GOP, merchants upset Michigan’s stay-home order is tougher than other states

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's expaned stay-home order bans stores from selling plants and paint. (Bridge photo by Jonathan Oosting)

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s expansion and extension of her “stay-home” order is prompting anger over its economic impact and calls by some municipal leaders to reject parts of it. 

Whitmer’s Thursday order is more sweeping than those in other states, barring the sale of paint or plants at stores, lawn services, the use of power boats (but not kayaks) and most travel to cottages and second homes.

In a state where the vast majority of coronavirus cases are in southeast Michigan, some say the measures are too extreme. In Alpena, where there are no cases yet, landscaper Brandon Hawley said he’s been stopped by local police enforcing the state order. 

“We should be able to go out and work,” said Hawley, owner of Dependable Lawn Care and Property Services.

“We’re not sucking on people’s door knobs when we’re done with the job.”

Republican leaders, who generally had supported the Democratic governor’s policies during the crisis, now call the extension through the end of April overly broad.

“Call on your own circles of influence then call upon theirs ‘bury the Gov with voices of disagreement and concern,’ ” Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, wrote in a message to GOP senators. 

“Tell her she is destroying our HEALTH by killing our livelihoods,” he wrote.

Whitmer’s order came the day before Michigan recorded its deadliest day yet in the pandemic on Friday, with 205 COVID-19 deaths including 175 in the past 24 hours. The state has the third-most cases nationwide.

And while the overall new cases have declined for a week since a high of nearly 2,000 on April 3, Whitmer and health experts said it’s no time to relax. They point to scientific models that show tough social distancing measures slow the virus that has killed nearly 1,300 statewide in one month, more than die in car crashes in an entire year in the state.

These people were husbands, wives, grandparents, sons, and daughters,” Whitmer wrote on Twitter on Friday “We are not out of the woods yet.”

Models predicting a decline in COVID-19 cases and deaths assume a continuation of strict stay-at-home orders for at least 30 days. If those are relaxed, officials believe infection rates and deaths will soar.

Even the model that estimated deaths would peak on Thursday or Friday, which has been routinely cited by the White House, based its assumptions on restrictions continuing through the end of May.

A “significant flattening” in cases on Friday prompted Michigan Medicine to pause plans to build a field hospital. The decline is the result of tough social distancing, said Dr. Matthew Sims, an infectious disease expert at Royal Oak-based Beaumont Health.

 “Flattening doesn’t mean it’s safe to break social distancing,” said Sims. “Because once you do that (the virus) is going to surge.”

‘It’s an order, not a suggestion’

Many opponents of Whitmer’s new order say they also favor social distancing, but contend that some businesses could safely re-open and don’t require frequent human contact.

They’re especially upset that the extended “stay at home” order did not take updated federal standards into account when deciding what was “essential.”

Whitmer’s orders have both relied on a March 19 guidance from the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to identify critical infrastructure workers exempt from the stay-home order.

The governor’s new order disregards “any subsequent guidance” from the same agency, including an expanded list released March 28 that added workers from housing construction firms, gun shops shooting ranges and other sectors.

That new federal guidance recommends exemptions for landscapers “who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences” or businesses. 

The Whitmer administration has offered similar guidance but concluded that “in nearly all cases,” landscaping and lawn care do not qualify for that exemption.

In neighboring Ohio, officials adopted the new federal guidelines in extending the state’s stay-home order to May 1 and are allowing lawn care.

As the days get longer and warmer and the grass in many yards grows higher, some local leaders have challenged the governor’s position.

Chesterfield Township Supervisor Daniel Acciavatti told residents of the Macomb County community that it was no problem to mow their lawn — or hire someone to do it. So too has the city of Roseville

And in Warren, the state’s third largest city, Mayor Jim Fouts told residents they will not be issued tickets for using a lawn service. 

“I do respectfully disagree” with the state’s blanket ban “and view lawn service as an essential service for seniors and those with special needs,” Fouts wrote on Facebook.

Speaking to WXYZ-TV on Friday, Whitmer said communities shouldn’t strictly enforce ordinances that require residents to keep lawns from becoming unruly during the pandemic.

“Local governments shouldnt be giving people fines during this time. We are in a state of emergency. I have issued an executive order. It’s an order. Not a suggestion,” she said.

She added that her order intends to protect landscapers, who she said are often paid low wages and lack health insurance, from spreading COVID-19.

‘Common-sense frustration’

Many business owners feel they can run their businesses and not run afoul of the limits on group size and social distancing. 

Jason Verlinde, an insurance agent in Richmond in northern Macomb County, said he knows of many small business owners who understand the need to stay safe.

“It’s a combination of frustrations and that things could be opened up more in certain industries using common sense,” he said.

He works with the owner of a greenhouse that has $250,000 in Easter lilies. They can’t take them to Eastern Market in Detroit or big retailers — and they can’t sell them directly to customers because that trip is “non-essential.”

“I think it’s a ‘common-sense’ frustration,” Verlinde said. “I don’t think anyone thinks they should be able to go to a high school football game or go to a restaurant and sit side-by-side.”

The Michigan Conservative Coalition on Friday announced plans for “operation gridlock” at the state Capitol. 

The grassroots group is urging citizens and small business owners who have “had enough of Lansing’s erratic, unilateral orders that threaten Michiganders’ economic existence” to surround the Capitol building in their cars on Wednesday, displaying signs, making noise and being as disruptive as possible from the confines of their own car. 

The Michigan Republican Party has repeatedly accused Whitmer of attempting to “audition” for the vice presidential nomination by criticizing the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in nationally televised interviews on CNN, MSNBC and other cable networks.

‘Our lives are not normal’

That people are chafing at the restrictions is understandable, said Bernie Porn, a Michigan pollster. Some of them are “debatable,” he said. 

It’s also understandable that people in Michigan are getting upset. 

The international polling firm of Stan Greenberg, who rose to fame identifying the “Reagan Democrats” of metro Detroit, has found that people around the world are showing less support for leaders as the virus spreads and restrictions remain in place.

After a “horrible” winter for plowing work, Hawley, owner of the Alpena lawn care company, said he was counting on a productive spring and said he is confident he and his employee could adhere to social distancing guidelines by working more than 6 feet apart.

“I own a rental property, so I have a little revenue there, but other than that, this is my livelihood,” he said of the lawn company he started in 2014. “I put all my cards on the table for this.”

Sims, the Beaumont doctor, said he recognizes the frustration but cautioned patience. There’s still no cure or vaccine for the coronavirus, and the only way to stop it is to prevent people from seeing each other.

“I know just how close we got to overwhelming our healthcare system,” he said.

“I don’t blame anyone for being frustrated. Our lives are not normal. They are not what we want them to be.”

“It’s not simple and it’s not easy,” he said.


