What we know about Michigan college plans in fall amid coronavirus

Michigan State Beaumont tower

Michigan colleges and universities are considering a variety of plans for the fall semester in response to the pandemic. Here’s a list of schools that have finalized plans. (Shutterstock)

With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, there’s a lot of uncertainty about what life (and education) will look like on Michigan’s college campuses in September. In the coming months, the state’s public universities, private colleges and community colleges will unveil plans for their fall semesters.

We’ll update this list as schools announce their plans. You can share information about college plans at rfrench@bridgemi.com.

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Wed, 05/06/2020 - 9:00am

While it is not unreasonable for UP universities to announce they plan to hold in-person classes, it is too early, far too early, for Grand Valley to make such a definitive call. It would be interesting for Bridge to look into the internal discussion that led to this decision.

Mark from Detro...
Wed, 05/13/2020 - 7:00am

Stop the hysteria. The risk of dying from the coronavirus has been and remains low. Safe Common Sense Practices, not Shutdown, no masks, The majority of deaths are occurring will be with the median age in the mid 80s and the average age of near 80.

Should we have paused for 2 Weeks to be made aware and to slow the spread?...Yes, but then move on with Risks in Life. Protect the vulnerable, target the Nursing and Senior Care Centers. We have now created an unsurmountable Fear factor for healthy active Americans that has destroyed lives and created an economy that shut down thousands of businesses for good. The real data has never suggested shutting the American economy. Now we see another example of academic/theoretical Modelling whether it is medical, economics, climate change....cannot be the driving force of decisions. General population wearing masks is ludicrous, it provides no net benefit. Safe common sense practices of individual hygiene, common courtesy of sneezing/coughing in one's elbow or handkerchief, washing hands regularly. That is the cure.
Just think of those that have stayed home for the past months, the first time they will be at a store and someone sneezes, they will be horrified....all for what?! Lives and our culture has been ruined thanks to Democrats. This is no different than those cities that have banned Pop and other Sugar drinks or have taxed those products to the point of not affording them all in the name that it is not good for your health. Freedom is being torn fabric, by fabric.

Fri, 05/15/2020 - 9:34am

Wearing masks, if everyone wears one in public, most definitely is not ludicrous. In fact it is essential and highly effective in reducing the likelihood of people becoming infected with COVID-19 by coming in contact with virus carriers who are asymptomatic. If everyone, asymptomatic carriers as well as those not infected, wear masks in public, the rate of transmission decreases to 1.5%. If everyone doesn't wear masks in public, however, those who do wear them are only slightly less likely to be infected when they encounter asymptomatic carriers.

Our success against this virus and our health depends upon everyone making the sacrifices necessary to protect themselves and their fellow citizens. That many people are totally unwilling to make that commitment and sacrifice is evidence of a much greater problem with our society. I wonder how future generations will view this moment in history. It is unlikely that history will label us as the second Greatest Generation.

Such a mess
Fri, 05/15/2020 - 2:11pm

TJH, I couldn't agree more to everything you posted. Another concern would be how dumb college students can be. When I was in college there was a chicken pox outbreak and students in the dorms were purposely infecting other students to get out of taking final exams. Stupid is as stupid does.-- Forrest Gump

We see that with the protesters, not because they are protesting, but because they refuse to be cautious.

Fri, 05/15/2020 - 2:02pm

Why does the US have more deaths than any other country?

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 6:33am

Because the virus was strategically placed. If you do international research and ignore the lies of our left-slants agenda-driven media? You will most definitely find a lot of research to back it up. I suggest everyone look into it. It is infuriating.

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 10:29am

The virus was not strategically placed, how ridiculous. It was lack of responsibility by our government officials to do their jobs. This could have been stopped much sooner if they would have listened to the experts in the beginning and now. It was not gone in a few days, or when it got warmer and it isn’t a hoax. Do what the experts and scientists say.

Mon, 07/20/2020 - 10:11am

Terri, Better not take any Ocean cruises. You’re likely to drop off Earth’s edge.

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 3:28pm

We have more deaths because we have more people.

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 12:00pm

Well said! Could not agree with you more!

Tue, 07/07/2020 - 1:55pm

Well said! Could not agree with you more!

Fri, 05/15/2020 - 1:08pm

You seem like our Governor, you seem to see Grand Rapids as if it is the same as Detroit. There is a reason the infection rate and deaths are less in Grand Rapids because it is different, the local culture/practices are different and that should be reflected in how they are allowed to address local health and safety.
Why would you like to hear hear Grand Valley internal discussions and not Detroit's?

