Will Postal Service botch election in Michigan? It’s unlikely, experts say.

President Trump has attacked mail-in balloting, calling it fraudulent and a threat to his candidacy — and suggesting he’d withhold funding for the Postal Service to hinder the practice. (Shutterstock)

For weeks, Americans have feared impending doom: Cuts in the U.S. Postal Service would jeopardize mail-in balloting during the November election.

On the verge of likely the biggest absentee-ballot election in Michigan history, those fears were spurred by the removal of mail boxes and sorting machines across the country, including some in Michigan.

President Trump has attacked mail-in balloting, calling it fraudulent and a threat to his candidacy — and suggesting he’d withhold funding for the Postal Service to hinder the practice. Officials warned Michigan and 45 other states there’s no guarantee absentee ballots would arrive in time to be counted in November.

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At least one test, though, suggests the worst fears may be overblown.

Bridge Michigan asked co-workers, correspondents and family members to send nearly 50 pieces of mail in the past two weeks, within 10 counties, mimicking the shorter distance that an absentee ballot would go (typically to the local elections clerk in the same town).

Only one took more than three days (a letter in Midland took five days) and most took just two days to zip around counties from Monroe to Houghton and a number of points in between.

More than 30 letters sent in Antrim, Clare, Grand Traverse, Ingham, Midland, Monroe, Muskegon and Washtenaw counties took just two days or less to arrive. Three letters in Houghton took three days, three letters in Oakland County (West Bloomfield, Birmingham and Beverly Hills) took three days.

As of Friday, only one letter had not been delivered: a letter sent from Birmingham on Aug 21, a total of six business days.

That’s not to say letters can't take longer, and volume should increase as  Election Day nears. And that’s not to say letters and packages traveling greater distances are not seeing delays.

But local mail seems to be getting delivered in relatively short order, said Amy Puhalski, president of American Postal Workers Union Local 281 in Grand Rapids, who is a mail processor. She has noted the dismantling of sorting machines in her region.

Puhalski said she has heard recent complaints about late delivery — but never on letters traveling within a community, as is typically the case for absentee ballots. 

She said the U.S. Postal Service for decades has put a priority on political mail, pulling it aside to ensure its timely delivery whether it’s an absentee ballot or a candidate’s advertisement.

“I don’t believe that there will be [a delay,]” she said, of election-related mail.

Election mail is not the only concern, though: Millions get their monthly prescriptions filled by mail and many get monthly pensions and Social Security checks by mail.

That prompted Michigan U.S. Sen. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Township, to launch an investigation into cost-cutting moves by U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Peters is the ranking Democrat on the Senate committee that oversees the Postal Service and he began asking questions about the Postal Service in July after receiving more than 7,500 complaints in recent months about delivery delays.

During a hearing, Peters questioned DeJoy about the service’s practice of treating election mail as priority mail, and DeJoy said he didn’t intend to change any policies.

“The policies directed by Postmaster General DeJoy have created mail delays at a time when Michiganders are counting on reliable service to receive prescription drugs, paychecks and bills, for small businesses to connect with their customers, and to safely vote by mail – especially during the pandemic,” Peters said in an emailed comment to Bridge.

DeJoy last week defended the removal of sorting machines and other moves, like cutting overtime, saying they did not affect performance and were needed to cut costs.

In Michigan, voters have until 8 p.m. on Election Day to return a mail-in ballot, which can be done in person. To be counted, however, it needs to arrive by mail on Election Day, not just be postmarked by then.

Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s secretary of state, has urged voters to mail their ballot application requests and then their ballots as soon as possible to ensure their votes are counted.

More than 6,000 ballots did not arrive in time to be counted during the August primary, and Benson has said she has requested that legislators change state law to allow late ballots to count. 

But even if they don’t change the law, voters should leave lots of time, her staff said.

We are recommending two weeks out [from Election Day,]” Tracy Wimmer, a spokesperson for Benson, wrote in an email to Bridge Michigan. “After that we will be advising folks should return them in person or to a drop box.”

Facts matter. Trust matters. Journalism matters.

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John Adams
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 8:57am

The article about delivery times is really not worth the time spent to write it, if the intent of the “test” was to determine the length of time a mail-in ballot might take in the mail. As pointed out in the article, mail volumes will be increased at election time, which could alter the time it takes to deliver mail.

Matt G
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 9:47am

Also, they've already shown the mail service can be interrupted and policies can be changed on a whim when you have these GOP types in office who actively want to destroy the departments they oversee, so what's to stop that from happening? The appearance of issues alone is enough for people to lose trust.

Also, sending letters by bridge staff doesn't matter a lick. They can and have targeted certain areas so that the problems can be seen as "hysteria" by people in other parts of the country. What matters is the ballots sent during the election from places that are likely to vote Biden. Those are the ballots they would mess with if they wanted to screw with the election.

Who cares about random letters sent in August? Doesn't Bridge have any scientifically literate people on the staff that would be able to think of a test that would be worthwhile?

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 6:35pm

Let us be honest the mail will not be the headline the day after the election it will be in the clerks offices, and what they accepted and more importantly what they rejected.
Are you too young to remember the 'hanging chad' in Dade County Florida [a Democrat Clerk administered the voting] and it was used as justification by the Democrat Party in going to court to overturn the election results? [That loss probably was the reason for the Hillary paid for dossier and DOJ/FBI used in trying to overturn 2016 election. ]
Now we can only expect the Democrats to try to throw out this years election results [if Biden loses] because there were too many spoiled mailing ballot that were rejected [by Democrat clerks or Sec of States].
The better reporting would haven't been how many of Michigan mail in ballots were rejected, why and what percentage of this November's election we should expect to see rejected. And we haven't even begun hearing serious talking about the 'ballot harvesting' the Democrats are promoting [it will likely be justified based on Senator Peters' claims from what he heard in the USPS hearing and what he hears from his constituents.
The Democrats' seem to have a long history of reported practices [some of actually remember learning about Tammany Hall their practice in high school civics/history] trying to manipulated election results. History suggests they have the knowledge/experience, the last four years have shown they have the inclination, now we even hear Democrats openly talking about Biden not accepting the results and that suggests, a faction within the Party, is planning on the results being question/contested.
No matter which way you lean come November, what matters is the American public's confident in the process and results. I wonder what Sec of State Benson is doing to ensure that the voting process [not an excessive number votes are spoiled and rejected], the counting is accurate, and reporting is timely to justify the confidence of Michigan residence.

middle of the mit
Sun, 08/30/2020 - 9:10pm


What is this? You are blaming dems for the chads in Florida? And Hillary too? Have you ever heard of The Washington Free Beacon ? Conservative news paper that started that fabled dossier.



And for how many months has the President said He himself wouldn't accept the election unless he won? And who is the one running around pushing the demise of the post office and telling people that absentee ballots that you send in the mail isn't the same as voting by mail?

This article talks about most of these concerns.

And the only people I hear talking about ballot harvesting is Republicans pushing an ideology that they got caught doing in North Carolina in 2018. Why are you projecting your fraud onto Senator Peters?

Dems have a long history of voter suppression? Your party just got the ability to put "poll watchers and other non suppression techniques" in polling locations after you appointed enough judges to dismiss the cases that your party had committed over the decades.



Republican officials publicly signaled plans to step up their Election Day monitoring after a judge in 2018 lifted a consent decree in place since 1982 that barred the Republican National Committee from voter verification and other “ballot security” efforts
And again, who is the sitting President that won't accept the results unless he wins?

After poking Senator Peters and ballot harvesting into my search engine, what did I find duane? Nothing about Senator Peters calling for ballot harvesting. What I did find is that Peter Navarro is saying that dems are using the Post Office as a ballot harvesting endevour.


Publicans. Always projecting their lawlessness onto others.