Facts matter. Trust matters. Journalism matters.

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Ain't no pleasin'
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 11:29am

Here's the thing. In Italy where they have been in quarantine much longer than us, they flattened the curve. However, the new confidence of some people to go out now is causes new cases of COVID19 to spread.

When the people say why not let a 22 year old cut a senior citizen's grass, they don't realize that they are opening many more possibilities to spread the virus. Moreover, even if a 22 year old is less likely to die, that 22 year old may still in fact die. Gov. DeSanctis does not know what he is saying or just maybe lying to appease his base.

Otherwise that 22 year old may actually live, but require a ventilator, that is in short supply for everyone.

Whitmer just can't win with her childish political opponents. She was ridiculed for issuing stay at home orders. When it proved effective, she was ridiculed for not doing it sooner. Now she is being ridiculed for clarifying her rules because GOP donors need appeasing.

I think Boris Johnson said it best, "I am an idiot." Well, I don't know if he said that, but "a lot of people are saying" he said that. In any case, he's probably thinking that. I mean everyone else is thinking that.

God I miss the days when she was just ridiculed for what she was wearing! LOL

Pleasen Me
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 12:07pm

She was ridiculed for issuing stay at home orders because she issued them only after other states did, not before. Timing does matter- you can't no matter how hard you slam the barn door, it doesn't do any good after the cow has already got out. If she would have issued stay at home orders sooner, you could have perhaps (although I doubt it) choked off the virus before it spread. But she didn't, and it spread too much to contain.

Her stay at home orders did not prove effective- under her leadership, Michigan has shown some of the fastest increases in the nation in cases and deaths. Those are real numbers.

Now she is being correctly ridiculed for strengthening the stupidest parts of her unconstitutional rules.

Just sayin
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 9:17pm

The numbers say otherwise.

middle of the mit
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 11:35pm

[[[She was ridiculed for issuing stay at home orders because she issued them only after other states did, not before.

If she would have issued stay at home orders sooner, you could have perhaps (although I doubt it) choked off the virus before it spread. But she didn't, and it spread too much to contain.

Now she is being correctly ridiculed for strengthening the stupidest parts of her unconstitutional rules. ]]]

Read that carefully.

You are complaining because the Governor did what she did too late are also saying what she did do is unconstitutional.

Do you see the conundrum? You are saying she should've done it sooner but you are also saying it is against the law.

That's is what is called conflicting beliefs.

You can't believe in one and complain when you say it should have done sooner, but then at the same time say that she shouldn't be able to do it all.

Cognitive dissonance.

You and Duane would get along really good.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 9:30am

This just isn’t true. The very first official “shelter in place” order was by California on March 16. Gov. Whitmer’s order was instituted on March 24, around the same times as other states in the Midwest.

According to the latest models, our strict stay home order has been flattening this curve. The death rate is terrible right now, but the infection rate is becoming more stable.

Delva Swisher
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 7:44am

If the president of the United States of America had acted responsibly and begun preparations in January when he was alerted of the situation then perhaps the rest of the country with a followed suit including our governor. If people desire to ignore the possibility that they may get this virus perhaps that is their right, however it is not their right to spread it to people who are sensible and taking this pandemic seriously. This is not about constitutional rights which I agree are very vital to all of us in this country. This is about acting as responsibly as we can to prevent deaths from occurring due to our own behavior. If we can prevent death I believe we have a responsibility as Americans to do so. The sacrifices are great and there is no doubt about that. The end justifies the means however because we may survive this pandemic if we do our utmost to listen to The Experts concerning this pandemic.

Sat, 04/11/2020 - 4:40pm

Efforts to "flatten the curve" are effective early in a geometric progression, but once you have large numbers infected - as in Italy or Southeastern Michigan - those actions' effects are secondary to saturation. You can only get infected once, so - once a lot of people are infected - virus particles find more and more of those infected and fewer uninfected individuals. The geometric progression breaks down of its own accord. You reach a stasis which can only be broken by a virus mutation or a vaccine. That is what people are calling the apex.

The Governor is closing the barn door after all the horses left. Slamming the door harder will not bring the horses back.

Stable Genius
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 9:23pm

No one knows if a person can get infected more than once. Planes are still flying across the country and the world. The door was NEVER closed, but that would mean placing blame at the top and the complainers refuse to do that.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 7:11am

Do you really believe that any significant number of Michigan's COVID-19 cases are still imported on planes? There is not a lot of air travel going on these days. Trump took a lot of heat for banning travelers from China on January 31st and intense EU opposition delayed the March 13th European ban, but there are few arrivals from anywhere these days.

Even Governor Whitmer doesn't believe our current rash of COVID-19 cases are imported, otherwise she would have banned or quarantined interstate and international residence-to-residence travel. Instead, XO 2020-42 only banned intrastate residence-to-residence travel.

The question now is how you slow down or stop community transmission. President Trump's critics like to append the words "without evidence" to everything he says or does. Let's put that shoe on the other foot and demand Governor Whitmer present any evidence she has that the intensified strictures in XO 2020-42 will diminish community transmission.

Not just by XO 2020-42, but also its predecessor XO 2020-21. Michigan only had 1,328 total Wuhan coronavirus diagnoses when XO 2020-21 took effect on March 24th. Now we have 23,993. Even assuming a seven day lag time due to an incubation period, this is not a ringing endorsement of the Governor's XO 2020-21. It just did not bend the curve, and making it a bit more obnoxious won't either.

Why should we believe that doubling down on an initial failed program of restrictions will produce any better results? The Governor owes Michigan residents evidence that her orders will provide some benefit. This is our Governor's responsibility to the many Michigan residents who will be driven to financial and emotional ruin by her orders.

Just One
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 6:58pm

It only takes one infected person to spread it to countless others. Without testing, you need a total shutdown.

That's why we really need to place the complete blame with Trump:
I think he's a great guy, really funny. I love his zany rallies, but face it, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. In fact, I'd have to say he's just a tool. Alex Jones his puppetmaster? IDK

Of all the inept people pretending to be leaders, DeSantis is one of the few more inept than Trump, excluding all the nimrods who insist on still meeting regularly for church services. With tools like those who continually put us all at risk and delay our economic recovery, it's hilarious that anyone can blame Whitmer for anything wrong. She and other competent leaders can't fix dumb.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 9:56pm

Florida is more populous than New York State, by 10% [21,477,737 versus 19,453,561]. Florida's COVID-19 diagnoses [19,895] are about 10% of New York State's [189,415]. Florida's COVID-19 deaths [461] are about 5% of New York State's [9,385]. Governor Whitmer would trade our COVID-19 statistics [24,638/1,487] with Florida in a heartbeat. And Florida has twice Michigan's population.

Is an apology to Governor DeSantis in order?

