just like the rest.

Joe Biden
Thu, 11/12/2020 - 10:19pm

When a Trump supporter signs a statement claiming they witnessed voter fraud also believes that the President is involved in a covert operation to take down a global cabal of child rapist..while at the same being the only one standing up and protecting the US from the one world communist government!!!... Its not gonna hold much weight in the courts!!! Sorry Donald......sad

Oh no!!!
Thu, 11/12/2020 - 10:22pm

If Trump is no longer the President how is he going to take down the global cabal of child rapist?!?!?! Save the children!

Fri, 11/13/2020 - 12:56am

So coming from a Senior Software engineer with 18 years in the industry, any data being passed via a human should have code written to validate the data exchange. So my question is why doesn't the software validate the spreadsheets using schema? This would ensure that any inconsistences with the spreadsheets would not allow the software to continue until the spreadsheet matched the scheme.

Richard David Flynn
Fri, 11/13/2020 - 7:30am

I thought your Covid coverage was very good. Who brought the paper for the windows? Who instructed poll workers to cover the windows? When oversight is denied for one minute, some number of poll workers are taking action other than their sworn duty to maintain integrity of the election.

Saying Antrim was a one off is a lie. Bridge had no way of verifying that assertion.

So happy I hesitated in donating to your fake election news.

Fri, 11/13/2020 - 9:38am

I have been a computer scientist for over 30 years. Issues such as the one that is being reported would be suspect in a testing environment. Systems and "software configurations" that present any issue can, and most likely do, have issues in "hand-shaking" data thus not providing the true data collected by the initial process. Sorry, but as a software engineer this issues raises many red flags.

Carl Krammit
Fri, 11/13/2020 - 6:07pm

Isn't it strange how all of the errors, both human and non-human, are GOING IN ONE DIRECTION (votes for Biden)??

an Enigma
Sun, 11/15/2020 - 2:54pm

Isn't even more strange how they were all caused by republican clerks? If one was cynical, one might think it was done purposely.

Gary DesRoches
Mon, 11/16/2020 - 11:14am

I don't know enough about the Dominion program but what is reported is there are some very serious weaknesses.
I've done my share of programming. The first thing is to determine what is trying to be accomplished (counting votes) and how to be effective, making sure the count is correct and secure.
Not knowing the facts about how the program is constructed I can't tell if identifiable weaknesses have been addressed or not. The report the machines were connected to the internet and the USB ports were accessible are certainly serious security problems. Adequate security control of those logins that can modify the data is a must.
There is a known process to take care of scanning jams. I suspect each scan does not have a good, unique identifier to address the problem of multiple scans of the same document, which if true, will cause or allow multiple vote counts for the same ballot.
I would have designed the program with a checksum that includes a unique identifier, the votes on this specific ballot, and provide for encryption and security for the data at every place I could.
If at all possible inputs need to be made to prevent the other problems, such as dead people voting. Any kind of check for suspect data, like large sets of 100% votes for one candidate, and any method to determine if the data could be suspect, like more votes than registered to vote, should be flagged for investigation.
The know, "garbage in, garbage out" problem needs to be addressed. If there were invalid ballots for any reason, but the input to the program otherwise is formatted correctly, the program will spit out an invalid result. Some way outside of the program needs to adequately address all of these problems.
If these known problems were not well resolved then someone intended to take advantage of the flaws to cheat the system.

Mon, 11/16/2020 - 5:19pm

“The software should be designed to detect and prevent this kind of glitch,” Halderman told Bridge.
Agree 100%,it is unbelievable such software is accepted by a state to select a person who can press a "button". I do live in a country with a better system than USA has. Shocking.
The country of Google, Microsoft etc can not get a decent software program. Why not?
Do a recount in all states, or do not talk about people who do not trust your system anymore. Next time, it can be other side,

Gary Klein
Tue, 11/17/2020 - 4:08pm

Being a former computer coder/programmer, we had a truthful saying: "To Err is Human, but to Really Screw Things Up, You Need a Computer!" That seems to be the case here and more than likely other places as well. If I was going to rig an election, I wouldn't mess with the ballots, that is small potatoes, I would use the computer software that tallies the totals. Was this done deliberately? We don't know, and the only reason it was caught was because it made no sense at all that a Republican county went to Biden aka Sleepy Joe. Yeah, I would have shaved some votes from Trump, but you can't take most of them like happened here.