Wed, 09/02/2020 - 10:21pm

No blame, just describing facts. The Democrats were in control of the election process in Dade county Florida and the Democrats used those problems to justify to the courts overturning the election.
I believe it is the Democrats who haven't accepted the 2016 election results, they started talking about impeachment immediately following the election, they have been investigating the election ever since then, every time an investigation fails to find proof to Trump doing something illegal they start another election, even when they were giving trillions of dollars to those employers/employees affected by the pandemic they made a point to exempt those business [and their employees] from any of the support others were provided [and Trump signed the legislation because he felt the country needed]. The Democrats have been attacking his family [even his young son] simply because Trump won the election. All that sounds like the Democrats' are the ones unwilling to accept the election results.
I was simply trying to give Senator Peters so visibility and credit for creativity, but if you do believe he deserves it that I will withdraw any comments that my suggest he has done anything more then follow Senator Stabenow's lead and do Chuck Shumer's bidding.
I wonder what the Democrats' consider lawlessness, Congressman Nadler called the riots [burning businesses assaults on police and others] as a myth. The Mayor of Portland is being chased from his home by the 'rioters', does it only become unlawful to you when you can contrive someway to put GOP in the same sentence?
Like I said, at an early age I learned about how the Democrats' manipulated the election process so all I did was suggest and extension of their past practices in to the future. As the commentators on the stock market always say, 'past performance doesn't necessarily predict future actions', but it is still worth considering.

middle of the mit
Thu, 09/03/2020 - 9:44pm


Yeah, who was in control of the election rules? Jeb Bush was Governor, and this lady was in control of all elections.


. A Republican, Harris won the 2002 election to represent Florida's 13th congressional district, serving for two terms, from 2003 to 2007.Wikipedia

And this is what she said after that debacle.


Now how is it county officials are responsible for the problem, but the Republican Secretary of State said she would fix?

Don't forget to read this little nugget : "I am also proud that we have made sure that our men and women in uniform overseas will never again feel disenfranchised," Harris said. "We have totally changed the system on absentee ballots and how those votes are counted."

[[[Harris said Florida's county election supervisors now have the option of installing optical scan voting systems, which she described as far more accurate than punch-card systems.]]]

Seems as though Florida just refused to spend money to update thier voting machines to technology of this century, then when made a national embarrassment, they coughed up the money.

How is it that he dems haven't accepted the election. We don't like the results, and it is becoming clear that there are a lot of Trump voters who are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, hoping it isn't a train with another term of Trump barreling straight at them. As for impeachment? Hello Bill Clinton? Are you there? Did ya see what the tea party did? Do you think they accepted Obama winning twice? What you can't see, is right in front of your face.




There is more evidence of collusion between Trump, his children, and campaign officials with Russia, than there is about proof of voter fraud.


What ever happened with Benghaaaazi or Buttery males? Kevin McCarthy told us a long time ago, that is why you had Paul Ryan for a Speaker instead of him.







[[[I was simply trying to give Senator Peters so visibility and credit for creativity, but if you do believe he deserves it that I will withdraw any comments that my suggest he has done anything more then follow Senator Stabenow's lead and do Chuck Shumer's bidding.]]]

Here is where you admit to lying about Senator Peters and Senator Schumer. I just poked Schumer ballot harvesting into my trusty little search engine and didn't find anything about that either. AS for Senator Stabenow? You should really try looking this stuff up before you lie.

Would you mind if I took some liberties of my own?

The Trump campaign is putting out altered video of Joe Biden making him look older than he does.


Oops! That is real.

Russians are amplifying voter fraud with mail in voting. IN tune with the Trump administration.


Ooops again!

President Trump is asking voters to vote absentee...........and in person. He is asking his people to vote twice this election.


OOOps! That's real too!

NRA says if their members were to find out about corruption (that is at least on par with any union corruption) it would shock members.



See a pattern? I back up what I say while you do what? Offer some unearned visibility for Senators and candidates not of your persuasion, you admit you are lying and Bridge posts your comments the next day while if they even post mine..........it is days later. (Yeah, I see what you are doing.)

I think what Rep Nadler was saying is that isn't Antifa doing these riots or more appropriately destruction. Riots are when there is total lawlessness and people are fighting all over all the time. Your side is trying to equate peaceful protestors as rioters. The problem? The cops aren't gassing the rioters, they are gassing the people with signs and no weapons.

How do you feel about armed vigilantees taking over the street to take away peoples due process? Can I be one? Can I go out and enforce what I consider justice? Is that what you define as law and order?

And if they antifa and leftists doing this.......why are they going after a socialist mayor? Did ya ever ask yourself that question? Did it even occur to you?

You learned at an early age about Tammany Hall, that was 10 years after the start of the..............REVOLUTIONARY WAR! You know of the Jim Crow laws, don't you? Southern dem slave holders did that! Ever hear of Dixiecrats?



The Dixiecrats were a political party organized in the summer of 1948 by conservative white southern Democrats committed to states' rights and the maintenance of segregation and opposed to federal intervention into race, and to a lesser degree, labor relations. The Dixiecrats, formally known as the States' Rights Democratic Party

They defected to your party and now you have their rallying cry; STATES RIGHTS! I wonder what else you are using of theirs.

Please Brigde, do not delay this comment. Conversations between me and duane are civil and informative to everyone. I thought that is what this section was supposed to be for, promoting dialogue, or at least civil discussion. This is still the most civil board that I come across on a daily basis. At least with regards to news sites. Sometimes even then. I won't tell you what's on Britebart though. That makes me cringe.

Sun, 09/06/2020 - 9:25pm

You read the article about Detroit’s admitted errors in their voting process and how they are asking Sec of State to come in and help, The Palm Beach Board of Canvassers had similar control, so it was local control.

If the counties have the choice [buy or not optical scanners] then it would seem the local elected officials decide budget priorities. It would seem that Detroit [Democrats], much like Florida counties, choose whether voting accuracy is a priority.

Since before Trump took office the Dems were planning the impeachment of Trump and that culminated in spending the month of January presenting a case of impeachment that had no evidence of "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors", forcing the attention of the government, the media, public on to removing Trump and away from anything else, has been a significant indicator of their preoccupation with the 2016 results. Even the loser still thinks she could have won and is telling Biden to never concede.

Are you claiming that if I vote absentee [in Michigan] and then am able to vote in person that my in person ballot could not legally replace my earlier absentee ballot? And are you telling me that by voting in person I would be breaking the law and could be subject to prosecution?
You don’t seem to like Congressman Nadler’s actual words, so you are trying to rewrite them for your convenience over accuracy. Are you doing the same, rewriting for convenience what Republican’s say? The rewrites are why the media [MSNBC, CNN, etc.] has lost all its credibility. When does it stop, when is reality to be accepted? Are you going to follow Biden around and rewrite everything he says?
The bad actors, such as ANTIFA, and any criminals, go where resistance is least. The ‘liberal’/’Progressive’ mayors have told all that they are pulling back the police and not going to disrupt ‘Progressives’ activities. It’s like a rabid dog that will bite anyone even the hand that feeds them. Like the rabid dog, they are infected [by the excitement of violence and give up all socially responsible thinking and only see what they can do. If those ‘Progressives’ truly cared about the poor communities why would they start their destruction in those communities, history shows those places are the longest scarred by such wanton violence.
You still don’t seem to grasp that I have no Party, the primary difference I see between the two majors is that the Democrats have such a strict demand for Party loyalty at all levels [the Democrats rigid the primaries against Bernie and the Republicans allowed their members to pick Trump, a real contrast in practices], and the Dems have such a long history of manipulating the political system, while the Republicans are much less disciplined and open to a wider diversity of perspectives.
As for State’s rights, it would seem that Trump has encouraged the most freedom/responsibility for actions by Governors and States during this Covid 19 outbreak, he has ensure they had the supplies and facilities they needed, offer the knowledge of the federal government, while encouraging the States to use them local staff deemed appropriate [all we hear from Biden is to set national rules and control from Washington]. Even Governor Whitmer has applied the Trump approach by allowing northern Michigan to do a bit differently than Detroit.

I would like to think we are civil in our conversations. I never have been to the Britebart site, should I go/why? Are there other sites I should visit/why?

Mon, 08/31/2020 - 9:42am

When people vote in large numbers, Democrats win. Case in point: Obama, twice. Unfortunately many people didn't like Hillary's personality. She was raised Republican, BTW. Also she was railroaded by all kinds of BS and sabotaged by Russian operatives.

This time normal people are excited for change. They find Biden/Harris both capable and likeable. Trump even after four years, just doesn't seem to be up for the job and unlike his promises, he hasn't found the best and brightest to work for him. He thinks he is the best and brightest about everything, second only to his son-in-law, Kushner, who downplayed Covid to our detriment. It's all about narcissism and nepotism.

If Trump were really so great, he would have had more than just his family promoting and fawning over him at the RNC in prime time. I didn't even bother to watch the Thursday night finale featuring the "king", could stomach much past the Evita audition spectacle pandering to Hispanics by Donny Junior's Irish girlfriend and Donny's crazed look.

Government by scripted reality TV is poor government. Our country is a complete mess on Trump's watch. He is incompetent and makes every problem worse. His campaign slogan is "Don't believe your eyes, things are great under my leadership, but they will be awful under Biden." It's like the Twilight Zone.