Metro Mom Oakla...
Fri, 05/15/2020 - 2:20pm

Don't students from Metro Detroit and all over the world attend Grand Valley? Won't those students be traveling back and forth? Shouldn't you assure the parents of the students attending Grand Valley that they will be safe? Same questions apply to colleges and universities across the state. As a parent, you people who refuse to wear masks, are against testing and vaccines, and rant about there will be lives sacrificed scare the hell out of me, for my students and my extended family. If you grow up and set forth more mature discussion, we could all get back to something more "normal".

Math Sux
Sun, 05/17/2020 - 10:51pm

Life isn't safe...get over yourself.

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 1:37pm

If we look at the testing from Detroit compared to Grand Rapids, we should hope that the local GVSU culture/practices will have a strong influence on students and lessen the contacts with the virus.
I agree that what we saw growling up is most likely to be what we do in the future, but peers added impact [especially while the brain is still developing and is more receptive] on local influences. There is a point in time when the students are considered adults and they have to be responsible for their actions/consequences.

Michael Kiella, PhD
Wed, 05/06/2020 - 12:37pm

This article is missing both the criteria upon which these decisions were made, and the evidence advanced to support each of the criteria.

It seems fair to establish how comprehensively the criteria were analyzed for any of the reported outcomes: here are the dimensions of merit; here are the influencing data for each.

I believe readers, students, and parents would be well served if this information were obtained for a prompt follow-up story.

Fri, 05/29/2020 - 9:45am

Dr. Kiella - While I don't know the rationale behind the downstate universities' decision criteria, I think we can all rationally come to the same conclusion that the UP universities did (i.e. MTU with 5 total positive tests in Houghton County). Realize that these universities are "big moving ships" and in order to plan for the fall, decisions have to be made now. The "rudder" must start turning. I believe the data showing the massive increase in testing and the corresponding decrease in % positives is a strong rationale for where this virus is going to be in 3 months. Projections are faulty - remember when they said the US was going to need 960,000 ventilators to combat this virus. I believe that the total number of hospitalized patients still has not exceeded 250,000 with not all of them requiring ventilators. The college-age population makes up <12% of the positive cases and <1% of the total deaths from positive cases. I think the rationale for how safe it will be for college students in 3 months reasonably justifies the decision now to conduct in person classes for most all universities.

Deeply saddened
Fri, 05/15/2020 - 2:00pm

I am very depressed because everyone seems to think these problems are jokes. The government money has stopped and now the market will tank again. All this is happening even before the covid cases will spike again this summer. Winter, when we have both covid and a new seasonal flu or strand, will be disastrous. If everyone would band together as Americans and show responsibility, we could beat this virus, save lives, and have a great economy. I realize that's not likely, so I'm depressed again. I felt good when it looked like Trump was taking this seriously and surrounded himself with reputable epidemiologists, but now he seems to hold disdain for them and only interested in politicking. The covid and circumstances don't bother me, but our current attitudes as a country, at least the squeakiest wheels are so depressing.

Tracy Davis
Sun, 05/17/2020 - 10:06pm

.04 percent of people that are KNOWN to have the virus have died from something while carrying the virus in their body. That is 4 out of 1,000, and doesn't include people that had carried the virus without symptoms. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that living in fear will likely make you an angry and bitter person. Based on your post, I think are already there.

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 9:41am

And I can tell you that refusing to listen to the advice of medical experts will make you a dead and dumb person. Seems like your brains already there. Amazing the way conservatives know more then economists, medical experts, climate scientists and every other person with decades of training and experience. I guess you very stable geniuses really do know it all.

Wed, 05/27/2020 - 6:30am

Job prospects of graduating students will be at an all-time low! Big box stores steal the small businesses from Michigan business men and women.
Governor: Gretchen Whitmer (Democrat)
Salary: $159,300

Fri, 05/29/2020 - 11:17am

Nonsense. Michigan is the tenth most populous state; our governors' salary is 14th nationally. Seems pretty reasonable. Hundreds, probably or thousands of public employees make far more.

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 4:24pm

that seems literally like a completely reasonable to me given she's responsible for an entire state

Sat, 06/27/2020 - 1:14am

Vacations? LOL Good one! Are you serious?

Dan Dykas
Sat, 06/27/2020 - 11:31am

Thank you Governor. This would have been a lot worse if you hadn’t taken such swift action.

Tue, 08/04/2020 - 9:38am

Amen. That is so true, then and even more now. Look at these crazy responses from conservatives, then and now. Same people saying the same BS as though facts just don't matter. Almost 160,000 dead Americans with a government shutdown and they still think we should just ignore the coronavirus, take the dead of our loved ones for the sake of the economy. Our country was and is doing the poorest job in the world with Trump in charge and all his loyal Republican minions.