Butch Krumenaker
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 12:38pm

State your facts after all the numbers come in OR put Michigan up against Montana's numbers either way, you cannot take apples and oranges and make a pumpkin pie...…….

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 12:44pm

Local counties in Florida order people to stay in place long before DeSantis ever did anything. He still spouts lies and misinformation. Thank mayors and county executives in Florida, no apologies or praise for DeInsane Governor of Florida.

Mike Drop
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 7:01pm

The virus in the US did not come from China. It came from Europe. So you are wrong again, 10x25mm. Trump=FAILURE

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 12:23pm

First Case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in the United States

"On January 19, 2020, a 35-year-old man presented to an urgent care clinic in Snohomish County, Washington, with a 4-day history of cough and subjective fever. On checking into the clinic, the patient put on a mask in the waiting room. After waiting approximately 20 minutes, he was taken into an examination room and underwent evaluation by a provider. He disclosed that he had returned to Washington State on January 15 after traveling to visit family in Wuhan, China. The patient stated that he had seen a health alert from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the novel coronavirus outbreak in China and, because of his symptoms and recent travel, decided to see a health care provider."

middle of the mit
Thu, 04/16/2020 - 1:51am

Compare that to the ones on the East coast. I am not going to do if for you. You wouldn't believe it if I did.

I call BS
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 6:00pm

Banning travelers from China?

Fact check: Rump banned commercial flights, but not ALL commercial flights and Rump did NOTHING to stop Chinese container ships and their crews from entering our ports.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 4:57am

Just make sure Trump has his head in the door when it gets slammed shut!

Harry Schultze
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 11:07am

In Italy the actual number of cases have now proven to be overblown by 88% because they were listing other causes of death as death caused by the virus which was untrue. They're doing the exact same thing in the United States! When uninfected people went to donate blood in Northern Italy it was Seen that most of them were infected with the covid 19 and never knew it! If the same holds true in the United States than most people have already had this and are immune to it and didn't even know it. That means between the over-reporting and many more people being infected than actually thought that's the numbers of people who die from this are miniscule compared to the normal seasonal flu. When people find out the truth about this there is going to be rioting in the streets! I know I'm mad as hell about this! Far more people are going to die from the economic impacts than ever died from this virus and that is an absolute fact that cannot be disputed.

Greed Kills
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 9:13pm

Nonsense, the only reason the cases in Italy are declining is because they are still in quarantine. Republicans only want money, no care about reducing deaths from this plague.

To da Dotes
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 12:32pm

GOP can finally be proud. We're NO. 1!

Now the USA has the most COVID-19 deaths of all countries in the world.

Just keep pretending this is regular seasonal flu and that rural places and young people have nothing to fear except for economic problems.

"The problem is worse than the cure!" say the dotes.

Sat, 04/11/2020 - 1:34pm

Only dummies believe this! Simple fact is no one has any idea of how many people had the virus, how many people who died, died because of the virus, nor is there any reason to buy the accuracy of the stats provided by any nations out there, because they all use different critiera and have varying abilities to make determinations - IF they aren't out right lying in the first place! The only way we might have any idea of the impact is comparing the experienced death stats of March and April 2020 verses March and April 2019 - which aren't even available yet! But for propaganda reasons your clown show comrads never bother with such details.

Sat, 04/11/2020 - 9:38pm

This is the website businesses rely upon:
Believe what you want like Trump has a natural knack for science and business, all his former associates are not crooks in jail. Ha ha
Some countries are just better at containment, isolation, and testing, especially authoritarian countries that Trump loves. Trump is just too weak- minded too handle this pandemic. He's not nearly as bright a Obama who took Ebola, brought it here and destroyed it. Trump prefered to take his India tour with masses of Indians forced to adore him, instead of shutting down our country to protect it from COVID19. Obama warned Trump and the GOP Congress being prepared for a pandemic in 2014!!! Yet Congress did nothing, neither did Trump, for three years. Since 2018, hundreds of bipartisan house bills have made their way to the Senate only to die without any review or votes because of Moscow Mitch who only wanted a tax cut and a job for his Chinese wife. Hmmm......maybe Trump has been confusing Biden with Moscow Mitch.....

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 9:45am

There are no reliable sources of how many people even had the virus. This is a fact that throws off all other stats. But given your moronic racist comments about Elaine Chao I won't waste time on you.

We the People
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 9:19pm

Hey Matt,
Long live nepotism, Ivanka, Jared, Elaine......... How did Ivanka get her job and how did she get exclusive trademarks in China at the same time that she was working in the White House? Is it racist to say Chao is Chinese, you know the wife of Moscow Mitch? She is. LOL

Facts Matter
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 3:05pm

Now the US has the most COVID-19 deaths of all countries in the world! shout some. Sure reported deaths . How many deaths do they have in China? The fact that the left is willing to believe a communist dictatorship, that enslaves and kills its own people, tells you all you need to know about them. The US is the 3rd most populous country in the world. 1st is the aforementioned China. 2nd is India. I doubt that India has a handle on their numbers at this point. It stands to reason that he US has the most documented cases and deaths given our COVID classification metrics, openness, treatment facilities, and population. But you go ahead and keep blaming a political party if that makes you feel better.

Sat, 04/11/2020 - 4:21pm

Iowahawk David Burge likes to point out that China still has not reported a single death at Tiananmen Square in 1989.

No Red Herring
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 9:22pm

What does that have to do with counting the corpses in Italy and the USA, 10x25mm?

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 12:17pm

Both the Chinese Communist Party and the totalitarian state they run have strained relationships with candor and truth.

Not Grazing
Wed, 04/15/2020 - 7:29am

Thankfully the Repubicans and the Trumpuppet have a great relationship with truth and candor. "It's beautiful".

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 5:15pm

You use CNN as a source? Half of their reported facts are made up.

Happy Easter
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 9:26pm

Prove it! You trust Trump lies just because he says crap like "Fake News" and "A lot of people are saying". Trump is a snake oil salesman and you are his agents, enablers. Well, Trump lies and people die. Don't know how you and he sleep at night.

Real Facts
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 9:36pm

Hey Shrek, maybe you trust the Detroit News more than CNN. It's Detroit's conservative newspaper and showcases Trump's failures:

Only radicals suffering TDS still support Trump; true conservatives have jumped ship.

Even the Wall Street Journal can't stomach Trump:

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 9:54am

You're right the US has the most DOCUMENTED cases and even these are suspect (probably low!). Very few if any nations come close to our efforts if they aren't outright lying about it. There's no reliable data. A few months from now we'll be about to see the increase in deaths for the affected months and that will tell a lot. For the rest of the world …. who knows?

Not you
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 12:48pm

Who knows? Smart people know. Social distancing is working, but Trumpers keep breaking rules and prolonging this.