Thu, 11/19/2020 - 2:28pm

Who do I trust regarding reporting? Bridge or CBS? I saw a report on CBS news about this software problem not being a software problem but human error on CBS news. The report stated that the problem was incorrect totals due to ballots being scanned in wrong upside down or fed in some way into the machine so the ballots registered for Biden not Trump. It was simple human error for about 3000 ballots in one county that showed an error and was corrected. The CBS report stated that the problem was a software error regarding the scanning of the ballots and it was corrected. The report by mainstream media did not state it was some kind of spreadsheet tabulation error or mismatch of ARRAY INDEXES to cells in a spreadsheet reporting program, which is what this article is implying. This article is implying that software updates had to be made to allow additional candidates added to have locations on the ballot which were not in other columns so a shift in votes occurred from mismatched column definitions or missing column definitions in reporting software for some machines. Really? Can you prove that. Can the state of Michigan prove to me that the CBS story was false and this story was true? Can the state of Michigan prove to me that ballots were not scanned backwards or in some wrong order like fed in backwards and not defaulted to Biden for some "scanning error"? Can the state prove to me that I voted and that my vote counted and who I voted for? Can the state prove to me that my parents voted and who they voted for and how they voted? Can I look this up? Supposedly I can according to the Secretary of State website. Supposedly I can trust the people who work for the City of Detroit who are reading all the ballots and the poll watchers and challengers can look at and challenge any vote. Supposedly nobody can scan a ballot twice or put in fake ballots and those would be detected. Supposedly nobody can take voters who are in nursing homes and influence them to vote in one way, or take their "legal" ballots as they are in nursing homes and mark them for one candidate and these people in nursing homes who sit almost comatose in their wheelchairs lining the hallways unaware of even who is visiting them can vote legally and all vote for Biden. Supposedly medical staff that visit these people will not be influencing them to vote one way in the course of their job, even as home health care professionals in our home come to my parents who are supposedly suffering from dementia and cognitive issues. And these health care professionals lobby my parents directly to vote for Obama and then Hillary and then Biden. Supposedly the City County Building is full of workers who are non-partisan and they as civil servants are not supposed to show partisanship during the course of their work or lobby for one candidate or the other. Supposedly when I visited Detroit to see the people who saw Candidate Obama back in 2008 in Detroit supposedly when I took a picture of the Detroit City County Building at that time a set of posters in the window geared toward candidate Obama was not in the window of the City County building which is supposedly the City of Detroit and supposedly that photo I took back then would be a lie now if I showed it. And supposedly I'm supposed to take these things as being evidence from the news both CBS which tells me the forms were simply scanned wrong by workers and worker error happens but is corrected and that worker error just happened to help Biden and not Trump and it was just a software "scanning glitch" but not it's conveniently a spreadsheet glitch. Supposedly the votes by the procedures of poll watching and election watching on the Secretary of State website which I downloaded state if to many challenges happen by a poll challenger or poll watcher which slows down the vote count, they can be thrown out for interfering and checking on the validity of a vote. Supposedly they can only check for dates of birth not signartures when the ballots are opened from the mail. Supposedly a full audit can happen, but won't happen because I'm supposed to trust them. Supposedly all it fine just some errors were made to help Biden only and it was all a setup by republicans who are to blame and we should just trust the democrats. And supposedly if we get rid of all republican candidates through removing gerrymandering with new gerrymandering for the democrats instead, all will be well and we never have to question democrats. Supposedly the democratic press or those who are in the press never make up fake news, it's all true rumor and innuendo based on what someone thinks or feels or believes. And that press as the 4th estate is telling me the truth without bias. It's all a bunch of BS. As far as I'm concerned. I know that civil servants are supposed to be non-partisan and there are of course some who may violate that rule and cheat for their candidate choice. I know that it can happen but supposedly it's only done by Republicans through "error" and that user error was used to "frame" democrats who are all doing their job correctly. And republicans are just making errors for Biden to say that democrats are and democrats never cheat. How much BS do I have to swallow and how many bars of soap do I have to bend over and reach to believe these statements of fact? I don't believe them. I don't believe bridge articles, I don't believe in the mainstream press. I also don't believe false narratives from the far right. But you have to PROOF TO ME that the system isn't rigged to allow Biden to win and it was not abused. You have to prove this with a full audit and include to me proof real ballots were not remarked or filled in for those who did not use them or even know what the hell they were doing. And that those in quarantine drugged up and protected from their families for the sake of their lives didn't have their votes stolen to help Biden win. After all they were all killed by our president. And he was a threat to their health directly and responsible for their deaths. And of course we must blame him for the things Democrats did. And supposedly when executive orders limiting my freedom of movement and commerce are completely legal and good from our Governor, and if the President doesn't do the same and be a dictator he is not a good president and guilty of murder, but our little dictator in office does all things right. I know I know, it's all the Republicans fault. Every thing done by the democrats and the press have been perfectly legal and they won't win on their side "using any means necessary". They are as innocent as all left wing and anti-facists. They are simply fighting against "statesmen" after all Hitler was for Germany, and nationalism is by default bad, but Churchill and Stalin were okay and they were not statesmen? So Trump equals Hitler, but Whitmore is fine. Yes and we can trust the democrats, socialists and comunists because only republicans take advantage of and make money from their own office. Democrats never do that, only republicans. Well I've worked under both and for both. So unfortunately I don't believe it. So the burden of proof is for the state of Michigan to prove to me as a voter that they have not fixed the election and prevented voter fraud by showing me that the valid ballots were cast and those who didn't cast votes legally were not having their votes taken and recast by party players from any side. They have to prove that to prove to me voter fraud. Find any bad actor you wish to blame for their procedure changes to "help save our lives" and keep us safe, and keep the ballots safe from tampering, but only from tampering from the Republicans and not democrats, and prove to me I can trust any election in Michigan again. Because although this seems like an attack on democracy itself and a theft of the lives of voters themselves by stealing their votes and changing them. This is simply a little thing and little story so move on. I know it's just Trump making up a noise from a configuration of votes which favor Biden and the fearful who mailed in from home. I know the overarching reality which may and should favor Biden. All I ask for is proof at the vote audit level. As a citizen of the State of Michigan and taxpayer, is that too much to ask for. (Former State worker here and someone who has worked in Data Processing and with "scanning software support for the State of Michigan".)