Mon, 08/31/2020 - 9:26pm

What will you consider large numbers 125 million [2016], 123 million [2012], 131 million [2008], etc.? It seems that what matters more is where the votes are for each candidate, for in what ever election you want to count votes it is the Electoral College that matters more than total votes [it didn't take many more to move Michigan to Trump].

My point was the Post Office will have more impact in a State like Michigan where thing the Sec of State considers late otherwise 'spoils' a ballot will allow her to control more votes before there are even counted. It will be interesting what the percentage of spoiled votes will be by county and town or city. It would be an interesting article after the election how the spoiled' votes in 'Red' voting communities compare to the 'Blue' voting communities.

Are you suggesting Trump's Presidency is a scripted reality show? As for the scripted government and how results compare, in the four years how many changes will require legislative action when compared to the previous 8 years? Similarly, how many federal judge openings are currently left vacant after nearly 4 years [0], and how many were left vacant after the previous 8 years [100?], must be better 'script' writers?

I know one thing if I acted like Trump my daughters and wife would be unhappy and tell me about it, if I was acting/talking as Biden is they would be very worried about my mental state and not trusting me with any family financial decisions.
My best guess is the Democrats showed their hand when they were trying to invoke the 25th Amendment early in Trump's taking office [when those around Trump were Republicans], and with that practice and with all 'loyal' Democrats around Biden we may see the 25th Amendment used if Biden is elected.

Change is Coming
Tue, 09/01/2020 - 12:41pm

Right now these ratings are the only numbers to gage US sentiments and they don't look good for Trump:

Biden beats Trump in polls and ratings. Ouch.

It's no wonder Trump MUST cheat to win, again.

Wed, 09/02/2020 - 1:21am

Just want to get the possibilities out there so people aren't surprised and absorb what can happen so emotions don't reactions. We saw the emotional trauma and the extended resistance to reality for the past four years.
So soon we seem to forget that 4 years ago the polling was much worse for Trump.
I am curious what cheating you believe Trump has done, as I recall it was claimed he had no get out the vote 'ground game' 4 years ago. It seems Hillary and the DNC out spent Trump 4 years ago. It wasn't like he had a fabricated, by the Russian, dossier for the DOJ/FBI to use to listen in on the opponent's campaign workers. Should we use Hillary and her husband as the moral/ethic benchmark for what you consider 'cheating'?

Moral Trump
Sat, 09/05/2020 - 5:59pm

Stormy Daniels and Katherine McDougal say hi!!!

They were all being moral while Melania was preggers and raising Donald's youngest!

The FBI/CIA/DHS/DOJ and a few private contractors are ALWAYS listening whenever ANY US citizen calls a foreigner, especially ones that have ties to the Russian government!

Tue, 09/01/2020 - 1:08pm

Don't be a sore loser, especially before you actually lose. Geez louise! You and the GOP Trumpists are such whiners. You have all the power and still blame everyone else for your shortcomings. Grow up!

Fri, 09/04/2020 - 12:25pm

What has been lost, four years ago one the most morally corrupt candidates for President was defeated, in the years since then I have learned there is a 'deep state' in our government, the Democrats have shown how desperate for personal power that they have spent these last few years solely on trying to overturn a legitimate election, I have had my faith and hope for Americans validated, the Americans public has verified their collective wisdom is superior to that of a self declared 'elite'. Such wins and so much, out weighs what ever results happens this November.
This election cycle has done a couple of things for me, after watching and listening to candidate Biden I have begun conversations with my wife about a plan to transferring in stages the responsibilities of our lives, when I begin sounding like Biden it will be time for me to relinquish financial decisions to wife and daughters, to stop driving, to transfer other decisions that may have impact on the health and well being of others. By the same token candidate Trump has reinforced self respect for 'seniors' to not be intimidated by others simply because they are loud and trying to bully you with personal attacks on you and your family.
This election is showing us a contrast that age can create, one we need to be watchful for, but it also is showing how as long as you have your mental acumen you can both contribute to society and complete in the marketplace of ideas with all others, no matter the generation.
These past four years have made us all winners, and as for this coming election no matter what the results we will have the past four years. As for short coming, I must have learned something you haven't, we all have shortcomings [we are human] so I look for the perspectives of others to help me look for ways to accommodate them, I do try to belittle others, to demean them, to compensate or hide my shortcomings, I am open about them and put them on display listening for constructive ideas to manage them.

middle of the mit
Tue, 09/08/2020 - 9:12pm

[[[ then I have learned there is a 'deep state' in our government,]]]

Ever hear of the Patriot act?


That IS your deep State! Guess who created that? And MOST of it IS Privatized!! Edward Snowden DID NOT work for the Government! He worked for a Private Government contractor. How do you explain that away?

I KNOW how!! It's the same thing conservatives were telling me when I was still a conservative.

"If you have nothing to hide, what have you to fear?"



But somehow, this legislation keeps getting renewed by both parties every four years.

And even if it didn't.......would it matter when your information can be purchased for a few dollars from ANY online corporation that is more than willing to sell the information they have on you?

There is the REAL deep state.

Who again doesn't like consumer protections? It isn't Elizabeth Warren! I can tell ya that much!! And........I'll bet that socialist Bernie Stands with her in defending YOUR information being YOUR information.

Where does the Chamber of Commerce stand on this important issue of individuals personal papers, effects and information, that is all protected under the fourth amendment? Or should I say that information should be protected, because it isn't...........yet.

Wed, 09/09/2020 - 2:54pm

The 'deep state' to me is personified by Comey and they way he chose who he supported, how he manipulated things in providing his support, and how he undercut the credibility of the FBI. With the may he went after Flynn in the Whitehouse, why would anyone be open when the FBI comes calling. There are so many in the FBI that are honest and open, but knowing at the top he was posting people in positions of influence for just the opposite, how long will they be there and how will they shape the FBI's future. Who should be trusted?

You still don't seem to accept that I am an issues and consequences kind of guy, I am not a Party person. Issue by issue I will evaluate points of view and offer a view. I do not judge and issue by who is for or against. When I evaluate candidates I consider them personally, their style, their methods, their actions/results, their looking at the whole of things, their consideration of the consequences, and how I think the will decide future situations. And most importantly I look at which candidate is less likely to create lasting harm.
As on the personal data issue, my concern with Warren and Sanders is that they tend to want to create a government elite to manage personal data and access to it. I prefer and approach that is more within the control/responsibility of the individual and description of issues and concerns to take into consideration when release that information. I like things open so all can understand how it is being managed and not something done behind close doors by an elite [such as was being done by the IRS with deciding on who was approve for non-profit status].

middle of the mit
Thu, 09/10/2020 - 9:45pm


The deep state is defined, in your mind, by what Comey did? LOL! Everything Comey did in the days leading up to the election, including allowing a new statement in front of congress within weeks of a Federal election, was Illegal! He did what he did for the same reason that I want Governor Gretchen to placate you cons, to stop you from whining like little babies. The difference is what came from Comeys revelation? A great big NOTHING BURGER! The information they got from Wieners computer? Nothing more than they got from his now ex-wifes computer. What happens when we open up like you cons want? There are going more dead in the nursing homes than there ever were before!!! I say open it up and hang the results around your neck like a medal! And may America Never forget!

As for Flynn? He was an UNregistered FOREIGN AGENT FOR TURKEY, trying to kidnap a Turkish citizen who was here on asylum because his country was trying to kill him! He is also the one who had the most contact with Russian government officials! Like I said, if you contact foreign agents, be expected to have US Government agents listening to your conversation! It's been this way since 2001.

You may be issues guy, but consequences come from bad actions. And that involves responsibility. And we know you don't put blame on anyone. But also never want to take responsibility for when your actions are bad. Maybe that is why there is no blame?

As for the personal data information? Who are the elite? Right now, the elite are the ones with money and the law to sell your fourth amendment protected rights for their monetary gain. Does it matter who they sell it to? What if they sell it to a hostile foreign nation? What if they sell it to hackers? How are individuals supposed to go against corporate behemoths? Do you get a better deal individually....or do you get a better deal when you gather other individuals and bargain with a group? Isn't that how Association do it?

If you open books, then privatization for Government contractors was the worst thing that could have ever happened. They are not required to open their books for anyone.......including you.

You have defined the elite, you are just trying to REDEFINE THEM.


See, elite is supposed to mean the top of the pile. The best of the best. The cream of the crop. Those at the top. But you use Hollywood and University professors to be the scapegoat.