Your a Dote
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 1:46pm

There isn't a single major GOP leader cheering the increase in deaths. There isn't a single major GOP leader treating this as a "regular seasonal flu" and there isn't a single major GOP leader saying "there is nothing to fear". Your strawman argument might sound good to your liberal government friends as you troll around Facebook smoking your 'essential' dope, but it doesn't work here. And I know you think the ad hominem attack at the end strengthens your points, but they don't.

The "cure" of shutting down Michigan's economy is going to lead to a Great Depression, increased suicide, increased alcoholism, lessened health outcomes of existing conditions, more broken families through an increase in divorce rates, higher levels of depression, and less prosperity. Those are real things that the "cure" will lead to. Stop politicizing this issue and start using logic, data, and common sense here- the economy must reopen soon.

You're a Dote
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 9:56pm

Notice the spelling?

"There isn't a single major GOP leader treating this as a "regular seasonal flu" and there isn't a single major GOP leader saying "there is nothing to fear"." You must not watch FUX News.

Strawman? Maybe you are splitting hairs. Is DeSantis a Republican or just a Trumper "leader"/governor? As recently as two days ago, this Trump protege was STILL claiming five to ten people, under age 25, die from seasonal flu every year in Florida and that "no one" under age 25 has died from COVID19.
See for yourself:

"The "cure" of shutting down Michigan's economy is going to lead to a Great Depression, increased suicide, increased alcoholism, lessened health outcomes of existing conditions, more broken families through an increase in divorce rates, higher levels of depression, and less prosperity. "

We aren't going to let a highly contagious deadly viral pandemic kill us because some people have moral failings. There go those GOP talking points! NEXT!

Sat, 04/11/2020 - 1:19pm

I don’t have an issue with stay at home consistent with other states. Most of her new rules lack common sense as the article suggests. There isn’t one size fits all by business or county for that matter. She reacted later than others, played the blame game with the Feds and now is trying to over compensate. This is scary and dangerous but she didn’t need to add excessive restrictions. People are suffering enough.

Thanks, Gretchen
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:04pm

Michigan just went from number three in the country to number four for new cases. Obviously Whitmer's work is helping. It's people disregarding her that are prolonging the adverse economical effects, making this worse for everyone. Now is the time to support, not fight, the governor.

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 4:37pm

Look at the "Tests per 1 Million Population" column on your World-O-Meter reference page. Michigan is doing less testing per capita than the other hard hit States and thus is diagnosing & reporting fewer cases. You can also see the decline in testing on the MDHHS report page. This decline seems to have started in April.

If you don't look for something, you won't find it.

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 6:07pm

Psssst, greedy incompetent Trump dropped the ball, sold our strategic stockpile to other nations instead of saving it for us. We never had adequate accurate testing available on a large scale, as needed. THREE WASTED YEARS with Trump in charge. You see the results.

Wed, 04/15/2020 - 8:38pm

Check worldometer site, good Information.
Michigan dropped to #4 from #3 because Michigan does not have many tests. All other top ten states have almost 50% more tests performed than Michigan. If Michigan had as many test as all these other states, Michigan numbers would be much higher. There are people dying waiting to be tested. Not to mention the out of state people coming to Michigan (also being tested & some deaths). Finally have few drive up testing sites, but not many test. Detroit gets 500 tests, flint 250 tests, landing 100 tests & few other cities 100 tests available.
Just like whitmar sent national gaurd to hand out food in Detroit & flint (only).

Kevin Grand
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 4:42pm

The models that are being held in such high regard are proving to be WRONG multiple times over (including here in Michigan)!

And this is on top of health officials fudging the statistics to promote the narrative.

Hey, just keep parroting the fairy tale.

When more people realize that they've been taken for fools by these so-called "experts", disgruntled Michiganians will be the least of Gov. Whitmer's problems.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:12pm

Kevin, so are you saying Trump's guy Fauci is dumb or a liar? You have better experts or just opinion writers?

Kevin Grand
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 12:29pm

Let me bottom line it for you, since you cannot be bothered to follow clearly identifiable links: the current Huwan Virus numbers DO NOT match the models. And those models DID factor into them the social distancing variable.

Draw you own conclusions.

Blinded by Science
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 6:21pm

That makes no sense. Let's just follow what Fauci a concludes.

middle of the mit
Tue, 04/14/2020 - 12:13am

Since this is all CRAP Kevin grand, you won't be bothered at all if you would volunteer at any hospital that has massive Covid-19 cases in your particular neighborhood would ya?

Why would you be afraid? What is there to fear Kevin?

Do your duty! Show the rest of us with you actions that we are full of poopy!

Come on!


Or shut your pie hole.

Dave N
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 5:27pm

For the slow witted Whitmer supporters, let me clue you in, the Wuhan virus will be here May 1st and June 1st and next year and the following year as well. Virus’s may be created by governments, but they don’t follow government edicts. Since most of you Whitmer supporters are on the dole, or gubmint employees, a steady paycheck is no problem. The same is not true for the average working stiff. Whitmer screwed up on almost every level, since she’s neither bright or capable and surrounds herself with equally untalented people. The cure is going to be worse than the disease and over-reaction on comrade Gretchen’s part won’t help. What’s her plan for May 1st?

P.S. hats off to Bridgemi for allowing comment sections. It’s a form of healthy peer review. Gutless so-called news sources have none.

Mary p
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 8:00pm

Unbelievable. Statistics, facts and real life experiences don't seem to matter. Politics and name calling is the new status quo. Our governor is doing more than many others,and in a timely matter,to keep us safe!

Dave N
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 9:46pm

If your governor had any foresight, she may have done the following: 1) Noticed China had a pandemic in Wuhan and restricted travel knowing Michigan has direct ties to China due to auto industry 2) Evaluated anticipated medical supplies and resources being required and work on obtaining them from public or private sources 3) Assume cases would occur in tri-county area due to reasons above and beg, borrow and steal testing supplies. 4) Work with Trump for assistance. 5) Done the items above in anticipation of event. I think it’s called being prepared.

She did none of these things. She’s completely knee jerk reactive and even restricted use of HCQ for her own damn political purposes. She’s like a mediocre checker player trying to play chess. She can’t even look one move ahead. If it was just you being affected, then I could care less, but the whole state is subject to her failings, unless you think our high body count is a success. Sorry, I don’t support incompetents, not when the stakes are so high. But as a another individual has stated above, the horse has left the barn and the virus will run it’s course irrespective of comrade Gretchen’s edicts.

middle of the mit
Tue, 04/14/2020 - 12:07am

Teddy Roosevelt said one thing when he was President

What's the meaning of the phrase 'The buck stops here'?

And if Governor Whitmer had done what you asked her to do when you say she should have done it, what would you have said? The same thing that Wisconsin Republicans did?

H E double hockey sticks yeah you would have done the same damn thing. And it would've been classy no less!

The slogan 'The buck stops here' is a promise that responsibility will not be passed on to anyone else.
What's the origin of the phrase 'The buck stops here'?

trumanU.S. president Harry S. Truman had a sign on his desk with 'The buck stops here' inscribed on it.

This was meant to indicate that he didn't 'pass the buck' to anyone else but accepted personal responsibility for the way the country was governed.

Can President Trump say the same thing?

I am pretty sure he has already that ANYTHING IS HIS FAULT. How could it be?

He is the ONLY PERSON THAT CAN FIX EVERYTHING.....except what we are going through now.

Who could've ever thought someone like that would Shirk(ey) responsibilty?


And Mike Shirkey!! He want's your roads to back to gravel! And NO! NOt Mike Gravel....Just gravel roads..



So True
Sat, 04/11/2020 - 9:47pm

Mary, aren't these feeble-minded Trump stooges ridiculous? They claim Whitmer's actions are too strict, but then claim that they came too late. Meanwhile most of the first actors were responsible Democratic governors, with Republicon governors last to act, taking their cues from our inept president who denied there even was a pandemic for the longest time. Then they throw around bogus conspiracy theories like they never learned any duty to tell the truth. Shame on all of them.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 9:11am

Our Governor needs to act in what she sees is our best Interests but she also has a responsibility to be forthcoming with her rational. I fear she placed the one home ban because she got a call from the Mayor of Elk Rapids. She needs to explain her reasoning which may be sound but we don’t know. Also hard to understand how a couple out on a boat endangers anyone or a lawn mower can infect a senior citizen sitting in their house. Reasonable safeguards need to be in place but we do need her to help us understand her ‘orders’. Americans are not very good at following “ because I told you so” people from either party. Just talk to us !!

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:15pm

AM, what's the point of a stay at home order if you travel across state to another home? No one thinks that's a good idea and I have a second home! Try to think of the greater good.

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 10:48pm

Wow, guess you just don't get it and probably never will. Read am's message again and think about for a bit.

middle of the mit
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 11:17pm

I am sorry if you don't understand how 1st world nations work. Welcome to the first world. And not only are we the leader of the first world, WE are THE BEST OF THE FIRST WORLD, unless you consider statistics.

[[[ I fear she placed the one home ban because she got a call from the Mayor of Elk Rapids.]]]

OR she may have gotten a whole hell of a lot more calls from a hell of a lot more conservative locations than those from downstate would like to acknowledge. In that case.......I would think that Mike Shirkey who wants our roads to back to gravel

Yeah! It doesn't matter who you are! If you are a down stater or a local you are going to have chips in yer damn paint! That's a FACT!

Go ahead vote fer Shirkey! But be ready for chip repairs! That is what you will get if you don't allow Gretchen to fix our damn roads!

Unfortunately the cons were ready to do that, but now we don't have the money to do that, and everyone wants to blame Gretchen,.

Funny isn't it? When Snyderly whiplash was in (CON)troll no conservative blamed him for any thing that people under the EMF law was his fault.

It's all about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and who is willing to take it and those who look for a scapegoat.

Ha ha ha ha!

Kevin Grand
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:25am

She certainly did!

She quickly ignored her oath of office to support the Constitution.

She has obviously forgotten everything she learned in law school regarding the Bill of Rights.

And, there's that matter which will need to be addressed regarding the obliteration of Michigan's economy because she felt that safety > freedom. What? Did you think that she can just borrow money to pay for the damage her "orders" have caused?

But hey, at least she did something.

Little Kev
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:19pm

Kevin, Whitmer has a duty to promote the general welfare. You can't have liberty or pursuit of happiness without life. Are you saying, you are Pro Choice?

Kevin Grand
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 12:37pm

Her duty is constrained by her oath of office.

Promoting the general welfare is permissible ONLY within the confines of our Constitution.

Something that someone who went to law school should be very acutely aware of.

Thanks, Governor!
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 6:18pm

Promoting the general welfare is a mandate of our Constitution.

middle of the mit
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 10:55pm

What is it that you are saying?

Are you saying that the Governor doesn't have the safety of the citizens of MI in her mind?

Because from your comments Kevin gRand, I was under the impression that you cared more about your "individualism" than you actually care about the populace of the State of MI!

If you want put your mouth where your talking points are..........GO, volunteer at any hospital in YOUR area! OR shut your pie hole! What Kevin? Not willing to back up your mouth?

Go! volunteer at any grocery store! Put your mouth where your talking points are!

It is time for those who have marketable skiilz to realize that they are longer marketable. The people that you need now? They are the same people that you think you don't need.

Now you think I am going to shove something down your thought....ONLY IF YOU ARE LYING TO ME, but if you are lying, why should I comply?

Personal responsibility.

Isn't that something that conservatives used to value?

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 12:24am


Sat, 04/11/2020 - 7:22pm

If the governor does not allow businesses to open on May 1st we have to convince our sheriffs to refuse to enforce the ban.

Sat, 04/11/2020 - 9:49pm

Ray, you mean subversion, treason

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:23am

As cases in southeastern Detroit decline, cases in rural Michigan are on the rise. We will see how this turns out, but it isn't going to be good. Since we have no tests for the general public, it will be impossible to isolate cases that are found. Stay at home is the only defense we have. The rural areas of Michigan don't have any more assets to stop the spread than the citizens of Iran have. Want people to get back to work? Have testing for all working people. South Korea never had to have a lockdown. In other words, most of the economic suffering we are experiencing never had to happen.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 3:55pm

If businesses are not allowed to reopen most people are going to lose everything they own then the government will sell it back to them.
It will be a sad time in America.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:25pm

Bob, if businesses open, you can't blunt the curve. More people will die, all at the same time. Then it won't matter what possessions they have because even more will die.

middle of the mit
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 10:22pm

Who is going to sell what back to who?

I am sorry but I don't think the Government owns anything, other than the stock pile of PPE that they keep confiscating from the States.

NO Bob, the wealthy will purchase this Country and it's private and public infrastructure and you will be beholden to them.

Awesome right!

Otherwise you could try to tell me HOW America is supposed to open when supposedly The President has done so well and stopped ALL THINGS FROM CHINA.

When you stop ALL THINGS FROM CHINA, American supply chains dry up. Now you wouldn't want to overstress those supply chains when they no longer exist, would ya?

The World is closed down dude. I don't care if don't agree or not. YOU don't get to make that call! And if you start what you want to do too soon, our workers will end up getting sick and dying too, all so you could have individualism and your GOD given right to CONSUMERISM!

Isn't that what Jesus is ALL ABOUT?