You do know that even the Hollywood elite have bosses that make more than they do..........don't you? Why are they NEVER mentioned with the elite?

I know why!!! They are beyond ELITE! They have risen to Creator status! Job creators. Of course, don't job creators need customers to create jobs?

As for your IRS scandal? duane, I am trying my hardest to be civil. What is the Tea Party? If they have a caucus in the House and Senate of the United States of America...........they are political, NOT charitable. Come on! If there was an influx of 10,000 more applications for "Resist America" you wouldn't be checking them for flagrantly violating the IRS code. You have no problem with the now President using a public phone with public e-mail and no Encryption from said Government. Does Lock him up apply?

Bridge doesn't like to post my comments because I am NOT polished. And I take the conservative talking points, the fact that they hate PC culture, and then I combine the two and go against them with their own talking points and everything they have stood for- for the last 40 years and I shove it down their throat. That shouldn't be controversial. Republican politicians have been espousing this since Oblame-0 was elected. But when libs do it?


Fri, 09/11/2020 - 10:49am

My concerns are not with the likes of Flynn, it is the methods used. The fact that Comey bragged about violating due process early in the Trump administration taking office to surreptitiously 'interview' Flynn. That has created an impress they feel they are above the law, when it comes to their agenda. It has lower my trust, where in the past I would been open and volunteering if an FBI agent were to come to talk to me, today it would be highly unlikely for me to say anything, I would wonder what are their real motives, are they trying to make create a scape goat for something they or others did. If you still have full faith and trust in the government, more power to you. There was a time when I had faith that people who served in the federal government were most focused on the programs and delivering the desired results, especially the FBI Comey and his staff have truly damage that to a degree that had surprised me.
Again you seem to only measure things by money, the 'elite' I talk about is any small group whether self appointed or allow to wheeled power over people without their assent or even their understanding. As an example Lois Lerner back in the Obama years was deciding what organizations would be award 503 non-profit status without regard for the law or how others were receiving that status. She was part of an 'elite' that influenced the national politics without being held accountable. In the case of the personal data, the 'elite' have not yet been selected, that will be done when Congress passes personal data laws. I suspect the organizations gathering and selling our personal data [such as Facebook, Goggle, Microsoft, and others] would like to have a small group in the federal government be the gatekeepers on each person's data and who/how it is shared/used, making it simply and much easier that request the okay from each person and being at risk for legal action if they were found not to get such releases. A small group [of government employees] would become an 'elite' that could exert great power and hold themselves above all others [much as Lerner did]. As for the Tea Party or even BLM that is in the political forum and which politicians are active advocates for them are public and is within the political process. And more importantly the politicians are selected by the voters so they get what they want, you can look at the mayors of Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. they have shown their support for BLM and the voters have a choice. In Michigan, in their day the Tea Party was open with their views and some politicians publicly supported them and some were even elected, it was open and the voters made their choices. Oh, are you going back to Hillary and thinking she should have been locked up for violating government subpoenas for destroying court order evidence, or just that she created a server and Email system that was outside of government control and protection? Did you have any concerns how her 'foundations' was so successful for getting donations while she was Sec of State and up until she lost the Presidential election. There seemed to be a de facto foundation motto along the lines of 'pay to play'. If you are alluding to the rally chant 'put her in jail', it did allow the crowds to vent their frustrations without creating any harm, not like what we are seeing with the chants and the accompanying violence. It seems the proponents of Political Correctness have a tendency to violence while those who oppose PC seem to expel their emotions through words and don't degenerate to violence on any and all around them.

I am most definitely opposed to Political Correctness, as far as I have seen it is seemly a tool used for bullying. And it repeatedly proves to be a stepping stone for large crowds to violence. Even Joe Biden has used in attempting to intimidate 'black' voters to vote for him, Biden: "If You Don't Vote for Me, 'You Ain't Black'"

middle of the mit
Sat, 09/12/2020 - 4:28pm

Why are your concerns NOT about flagrant law breakers like Flynn, while being the DNI and an unregistered foreign agent? That is a BIG red flag in my book! And I am not going to have a conversation about due process until conservatives come up with a definition that doesn't just work for them. What ever could I mean?


See, according to conservatives, if their name is inadvertantly put on the no fly list, they say their due process rights will have been taken from them. But they have no problem when a suspected criminal is shot for allegedly stealing cigars. In one scenario, (no fly list) you get to go to a court and prove you are innocent and have your name cleared and then you go buy your gun. In other words, you get due process. The other scenario? There is no Judge or jury. You're dead. That is NOT due process.


Also, if people don't talk to agents or representatives of hostile foreign nations, the big bad gubmit won't listen, and then you won't have to worry about what due process is. It's pretty easy to do.....when you think about it. And secondly, why are they talking to these people anyway, and what they are they talking about?

You don't trust the FBI or any government agency that is supposed to keep the Country safe from terrorists and other unforseen events? My what a change since 19 years ago. And why are these the only law enforcement officials that you don't trust? Again, conservatives love cops that take down blue collar crime, but those cops that take down white collar crime.....................

Again, Comey was trying to placate the Trump supporters in the NY office who were in cahoots with the Presidents now personal attorney that just so happens to be trying to cook up his own dossier.


If you take the time to read it, in pages 48-51 the Mueller report will tell you that they didn't charge Don Jr, because they said he was ignorant of the law about seeking information from Russians or other foreign governments. Let me know when ignorance of the law works for you or anyone else in America. I am not an elite....so it isn't going to work for me.



How do you feel about this?


What is the DOJ doing defending the President in a PERSONAL LAWSUIT?

What you are now complaining about is not much different than what you were complaining about the FBI. You don't like it when conservatives have their dealings investigated. Any charity that has anything to do with politics shouldn't be a charity because it isn't. It's a stinkin' tax gimmick. And by the way...more liberal charities were denied than conservative ones. You are complaining about people doing their jobs making sure that everyone is following the rules. That isn't a bad thing.........unless you aren't following the rules. That also doesn't make them the elite. Unless you count cops as elite.

The elite are the ones who have the money, and with money comes connection and power. And with that you can get access and then laws written to favor you or your group of individuals over others. Why do you think Corporations , which Mitt Romney has said are already groups of individuals, get to have associations to push their ideas into law, but workers get shat on with right to work laws and their associations (unions) busted up? Who are the elites duane?

NO! I wasn't going back to Hillary, I was trying to make an analogy that you ran right into without knowing it! You have Trump officials including his family and the President of the United States doing the same if not worse...........and what do I hear? crickets.......




Do you see why I can't take conservatives seriously anymore? Apparently the rules only apply to libs like me. WHERE IS MY DUE PROCESS?! WHERE IS EQUALITY UNDER LAW? OR..............was butterymales a scam? The rules have to apply equally, otherwise what is the point of rules?

And as far as charitable foundations go....I wouldn't go there if I was you! Trump foundation money going directly into the The Trump families pockets, foundation paying $20,000 or more for a life size portrait of the President.........that sits on a wall in Mara Lago..........the fact that neither him or his children are able to ever have a charitable organization again because of the grifting they did.



Political correctness was and should be a thing.........to a certain degree. The problem is that conservatives have taken even civilized debate and turned politics into a food fight. Who ever has more food stick to the wall seems to win. I saw local papers up here decry Rep Talib for saying " impeach the M f ere" But if they had never reported on it, most up here wouldn't have known about it. What do I see in peoples yards today? TRUMP 2020- NO MORE BULL SH@T! Or " I am an a$%hole vote for me! What civil discourse! Or is that politically correct? I just wonder because if I can read them while driving down the road, I have to believe that all the kids that are just passengers can too.

Family values all over town!!

Joe Biden said that. I'll give ya that. But Kanya is the one giving excuses for slaveholders.


Since we got off topic of what this thread was supposed to be about......if you think SOS Benson sending out ballot applications was illegal and not her job, could you watch this video on twitter? Yeah, the young lady isn't a Trump supporter, but that isn't what the video is about.