King James Bible
No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Top of the Mit
Tue, 04/14/2020 - 6:37pm

Middle of the Mit likes to shout at people, doesn't he/she/it? I guess putting words in capital letters is a substitute for logical arguments? It sounds like Middle has two masters that they serve- China and Democrats.

middle of the mit
Thu, 04/16/2020 - 2:27am

Top of the Mit,

Want to argue about capital letters? Who capitalizes the letters in their non proper noun names? Would you really like me to furnish you with a tweet from
The President of twits spews? Notice how I capitalized The? Respect. Did you do that for President Obama?

And me? Serving China? I am NOT the union basher or the one that thinks that minimum wage drives inflation while those who make Billions drive innovation.

Go home mammon lover. If you think the Governor is in over head, you are correct. Only because no current Government has ever had deal with this. And the one person who told us he could make everything allright, REFUSES ANY RESPONSIBILITY.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 4:24pm

That would be awesome... then the Governor can bring in the National Guard...
Or... We can wait and see what happens to the virus as the experts suggest.
Government boots on your throat forcing you to ...not golf.
Netflix and chill Raymond!

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 4:24am

It’s not that Whitless made the order, but the fact that the order was so inconsistent. You can buy paint at Ace but not at Home Depot. You can travel back and forth to your up north cottage all you want if you’re an Illinois resident but not if you’re a Michigan resident. You can go to a church but not a theater. You can go walking in a State Park, but you can’t stop and talk to your neighbor if walking in your own neighborhood.

I enjoy this circus from afar because I don’t like cold weather, but people are telling me do not come back while this fool is in charge.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:30pm

Let me be the first to tell you not to come back at all.

Stay where you are. Enjoy the summer heat, keep your germs there and use your local hospitals when you get COVID.

middle of the mit
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 8:11pm

Pedantry Arjay.

You can purchase paint at Ace and not the Home despot because there are less customers at ACE as opposed to the despot.

Also, those of us who take things seriously don't want to linger around you who don't.

That's called personal responsibility.

And NO Arjay, us up here? WE don't want you come up here during this lock down. I never understood the difference between the urban rural divide until now.

Those of you who have the money want to run from where you made the money and bring the virus up here. This isn't the city. If you bring it up here, and it starts infecting our community? You may well end up wishing you stayed home.

I tried defending you. But now?

If all we get is apoplectic shrug of the shoulders for the elderly and retired in our community in regard to their health? Just remember, I am liberal. And I am the one that usually defends you. But in things of this matter?

The funny thing is......most of those coming up here are conservatives.

Harry Schultze
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 11:01am

This is nothing but a gross political power grab by Whitner. The actual numbers of infected people have been vastly overblown! The information is out there all you have to do is look for it! There are far fewer cases than is being reported. They are counting everyone dying of other illnesses as coronavirus victims even though they died of something else as long as they tested positive or had contact with somebody who tested positive. Just because you have it doesn't mean you die of it! But that's exactly what they're listing on the death certificates because it gets the hospital's Federal money and the hospitals are bleeding money right now because they are all shut down waiting for huge influences of patients that never come. My sister has been in the industry for over 40 years and I know this for a fact! The truth will come out eventually and people are going to be mad as hell!

Choose Life
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:39pm

Harry, what exactly is the governor gaining by closing everything? This is a worldwide pandemic. Keep your power fetishes to yourself and stop projecting. "Far fewer cases"? "The information is out there"? So you don't believe the healthcare workers and you don't want to count the dead bodies? Is the whole world involved in a Democratic Hoax, just to make Trump look bad? Can you see how silly you look? You really have to think through your Republicon talking points before you post them. I don't know if you are a Russian bot, but a lot of the comments here are repeating the same lies. "Just because you have it doesn't mean you die of it!" So the huge influx of patients with COVID who die, are dying from their underlying problems and they would have died anyway? Then why is there a surge now? Why is the surge slowing since the stay at home order? Facts can be pesky, but lies kill.

Joel C. Rayman
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 11:09am

When you can't spend time with your own family on Easter in fear of a fine is Ridiculous!

Not Flu
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:42pm

Joel, you know what's worse when you can't spend time with your own family for their funerals in fear of a fine because your ridiculous behavior didn't take COVID19 seriously.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 11:33am

I have recently begun to read Bridge and especially the comments from other readers. I had no idea we had so many experts in the state. In my 80 plus years I have never lived through what is currently happening so I don't understand how so many have the answers on how to deal with things.

I also read in other sources that we have legislators with all the answers! The same crew that can't figure out how to fix our roads.

We are here because of mistakes and misjudgments by the President. The Governor is also probably making some mistakes and misjudgments but I believe she is trying to do what is best. There is no history, there is no playbook and none of us knows how it will all end. We should all be interested in surviving.

You would also think that this is the only state that has stay home and stay safe rules, if folks think they are being oppressed then move on and find a better place. What is being done is to save lives, we're currently number 3 in Covid-19 deaths, with all the restrictions.

As many say, the police won't do anything so go out have fun, don't wear a mask and be sure you shake hands with everyone you meet.

God Bless You
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 12:55pm

Refreshing, you have been blessed with both age AND wisdom, Chief54.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 12:29pm

So many restrictions and yet you can buy a car....yes you can do it remotely, whatever that means...can you imagine getting into a vehicle you just purchased breathing the same air as someone else that has just “cleaned and sanitized” your new vehicle? Did they wear a mask? You will never know. This small space usually less than 6 feet inside and having no idea who was just in this vehicle 2, 3, 4 hours ago? I don’t want to breathe that same air.... I don’t want to take the chance of buying a new vehicle at this time.

Another Woman f...
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 1:56pm

Stupidity and stubbornness are going to cost more lives, including those of medical personnel, unless everyone gets over themselves and understands that social distancing is the only good weapon we have. It works. If our total of infections is down, that is the only reason. There is NO quick fix. There are some drugs that may help in some cases of COVID-19 (and Trump needs to stop advertising them until the medical community knows that the benefits outweigh the risks) but the science is not yet strong enough to use them widely yet; these drugs can have severe side effects including death.
Until we 1)have tested enough people to know exactly where the clusters are AND 2) have solid science behind the drugs that may work to reduce symptoms AND 3) have some kind of mass-produced successful vaccine, this is where we are.
Our governor made the right call. Things will be adjusted and loosened up some, gradually, if the testing shows a reduction in infections, but it won’t be all back to ‘normal’ for a long time. And we are likely to have a resurgence of COVID-19 in the fall.
Those that ignore her orders are willfully causing illness and death. People you know, maybe even you, and medical personnel—-the folks trying to save your life! will die if we stop social distancing. It is that simple.
No quick fixes, no magic drugs, no flip of the switch.

Sun, 04/12/2020 - 3:36pm

This all becoming a joke. Watch and see, this is going to be one of the largest hoaxes pulled by all world governments. News flash as already mentioned, COVID19 will be here, May 1st, June 1st, etc. If this virus is SO contagious, then all it will take is 1 person in the world to have it and it will spread again. This will not be contained and eliminated. This world and country needs to open up, allow it to go through the world and stop the b.s. models and treat it like any other virus that spreads through the population each and every year. Look a the MI CDC stats for all other deaths for 2017. This is just MI and we shut the world down for this?

Allowing our governments to shut down this country, speaking of both Democrat and Republican is unconscionable. We the people have allowed a very dangerous precedent to be set in this country and each state. To allow our government to shut our businesses down and not leave our homes is unfathomable.

What happens next year or later this year when the flu or another virus starts again. We have always adapted.

Think of Others
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 10:48pm

N2Alaska, are you Boris Johnson? Not even HE believes that crap anymore.

middle of the mit
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 7:53pm

Could you explain ONE thing to me.

How is Americas economy supposed to pick back up when China is closed down?

Easy peasy!

Elsie A Owings
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 4:44pm

I'm a liberal Democrat, but I disagree with Governor Whitmer on some of her latest restrictions. As a retired landscaper, I see that industry, as well garden centers, paint stores, car washes, roofers, and boat launch sites, as businesses that, with a small number of adaptations, could operate with a near-zero chance of disease transmission. The governor has become so obsessed with "stay at home" and "essential operations" that she has lost track of what operations can be conducted safely.

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 1:01pm

We need to close everything completely for a month, but than would be impossible. The alternatives are testing everyone, closing as much as possible, developing/using safe therapies and vaccines. Whitmer's actions are working, so be happy for that! Michigan is blunting the curve while the curve is still expanding in Florida.

Almighty Dollar
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 6:26pm

Stay at home disagrees with you? Tough!

Dr. Chris Firlit, a senior resident and father of three, was a member of the Wayne State University’s class of 2018. ‘His dedication to assisting patients during this pandemic drives home the seriousness of this virus,’ a dean says.

Average guy
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 8:02pm

To all the folks that are praising our governor for issuing such strict restrictions in the name of saving lives, what is the reason we are third in the nation when other states that have no where near the restrictions have far less infected and death? Could it be that just possibly the other governors trust the people of their state to use common sense and its working as well or better for them? Curves are flattening all over the country. Maybe not by a lot I'll give you that but progress is progress and its the same progress or more than we see here.

Can someone, anyone, please explain to me why I can't buy paint to prevent water damage and corrosion in Walmart while I'm already there buying groceries but its perfectly acceptable for me to go to a smaller store like ace hardware to buy said paint? So in order for me to get something that I (an American who formerly thought of themself as free) deem essential i have to risk myself and others by going to not only one store, but at least two. With businesses being closed i am forced to fix something that I would have replaced prior to the stay home order but now I can't because the only place to get what I need is closed down too. God knows for how long. The amount of stupidity is mind numbing.

Just a side note that I know doesn't pertain to this article. The majority of rational for not using hydroxychloriquine seems to be it hasn't had enough studies to see if it really does work. Its just anecdotal I hear. Did we have any mass studies obout the effectiveness of shutting down our economy or was that based on anecdotal evidence from two cities during the Spanish flu? Nobody had studies showing any actual proof this was a viable solution to the spread. They got scared by big numbers on models, over reacted and now they are stuck having to double down. The numbers are lower today, fluke or not, they were remarkably better and they had to make sure to preface that with a version of don't get your hopes up. Its worse than it looks. On may 1st is she going to come out and say it looks like we are doing a good job with her orders but she needs to double down again and be more restrictive? I fear without heavy heavy pressure from other members of government this is going to continue.

A Fauci
Sun, 04/12/2020 - 11:00pm

Average, sorry you wasted so much time writing your rant. Michigan is no longer third in deaths. Michigan is fourth, thanks to governor Whitmer. Her leadership is working. You're welcome. Michigan, follow the science and scientists, not the "Average Guys". LOL

Meanwhile the USA is first in the world in new cases and most deaths.
The facts are "nasty", but Trump needs to lead or step down. Up until Friday, I watched his press shows, but not anymore going forward. What's the point? You can see the science on the news when the broadcasters do a recap, cutting out the BS.

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 6:53am

A Fauci,
Thank you for a good laugh. Needed that this morning. "You can see the science on the news when the broadcasters do a recap, cutting out the BS." The country trusts the media as much as it trusts government's right now.

How dilusuonal...on both fronts.

Fauci 2020
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 1:12pm

N2Alaska, who wants to waste two hours of their day listening to blathering Trump and Trump-praisers just to hear a few minutes from the scientific experts? You must work for the WH, with blind loyalty like that.

Are you Kellyanne Conjob? If not, you should apply there.

Tue, 04/14/2020 - 3:43am

Average is correct.

Michigan (1,602) continues to be third in COVID-19 deaths. Massachusetts (26,867) passed Michigan (25,635) in total diagnoses, but this is because they are testing at more than double the rate of Michigan. Massachusetts (844) is actually fifth in COVID-19 deaths behind both Michigan and Louisiana (884).

John Chastain
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 9:24am

If we had the testing and enough personnel protective equipment for the general public we could do as the republicans and businesses suggested. The fact that “their” president has failed at making it happen is as much their responsibility as its Trumps himself. Also using the federal guidelines to undercut Michigan’s is disingenuous at best. The Trump administration response is driven by dogma and Trumps re-election prospects not the national welfare. The overall federal response failed and this is the consequences. Learn to live with it or do something more useful than complaining. Pressure your fool of a president to do more than his campaigns dog and pony show press conferences. You can complain about the rest of us after that.

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 9:34am

Being a northern Michigander, I can see where the back and forth between the "upnorth" cottage and troll hot spots are a threat to us.

However, restrict golf carts to 1 person, and I don't see the threat. Restrict working vehicles (e.g. the landscaper's truck) to 1 person and I don't see the threat. Restrict fishing boats to 1 person and I don't see the threat.

Explain how buying a can of paint in Meijer, Walmart or the local hardware store is less of a threat than buying a can of paint in a paint store. Explain how online purchase of self load product at Menards is more of a threat than having the same product delivered to your residence. Explain how very well ventilated semi-outdoor garden centers are more of a threat than the less ventilated adjacent building used to shop for about everything else.

Our government officials either need to make some adjustments here or do a much better job of explaining why the restrictions that challenge common sense are in place.

Our state medical establishments need to improve communication. New information about the virus emerges daily and our State of Michigan health care bureaucracy needs to keep us informed about how they are adjusting and how they think we should be adjusting to the new information on a daily basis. We're in a very fluid and dynamic situation where current information is key and ongoing education is essential.