Tue, 09/15/2020 - 3:43pm

There three things that make Flynn a none concern, what he did/didn’t do was personal , it has been made public and received much more scrutiny than the vast majority of those that have done things similar or made equivalent/similar violations [consider former Sec of State Kerry], and he has suffered all the consequence that the law could allow and more. By comparison what Comey and his cohorts did not only violated laws/rules/agency protocols, they subverted the trust in the whole of FBI, tarnished all agents including many who will join during the next several year, they instigated efforts to overturn an election and deny the whole of the electorate to trust due process [whether it be the election process, the judicial process, even the political process]. We hear much about not even the President is above the law, Comey et al were supposed to be an extension of law and they undermined the law, and you can see the violence in the streets when people no longer trust the law.
Are you ascribing the same credence to any conservative you give to the pundits on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, etc.? I surely don’t, I don’t believe the ANTIFA are representative of every ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’.
I wonder how you would expect the police to do their job in any form, if they weren’t allowed to talk to any criminals. What good service do you think the State Dept could provide if it couldn’t talk to any representatives of foreign governments, what quality of international intelligence would you expect from the Intelligence agencies, if they could talk to any unsavory people, particularly those that are trying to do harm to America. Even Hillary with little plastic button was trying to talk to those in power in Russia.
I don’t trust the FBI because at the highest levels they purposely violate the trust of the American people to fulfill their selfish whims. This was not an isolated individual, this was a coordinated effort by a group of long serving FBI people, this suggests it was/is a culture in the FBI, and is why my trust with the agency is broken. If the head of the FBI believes it is acceptable to violate the long standing trust between organizations to remove or discredit a duly elected President when first taking office [before he had done anything] then what hope do people like you and I have to trust the system and those sworn to uphold it. It is as simple as the practice of the FBI to use a casual conversation as a means to charge a person with lying to an agent [when it may have simply been something said to a stranger as off the cuff small talk]. If an FBI agent [if I somehow knew she was one] tried to engage me in simple banter I would simply be mute, if they tried to talk about an incident where I was in the vicinity I would be vague, if they wanted to take a formal statement I would ask to have an attorney there to represent me. I use to be a very open person, but these last 4 years of continuous investigations, and violation of the established rules/laws as part of this investigative process has been very chilling.
I wonder if that ‘dossier’ is being written by the Russians, just as the one paid for by Hillary and the DNC was used by the FBI to coerce the Courts to allow others to violate laws.
Is this a personal lawsuit of after 4 years in office the only thing you can find to justify all the millions spent on investigations that violate Congressional and Justice dept rules and lies told by active and past government officials?
Tax laws are gimmicks to collect money, to encourage/drive moneys into politically desirable activities, and to avoid taxes [all set up by elected officials of members of government agencies]? You don’t think a law or regulation that allows someone to avoid paying federal taxes on paid state taxes isn’t a gimmick?
I am complaining when a government official is denying equal access simply because she doesn’t like their politics. One of my major fears of the ‘progressives’ is that they want political power for no other reason than to gain person power in subverting or denying equal access under the law. Lerner violate the law by deciding who got the tax exempt status base on her political preference, and she was protected by others in the government even after it went public. What is even more concerning is you see nothing wrong with this, you don’t grasp that the political pendulum can swing and what the ‘progressives’ were doing then could be the tools used by those from the other extreme.
AS much as I may be disappointed in his personal style, I fear what a Kamala Harris administration along with the ‘progressives’ will do to ensure their personal political power and prevent the public to express its views and exercise its rights. I watch the ‘progressives’ using violence to force their will on governments and the public and shutter at what will they do when they are in control at the national level.

AS for the mass mailing of ballots, I have my concerns with the potential points of manipulation that creates. When I did request an absentee ballot there was a verification protocol, equivalent to what I have when I vote at the polls. The mass mailing seems to be indiscriminate means of putting ballots in the hands of as many as possible with the least effort to ensure they will be going to legitimate voters.

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 9:09am

The only people that would be affected by the post office not working would be those that can’t get out of our houses like the elderly or the sick. The others most likely drive, walk, or bike by a place where a drop box would typically be. My township is roughly 25 square miles, and township hall is located approximately in the center making it at the furthest about 4 miles from the extreme point, and the drop box there is open 24 hours a day. So please, Bridge, stop spreading the hysteria that votes will not be counted.

Matt G
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 9:38am

Yeah, and we should definitely not make sure that the elderly, the sick, the disabled, and the immunocompromised people among us can vote, right?

It's amazing that in the same breath you can say "the only people whose votes might be affected are (((these people))) but stop spreading the "hysteria" that votes will be affected. Did you even think at all while writing that post? Truly incredible that these sorts of "thoughts" can be in peoples'minds.

middle of the mit
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 11:01pm

If your township is only 25 square miles, how many people do you have living in your township? I can guarantee that my township is larger than that, but probably has less population. How are the elderly and disabled supposed to get to the polls? And why would you suggest them to vote absentee, but not suggest that to others in more populated areas?

And who is pushing the votes won't be counted?

The Post Office put out a statement that they may not be able to handle the influx of ballots due to the defunding. Isn't it funny that you don't mind defunding the Post Office?

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 9:16am

Isn’t the question about what president trump called “universal mass mail-in ballots” vs. absentee ballots? The former are sent to citizens who did not request them, and whose identity cannot even be confirmed if they return them. Whereas absentee ballots are sent only to citizens that did request them, and whose identity can be confirmed. Now Bridge, when I first began reading your articles, I thought you would be fair and balanced. Please do not let me, and all your readers, down.

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 10:54am

Nobody is sending ballots to people that didn't request them. Applications for a ballot are not ballots, don;t confuse the issue.

Nick Ciaramitaro
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 12:17pm

It is true that the only "fraud" complaints Trump has leveled is against voting by mail as opposed to AV balloting though his rhetoric varies. Most states, including Michigan, use the AV system which he says he does not oppose. But that system often relies on mail three times: applying for the ballot, receiving the ballot, returning the ballot. You can avoid the first mail step by going to the clerk's office or applying on line at michigan.gov/vote. That site will also let you track the ballots return progress. You can avoid the last mail step by dropping off your ballot at the clerk's office or in a dropbox as has been noted. If you are going to rely on mail for any of these steps its best to do it early. Most postal delivery is running late and clearly efforts are underway to slow it down further so it is best if you are going to mail in your completed ballot that that last step be taken at least 2 weeks before the election just to be safe. If you haven't gotten to that point by then it is best to drop it off. You can avoid the post office altogether by going to the clerk's office (or a satellite office if one is available in your community) and applying for the AV ballot, receiving it immediately, voting it and returning it right then and there. That process is available beginning Sept. 24th . Of course, you can still vote in person on election day at your local polling place. All of these options are rights guaranteed by the Michigan Constitution. Don't let people scare you out of your vote. You can register and vote right through election day, November 3rd. Early is safest if using the mail but election day precinct workers will have PPE if you choose to vote in person. Its also safe at the clerk's offices. What ever your preference, use one of these methods and VOTE.

Mon, 08/31/2020 - 9:52am

I SO want to vote RIGHT NOW! Can't wait! BIDEN HARRIS 2020! As soon as I get my ballot in September, I will complete it and put it in our city's dropbox the same or next day, not going to wait for any "October surprise" BS from Russia. My only fears are Trump's scorched earth wrath from November to January and his possible declaration of martial law, dictatorship, just those things....

Greg B
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 2:13pm

That is exactly the issue Kevin. Thank you for identifying it so clearly. The voting rolls are a mess since we mostly vote in person so there wasn't a pressing need to update (purge) them. And that is how dead people can vote.

Jim S
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 9:56pm

But mail in ballots can and are confirmed the same way as absentee ballots. With a signature.

How do dead people vote? There were almost one thousand ballots that were rejected because those who cast their ballots died before the election. If we can do that, what worry is there about dead people voting?

And you can determine who you sent the ballot to by the address it was sent to. If the person who was sent the ballot no longer lives at that residence? Find out if the person that does live there forged the ballot.

When you think about it, it really is simple.

If you think that voting officials don't think of these things? How do they catch the violators?

Geoffrey Owen
Mon, 08/31/2020 - 11:19am

If it is the Dead that are voting, why is it the living who have had their votes suppressed? I'm a white boomer and I have never waited more than a few minutes in line to cast my ballot but voting places are shut down in minority precincts causing long lines and all day waiting to vote. We have seen it in Georgia and Wisconsin and Kentucky where one polling place has to serve as many as 600,000 voters. In 2016 the Detroit machines were so irregular that 75,000 votes cast scored no selection for president. The subsequent recount was blocked from answering this question, even though the marked ballots could have been run through another machine and been counted. I plan to vote in every election after I'm dead. (Thought I would say that since you think dead people vote).

Secure Elections
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 9:16am

If you think the USPS is secure try putting $5000 in cash in an envelope, drop it in a mail box and mail it to yourself. Not willing to do that? That is why we need in person voting!

Robert Honeyman
Sun, 08/30/2020 - 9:10pm

Red herring alert.

Semper Fi
Mon, 08/31/2020 - 9:57am

I'm a vet and get my meds through the USPS. Those are worth more to me than $5K. They sustain my life and no one is stealing my meds to sell to someone else. So stop the hysterical nonsense trying to destroy our USPS, and privatize it. Bonepurs and DeJoy need to stop fleecing America, the country I fought for.

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 9:17am

I am having mail forwarded from MI to TX. On August 26, I received a mailer for candidates for the August 4 primary. It obviously took five or more weeks to get to TX. Hence, if you are living out of state, such as in Florida when your ballot is sent to you, you might not get it in time to be able to return it and be counted.

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 10:10am

Candidate mailers are most likely sent as bulk mail, costing pennies per piece. Absentee applications and ballots are sent as first class mail costing more than 1 first class stamp because of size and / or weight. Big difference in delivery time.

Sun, 08/30/2020 - 5:48am

This mailer came first class, as a ballot would. (Non-first class mail is not forwarded at all.)

My point is that those who go to Florida, which a sizeable number of Michiganders do, may not get their ballot in time to return it and have it counted. A truer test of post office efficiency would have been to send test letters to relatives in FL or AZ; that is where a number of retirees will be when it is election time.

Mon, 08/31/2020 - 10:00am

Ridiculous idea

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 12:19pm

If you're worried about your absentee ballot arriving on time, make sure you're asking for it now. As soon as you return your application a ballot will be sent to you. Since there are 60+ days until election day, I think you will have time. However, if you wait to request an application until a week before the election, and then you need to return that application to get the ballot sent to you, you just might not get it in time. I don't think that's the fault of the post office. I think that speaks more to personal accountability, which I must say does seem to be in pretty short supply these days.

Deidra Downs
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 9:52am

My bills have been late. It took weeks for my medicine to come and then it was hot to the touch as if it had been in the sun for hours. A friends mail from Southfield to me in Detroit took 3 weeks to get to me. I no longer get the volume of bulk mail advertising that I use to get.
I'm glad not to get so much junk mail but I wonder if the companies paid to send it to me but it was shredded by the Postal Service. I understand they shred bulk mail when it backs up. If so that's a bad business policy.

Tue, 09/01/2020 - 1:14pm

Good to know, so you agree defunding and dismantling the USPS is a bad idea, especially in a pandemic.

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 10:04am

When ballots are mass-mailed to the last known addressee, it'll be impossible to determine who received it, who used it or what kind of intimidation was used on the person that rightfully used it. We'll never know how many ballots were illegally destroyed.
It's not about the post office's ability the handle the flow, it all about securing the voting process.

Jim S
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 10:09pm

Your first sentence could be used to construct an argument against absentee ballots. Do you know if your neighbors or their relatives didn't harass your other nieghbors over who they were going to vote for? And how are ballots illegally destroyed? Illegally? And who is going to do that and where is the proof that has happened?

I would think that voting and the mail is secure. According to you, the only people we have to worry about are others confusing our elderly on who they should vote for.

And if they are voting absentee, that would mean Their family!

Go sell your wares somewhere else.

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 10:37am

I live in a Mid Michigan county where the local post office is a joke. Missing mail and mail delivered to wrong addresses. With informed delivery I can see what I'm supposed to get and when. Routinely, I don't get the mail that's shown on the informed delivery. This last winter several tax document sent to me in the mail never found my mail box. So. . . . do I have confidence in our local office? No.
Absentee ballots, yes. Mass mail-in
ballots, no.

Jim S
Sat, 08/29/2020 - 10:18pm

Could you tell the rest of us what this "informed delivery" is? And if "informed delivery" is what you say it is, do UPS and Fed EX have to live up to this service or is this just a service the post office provides?


I see now. NO other parcel service has this feature. I too live in a Northern area. I occasionally get a letter from a road next to mine that gets confused because of similar road names and address. That doesn't mean that I regularly get mail from Indiana, or even Saginaw. Just the next road over. Are you going to tell me that you don't make mistakes?

So should anyone ever trust you because you made mistakes while doing your job?

Wed, 09/02/2020 - 8:09pm

You are incorrect in claiming that no other parcel service has this feature. Recipients can sign up for the equivalent of Informed Delivery (under another name) from both UPS and FedEx. It's an opt-in feature, just as Informed Delivery is with USPS and it's free. But you'd have to have dug into their websites a bit to know that.

My family does that here, because we get a lot of computer and electronics gear, but the delivery people run away too fast for us to get to the front door from the workshop if we have everything shipped "signature required". Amazon also will send you text messages about the status of your package, and keeps doing so even if they hand it over to the USPS for the last part of the journey. If you've signed up for both Amazon and USPS notifications, you get messages from both for those packages.

Jim S
Thu, 09/03/2020 - 7:57pm

Sorry Anna. I just looked up the word that was given to me. Had I known that it was essentially package tracking, I wouldn't have made that mistake.

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 10:45am

Was Wayne County, the most populated in the state, included in your test? If not, why?

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 11:42am

I would still encourage people to drop off ballots at your local clerk's office or use a drop box if available. If you are using the mail, vote as soon as possible. Allow 10-14 days. It took my husband's meds 6 days to go 90 miles.

Tue, 09/01/2020 - 1:16pm

That's what I plan to do.

Sun, 08/30/2020 - 8:33am

I take comfort in the fact that during the December holiday season the Post Office handles something north of 1 billion pieces of mail. It's estimated that the number of ballots to enter the mail system during the coming election cycle will be in the range of 200 million (US population = 360 million), or about 1/5 of the holiday volume. Like the holiday period, election cycle mail is spread out over a period of weeks, not days. While I am as cynical about political skullduggery in the coming election as anyone, I have faith that the hard-working postal workers themselves can handle the volume just fine, even with fewer sorting machines, as overall mail volume has dropped in recent years. Still, getting your ballot mailed early or getting it into a drop box is really good advice if you don't intend to vote at a polling station.

Tue, 09/01/2020 - 1:24pm

That's true.

Ultimately, Americans has to ask themselves: Do you want four more years of riots with Trump or peace with Biden? Biden is a peacemaker; Trump stokes chaos and hatred.

George Hagenauer
Sun, 08/30/2020 - 10:00am

First the test doesn't spread fear it basically calms fear of voting absentee. It also shows that the delays occur when you leave the local zip code and end up in the regional sorting areas. Mail mailed in the zip code stays in the zip code. In smaller post offices with a handful of zip codes often the postmaster will have any mail for that area pulled and not sent to a regional sorting facility . That is why If I mail from my east side Ypsilanti zip to my daughter in the zip on west side of the Ypsilanti it gets there in a day or two but a package to Toledo can take 3 weeks priority down from 6 weeks 2 months ago. If you are mailing from one post office in Wayne county to another post office it goes through regional sorting. So depending on how many zips are in your local post office depends on whether your ballot stays local or goes to regional. Ideally we would all know that. The times above in the Bridge test pretty much support this - smaller places had quicker return times. I ship a lot and the package delivery has improved the past month largely due to people out sick for Covid being replaced and the backlog being cleared up. I don't see a lot of the changes being improvements- freezes on overtime means that if someone is sick a route isn't covered. Also bulk mailing is way down - few local businesses are spending money on bulk mail during lock downs or when they know they have reduced capacity. Post office isn't shredding it there just is far less.

No fear voting
Tue, 09/01/2020 - 1:27pm

Very good points! If you vote in your district absentee from your home, you are voting in the same zip code.

Melinda Wolvin
Mon, 08/31/2020 - 9:10am

Hi, I see some of the links and it seems all political leaning. What about the ads that still keeps saying that John James does not support coverage for pre-existing conditions. John James said him self and and other sources have said he supports pre-existing conditions. I thought this was supposed to be nonpartisan, informative and reliable?

One of the reasons I am concerned is I just passed information to someone else recommending The Bridge to someone else.

Thank you,

Melinda W.

Tue, 09/01/2020 - 2:37pm

But but but, Melinda wants you to say it's false. Otherwise it won't fit her narrative that Bridge is biased.

middle of the mit
Mon, 08/31/2020 - 8:01pm

As Mr. Kurth has replied, they did a report, stated it was misleading, but I have a question.

Can you be for support for pre-existing conditions, while backing a law suit that will take away the ONLY law that PROTECTS pre-existing conditions?...........That was all a part of Heritage Foundation Care Act.......that Republicans want to get rid of........but can't because they have no replacement plan for the ONLY plan they have ever had!