Mon, 04/13/2020 - 1:15pm

Less is more. Got that?

middle of the mit
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 7:48pm

EB. ,

Fellow Northern Michigander here. I can answer some of your points.

1)Being a northern Michigander, I can see where the back and forth between the "upnorth" cottage and troll hot spots are a threat to us.

I live in an area where there are a LOT of seasonal homes. Some came up before the first State "lockdown" and others just came up this last Friday. Did any of them do the 14 day lockdown? NO!

Well, some may have......but not anyone that lives by me.

[[[However, restrict golf carts to 1 person, and I don't see the threat. Restrict working vehicles (e.g. the landscaper's truck) to 1 person and I don't see the threat. Restrict fishing boats to 1 person and I don't see the threat.]]]

Of course you don't. NO one does. This is a threat that no one can see without a microscope. That means anything you touch may be holding the virus. That includes golf carts and docks.

[[[[Explain how buying a can of paint in Meijer, Walmart or the local hardware store is less of a threat than buying a can of paint in a paint store. Explain how online purchase of self load product at Menards is more of a threat than having the same product delivered to your residence. Explain how very well ventilated semi-outdoor garden centers are more of a threat than the less ventilated adjacent building used to shop for about everything else.]]]]

The reason that you aren't allowed to purchase paint at a big box store is because it would inevitably lead to many more people in the store doing the same thing you are doing.

And mainly because there is a GR EAT BIG BREACH IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN.

Conservatives think this is a democratic hoax. But it IS WORLD WIDE. Conservatives believe that we can just go back to work, RIGHT NOW! What that would end up with is OUR workers getting sick and possibly dying and that IS THE REASON the Worlds supply chain IS BROKEN.

Do you know why we don't have masks? BECAUSE THEY ARE BUILT IN CHINA! And where in they are built in China...IS SHUT DOWN BECAUSE THEIR EMPLOYEES ARE SICK!

This is why even if we were AMORAL and UNCOMPASSIONATE and wanted to start our economy back, WE CAN'T! Otherwise if we do, we will end up draining our supply chain. And if you think we have a hard time now, Keep on thinking we can live like we have and then find out when you didn't conserve when you could have....You would've wished that you did.

This is personal responsibility 101.

What am I telling you?

Wild Juniper Nursery
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 11:41am

As a small nursery owner, I'm respectful of the governor's orders. My business is closed. What's frustrating is some of our local nurseries are still selling. I contacted my Dept. of Agriculture field rep who told me they are not in charge of enforcement. He referred me to MDARD in Lansing. I received a canned response telling me aid was available. So the only enforcement of the governor's rules is to call your county sheriff. Much like prohibition, the governor has put these rules in place with no real way to enforce them; not even through her licensing department. Time to open a nursery Speak Easy?

Wild Thing
Mon, 04/13/2020 - 1:23pm

Maybe this can help, "How to report if non-essential businesses are still operating during stay-at-home order" “We are encouraging people to report violations to local law enforcement”
If you are worried, you can always call the State Police. There are fines and State licenses can be revoked, forever.

Johnny W
Tue, 04/14/2020 - 8:22am

Stop comparing OH to MI. They have a fraction of cases and deaths! Stay home MI! Stay well!

Tue, 04/14/2020 - 9:37am

And Ohio has more people, contained within a smaller area. I believe the comparisons to Ohio are valid, but those who continue to blindly support every order from the governor's office don't like them because they show that what Ohio is doing is working. Ohio has closed schools and has a stay-home order, but things are less draconian (last time I checked you could still buy plants and paint). I believe the biggest problem is the extremely vulnerable population in Michigan, and the reason for the huge concentration of deaths is the high number of people with underlying health conditions like obesity, diabetes, etc. Michigan has high rates of obesity, smoking, diabetes, etc., and poverty doesn't help. Ohio has urban areas, but does not have the huge concentrations of cases and deaths in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, etc. A few days ago when the US had over 2,000 deaths in 24 hours, over 10 percent of those were in Michigan. Obviously it's more complex than telling people to stay home and shutting the economy down. I have family in Ohio and it sounds like the percentage of scofflaws there is about the same as Michigan and everywhere else. If we're truly looking for a long-term solution, a commitment to improving the health of Michiganders is needed. Start eating better, exercising, and taking care of your physical and mental health, and you'll be far less vulnerable to whatever bacteria or virus comes along next.

middle of the mit
Thu, 04/16/2020 - 2:45am


The day I am making this post is the same day that Michigan republicans protested against Governor Whitmer.

Did you see Ohio republicans protesting Ohio Governor DeWine?

I did!!!!

Sharon Stoia
Tue, 04/14/2020 - 5:11pm

I am hoping White Lake Township, Michigan decides not to ticket people for using lawn service. My husband is in his 70's. I am in my 60's. We have used a lawn service for more than 15 years and so we do not have a powered mower leave a lone a riding mower.

The first house I purchased was a small house in Detroit with a tiny back yard only 35' wide.
The grass was so tall that my husband and I had to us a hand lawn sickle to get the bulk of it down. Then we had to rototill, rake and seed the back. It was so much work but I was young then. That is what is needed when a lawn becomes unmanageable when it has not been mowed for a long time.

Our White Lake Township home residence has nearly 3/4 acre. With no power mower of any kind, I dread the hard work that lays ahead if the Township does not let residents and businesses use lawn service.

I wonder whether the State Capital will be mowed (as an essential service) or whether they will just let everything get unruly like the Governor has ORDERED residents. Will the same rule apply to government that is applied to residents? If the Capital's lawn is mowed, are they using someone on the payroll or is it a lawn service? It would be extremely hypocritical if government uses lawn service for their various locations (including parks) while they ticket residents for having their lawns mowed.

It is my opinion that Governor Whitmer did a huge over-reach when she deemed lawn service as non-essential. I did call her office the other day and emailed her but have not received a response from her or anyone on her staff. Yesterday and today I reached out to the Charter Township of White Lake's Supervisor and Police Chief to see whether they intend to ticket people who use lawn service. They have probably been pretty busy but I hope they get back to me. I followed up by leaving a phone message today. Hopefully they decide it is in the public's best interest to be able to mow their lawn using lawn service. It would be unfortunate if Police ticket residents based on the officer's discretion unless the public is told ahead of time what situations would make an officer decide to ticket someone or to determine it is an essential service for the resident.

If people cannot use lawn service, they will buy mowers and then the lawn service companies will lose a lot of business. It is bad all the way around but I do not anticipate the Governor will deem lawn service as an essential service.

Contact Governor Whitmer:
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Wed, 04/15/2020 - 2:31pm

According to Whitmer, the killing of unborn children is an essential business as the abortion clinics stay open. How can anything else she says be taken seriously with this kind of logic.