Where is James plan that he can get through a Republican legislature? Trump couldn't do it! Because the Republicans had NO PLAN to replace the ACA!

So where does his support for pre-existing conditions come from, after you drown the only law that protects pre-existing conditions?

Obamacares, not...
Tue, 09/01/2020 - 2:39pm

Can you be for support for covering pre-existing conditions, while backing a law suit that will take away the ONLY law that PROTECTS pre-existing conditions?

NO, you can't.

Tue, 09/01/2020 - 2:35pm

John James lies, like Trump. He's gone on record saying he wants to get rid of the ACA, but like all the other disingenuous Republicans over the years hasn't set forth a replacement of the ACA. See for yourself:


I remind everyone that the first two years of the Trump debacle that the Republicans had complete control of the government. Trump promised, promise UNKEPT, Mr. Pence, that he would give us something better and cheaper than the ACA, but he didn't even try. He lied, like John James. Instead Trump is suing to get rid of the ACA even now in the middle of a pandemic. Whenever we ask what will replace the ACA, we get: CRICKETS.

notice something
Tue, 09/01/2020 - 7:35pm

I went to the link you provided.

All I heard was John James telling us we needed to repeal and replace Obamacare. Was there any information on what the replacement plan is? NO!

But what I noticed...............is that the comments section is turned off!! I wonder why?

middle of the mit

Mon, 08/31/2020 - 10:10am

If the USPS and mail-in voting are problems, why is Trump the only one concerned?

middle of the mit
Tue, 09/08/2020 - 8:39pm

duane, You read the article I posted because I posted the key points from it........yet you decide to obfuscate. Does Detroit have problems? Yes they do. Am I denying it? NO, I am not. But Detroit also has the most population of any other district in the State. Do we defund them until they can get their act together, or do we help them get the job done?

That isn't how elections work. If my township had to pay for optical scanners? We would still be using the same system Floriduh was using in 2000. Instead? WE have had optical scanners since I have been able to vote, which has been since at least the early '90's. States dole out resources to the areas they deem worthy. Maybe Florida thought that dem cities, isn't that where you live, didn't need help. I wonder why.

Your party was talking about impeaching Hillary before the election even happened. And like I said.......how did you deal with Obama?

NO! In MI you are able to spoil your vote. MI law does not equate to Federal Law. Each State has their own voting laws. In NC what you would be doing is ILLEGAL.

I am trying to rewrite Nadlers words while you do what? Put words in Senators Peters, Schumers and Stabenows mouths that they NEVER said? You want to hear what you do, because your truth is objective. That means that your truth is what you "perceive" truth to be. Are the Proud boys worthy of the same vitriol that Antifa is in your mind? Because antifa to me means that you are antifacist. I know you conservatives think that marxism and communism are the same as fascism........but they aren't. We fought the fascist in WWI and II! And WE won! And they weren't socialists! But this is where you jump off the train and try to change the subject.

The reason those places are so destitute? The people with the money took it with them when they left and didn't help the people they left behind. How moral.

You think dems are loyal beyond a means? Ha ha ha! You would be hard pressed to see my typing the same ole same ole talking points that the dem party is pushing, you on the other hand..................I don't have the time to go through this post to count them all.

Yes. the Trump man has given each State the right to do what it wants. Thanks for admitting that, since he is responsible for how the Country deals with a disease. But hey! Have ya seen cases and deaths are rising up here? And winter is coming!

I wouldn't go to Britebart if I was you. I only do it because conservatives seem to trust it. The comment section though...........leaves me needing a shower and an eyeflush. The reason I brought it up is because Bridge handicaps me when you throw out fake news and I don't get to retort. So much for liberal bias, huh? And the other reason is that I really like this forum. At least I can get a few conservatives to have a discussion on this board. The rest of the boards? It is just hyperbole. A few sentences at most, but mainly just hammering talking points. I want to go beyond that, and have a discussion.

You still didn't answer if you thought it was cool for me to be a vigilante.


So can Antifa do this too?

Thu, 09/10/2020 - 4:37pm

Have they public described the problems or they simply saying we need money and they haven't describe what they will spend it on or even how they will use it? Are they willing to be held accountable for using the help? If they haven't/aren't why should other people continue to give them money?
My town has moved from the punch cards to pen/pencil mark which is counted by a scanner [ for years, the voter is the one who puts the ballot into the scanner, it takes 3 officials at the polls], it is a local choice and how they prioritize spending.
You do know that impeachment is an established protocol to remove a Cabinet member such as a Sec of State, it is similar to how Congress can remove a federal judge. So if the Republicans felt how Sec Hillary Clinton acted such as with the Bengasi incident would be inappropriate to talk about impeach for the actions she took as the Sec of State? The Democrats were talking about Trump impeachment was before he was in office and had yet to be able to act, what were they going to impeach him for? Maybe it was they need to begin planning how to create something to justify impeachment, something similar paying for a Russian concocted dossier that they could take to the courts to start wiring tapping.
I accepted the elections and he was the President and to be allowed to perform his duties. I cringed at many of his actions he took, with concerns how he was preoccupied by-passing the Congress with his 'pen and phone'. I was saddened by many lost opportunities he had to raise the trust in government, to interrupt the path to partisan divide. The reality was he was elected by due process and should be allowed to serve out his terms. I am still struggling to figure out why he won the Nobel prize for Peace before he had formally done anything, he took office and won the prize in 2009.
I made no claim on what they said, I only speculated on what they my do. Are you now saying those who disagree can't speculate on what the future might involve?
I have to admit, my focus is where I am now [Michigan] and what I can and cannot do, whether it is voting, being restricted in travel and personal protection.
I am anti-violence in our political process, I learned a long time ago that what made our nation free was that every 4 years we had a political revolution through the ballot box. It seems that maybe a dream of the past with the 2016 election with the efforts to overturn the election by those inside government, by those in the Congress, by those in the media, and by those perpetuating violence in our city and towns. They seem unable/unwilling that it is the public will not person will that is necessary for liberty to survive. Those I did learn back in high school history and civics classes that there are times when people will/must be willing to engage those with force when they are using force to suppress individual and community rights.
As for facism, socialism, communism, they are more likely tools to be used for political power and self aggrandizement that they are sustainable governing structures in todays world. If you watch China, even their form of communism has been migrating to a marketplace driven economy on its way to a republic structure.
Money isn't moral, it is simply a tender earned legally or gather illegally. How people spend what they have maybe legal or illegal, but until the is a well defined definition of what makes money moral or not how should we judge. Should we call a person that spends money on things that cost more for style than function, such a pair of shoes, immoral? Should we give people money simply because they want it but are willing to work to earn it moral? Should I be judged moral or immoral based on how I donate money, and should that out weigh how I donate my time? I hold my time as more valuable than money and yet I invested my time and talents to acquire the knowledge and skills to earn that money, and I did enjoy much of what I have done to earn such money. I wonder what the people in the communities you feel deserve so much of other people's money have done to improve their situations. I wonder how many of those people have learned the knowledge and skills currently in demand and would be well paid and if so would they still be in need of others money. When I leave my current community, what money should I leave behind and why? I have volunteered at different organizations and start out by donating both time and money. Why is money the only concern. What is most valuable, the money, the time, the impact of the time [what if the volunteer can prevent loss/save/draw in money for the organization how should they be judged when they leave a community; is by the money they left behind, the time they gave, or the value [money/help others] they provided?
How could the virus deaths be rising here it we are still in shutdown mode, with masks the order of the day [even for the kids playing outside]? I though our Governor was in control and is exercising her executive powers to do what she deems appropriate [she seems to be getting all the medical supplies and medical expertise she is requesting], she must be doing everything right so how can the deaths be rising? Oh is that the rate of deaths per 100,000 residents, is that cumulative number of deaths, is that deaths that we directly caused by the virus, all deaths that were shown to have the virus in the system, or was death suspected of have the virus?
It matters to me the means a vigilante uses, it matters the situations actions are taken, it matters the community expectations. I also struggle with one of the factors that impacts the situation, is there an established structure to prevent the situation. The current events of violent demonstrations seems to be facilitated by the actions/inactions of the government, which invites continued violence and vigilante response. This is why I try to avoid placing blame and would rather focus on understanding events to develop the means of preventing a reoccurrence [now and in the future].
If the protestors truly want to change things they would first specifically describe the problem[s], they would want to have a conversation with a wide range of people engaged in such events to hear all of their concerns and collectively work to address the concerns of all parties and develop practices/protocols ensure that the problems are prevented in the future.

middle of the mit
Sat, 09/12/2020 - 11:51pm

I am sorry duane, this was supposed to a response to one of your posts, and either I or Bridge made it a comment.

How do you get people to help you do something? You pay them, unless they are your friends or relatives or in some case neighbors will help you without compensation. This is America though. Almost everyone wants compensation for their efforts or just their ideas. Nothing is for free in America. You even have fight for your right to vote. WE LOVE MAMMON! WE don't love altruism. That is for SJW's!

al•tru•ism ăl′troo͞-ĭz″əm►

Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.
Instinctive behavior that is detrimental to the individual but favors the survival or spread of that individual's genes, as by benefiting its relatives.
A term first employed by the French philosopher Comte to denote the benevolent instincts and emotions in general, or action prompted by them: the opposite of egoism

oops! Did I just out you?

Did you ever see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II?



But yet you put yourselves above society for not protecting society by wearing a mask during a pandemic, because of...........individual freedumb! duane, you really should stop. You are showing your true colors..............or should I say, you are allowing me to out your true colors?

And even if they aren't yours.......they are the ones that your party runs toward. That is why I ran away from them.

duane, again.......I used to be a conservative. I am no longer......because I have a memory that is longer than just yesterday.


And this particularly odious individual has a special place in my heart.


"stupid, dumb and dangerous lead and copper rules" that the Feds have used since Republicans like Jason Chaffetz , said commenter of above quote from the Flint water trials while trying to blame the EPA for a water rule that Reagan put into place relegating the EPA to a supervisory role that needed State approval to ...(let me finish........I know it by heart) come in and test the water.

PUSH ME! That particular quote, in all it's vitriol...could've come from me! In fact..I thought someone stole my comments from a site that I am no longer allowed to post to.........until I saw they were from a juror! I know those were my sentiments and I said things of that nature and worse! Why? Read the legislation!

But at least it wasn't conversations with dictators that KILL people that don't agree with them. Why do you succumb to a President that succumbs to dictators? Alexy Navalney? He is just the latest Putin opponent to have supposedly been, what you would you call it? Inadvertently exposed to a neural toxin? Is that what the Church Lady would call..........How conviiiiiinent?


duane? You have to have a longer memory than I do...........to beat me. And NO! I don't accept alternate realities!! I am a fan of comic books........but this isn't comic books! This IS reality! Deal with me!

[[[Republicans felt how Sec Hillary Clinton acted such as with the Bengasi incident would be inappropriate to talk about impeach for the actions she took as the Sec of State? The Democrats were talking about Trump impeachment was before he was in office and had yet to be able to act, what were they going to impeach him for? Maybe it was they need to begin planning how to create something to justify impeachment, something similar paying for a Russian concocted dossier that they could take to the courts to start wiring tapping.]]]]



When are you conservatives going to admit that you don't care about facts!!! That IS why I am here!!! To remind you of what you used to believe in, but no longer do! Sucks doesn't it? I know! I used to be one of you...............then you fell off a cliff of mammon!

The only people that started wire tapping American citizens was the PATRIOT ACT! It IS TIME! Time for you conservatives to OWN UP to what you wrought upon the country in your unrelenting avarice towards a non terrorist world! Yet you worthless cons don't want anything to do with the deepstate you wrought upon us all!~ DEAL WITH IT!

Are you talking about Oblame-0 using his pen and phone or are you talking about Trump using HIS pen and phone and twitter? I can never understand how your double standards are applied to other parties.

Ya sure ya wanna keep goin' on?

I am not going to discuss due process with you. YOU know why. DEFINE due process.

OHHH I am restricted!! When and how and for what reason? Violence in the cities? Why would that ever be? Can I ask you a question? If it was YOUR son having his neck pressed against the ground and then choking to death...............what would you have done?

Can't put yourself in that situation? You are not a Christian. Christians could do that with no problem! But most of them refuse to do so!!

Come on! Tell me different! I know..............I am amongst them........if you didn't already know.

[[[As for facism, socialism, communism, they are more likely tools to be used for political power and self aggrandizement that they are sustainable governing structures in todays world. If you watch China, even their form of communism has been migrating to a marketplace driven economy on its way to a republic structure.]]]

That isn't communism! That is what you wanted them to be! That is why Nixon opened up China! That is why Brian Kilmeade can say this;

Prepare yourselves............here comes the hammer!

But the problem is he says "it's union workers." No one is anti-union. But if union wages are going to be the -- how we build cars, they are going to be too expensive to build here for Americans to build here to buy them here. That's why so often people build it out of the country or picked a right-to-work states in order to build them down south and North Carolina and South Carolina. So it's a disingenuous thing altogether.

But, but......Henry Ford doubled his workers wages so they could afford to purchase the cars they were building. Didn't he? I am not going to link to this............because it SHOULD BE COMMON KNOWLEDGE AMONGST THE LABOR UNIONS AND THE ENTIRE OF MI. If it isn't? Then the corporate behemoths have done what they were supposed to do!!

I ask you this. What did Jesus want?

Did he give you a directive to give the wealth of the world to those who profess their belief on him? Where did you donations to the wall go to?

Have you ever even read the Bible? The last are the first.............and the first are the last.

Do you understand that? Do you know why GOD said it?

Fri, 09/18/2020 - 10:15am

I overlook this comment so I am trying to catch up.
This is America, the most giving country in the world on a per capita basis. I have seen the financial and more importantly the time generosity of Americans in the towns I have lived. They have a couple of reasons other then what you mention; they believe in the cause, they believe in the program, they believe in the people, and they simply want to give/share what they have [time & money & things].
I believe that we should be willing to fight for what we believe in and for. The right to vote, the freedoms, these have proven so valuable we should be willing to fight for them [whether it be against the bullies on campus, the ones we see in our streets burning up what others have sacrificed for and earned, and for the American culture that has done so much for us all].
You left off John 15:13 'Greater love hath no man that he would lay down his life for his brother.' That also is part of the American culture; we see or hear of it every day whether it happens on the battle fields, in the communities, in individual events in neighborhoods or remote places around our land and around the world.
You should speak from what you know about rather than how you wish others do disappointing things. I have probably worn a mask as appropriate longer than you have been around, and may better understand the value of wearing their mask to protect yourself and others, so to say I don't wear a mask, such as in doors and in public gathering places like grocery stores, gas stations, doctors' offices, and suggesting your lack of appreciation personal practices. I rarely wear a mask in the neighborhood parks when out in the sun shine [uv seems to be an effective killer of the Covid 19 virus], and put that in conjunction with the prevailing winds coming off Lake Michigan it seems a minimal risk for all.
As for the EPA and other regulatory agencies, they write their rules for ease of enforcement and not for improving performance. All laws that require government establish rules/regulations are done by the regulators, and the interpretation of those rules/regulations are made by those who write them so to even suggest that the regulators even in the case of Flint should be absolved of any involve in the rules applied is simply a politically driven ploy to create a blame. In the case of Flint if you must start placing blame begin with the root cause that of fiscal responsibility that put Flint in a situation that caused the City to fail financially.
It seems I heard yesterday that Navaley is recovering. This may be one of those politically convenient mistakes used to exaggerate a political point.
For me ‘due process’ is the adherence to established protocols that are designed to give equal access to each, no matter an single individual or a large organization or a government employee.
You under estimate the information in comic books, I believe it was a Donald Duck comic back in the 1940s that presented the chemical methene [CH2] with scientist didn't believe possible, it was being included in college chemistry lectures and text books in the 1960s. You risk many opportunities to open your thinking when you suppress the diversity of perspectives. An in conjunction with that your preoccupation that you see people associated with highlighted beliefs as monolithic in their actions/thinking. A good example is how you want to believe that a conservative thinks exactly as every other conservative, or the being a Christian makes all think and act in a way most convenient to your point view.
You again only hear what you want, Henry Ford was offering the higher wage was to draw in people for what they were doing and where they were living. Wages were a cost for Ford just as they are to any and every organization and he was paying up for the value they would return [he was not hiring enough people to make his company profitable, he was building a business to sell to the whole of the country]. As for unions, there is one question I have yet to have answered by unions officials/members/proponents, so I will ask you; how does a union enhance an employer’s competitiveness in their marketplace?
I have read, even highlighted, the Bible’s new testament, but only a few excerpts from the old testament, and I have not committed it to memory. To me it is about individual choices [free will] and it provides guidance to help people in making their choices. And like anything it is left to the individual interpretations, and as you project you political views I suspect we would have different views on the Bible and especially individual verses.